Beware of EazyBot – Review Part 2

Mohammed Omer Ali is listed as the founder and CEO of EazyBot.

Ali was not well-known in MLM crypto circles before EazyBot. Ali had worked as an escalator and elevator installer before redefining himself as a crypto dude.

Ali is situated in Dubai, the epicenter of MLM crime, where he also manages EazyBot.

The US now accounts for 23% of all traffic to EazyBot, followed by Russia (12%), Germany, Ukraine, and Canada (all 8%).

It turns out that EazyBot is being promoted by a group of US-based serial Ponzi marketers, whereas Ali is an unknown.

Today, we look at the connections between 10X Crypto Traders and EazyBot. David Charles, Vineet Chhabra, Ken Chickk, and Peter Antony were also ringleaders.

Initially discovered by BehindMLM as a part of our May 2021 Matt Bot AI evaluation.

A crypto bot Ponzi scam called Matt Bot AI made 10% to 30% every month

Matt AI Bot had a substantial US investment base despite being controlled by con artists allegedly based in southeast Asia.

We noticed in BehindMLM’s Matt Bot AI evaluation that 10X Crypto Traders was responsible for luring Matt Bot AI investors from the US.

We experienced the typical horde of irate con artists denying Matt Bot AI was a Ponzi scheme between May and November.

Early in 2022, Matt Bot AI is thought to have disintegrated. Only Indian Matt Bot AI promoters were left by Q2 2022, and they were scrambling to sign up anybody they could.

In the latter half of May or the beginning of June 2022, Matt Bot AI eventually went down.

Near the end of December 2021, the domain name for the EazyBot website was registered. Then, in early 2022, EazyBot entered prelaunch mode before launching in March of the same year.

David D. Charles, also known as Dawoud Louis-Charles, is the founder of 10X Crypto Traders.

As “10X Crypto Traders LLC,” 10X Crypto Traders is a Florida corporation. The managers of the business are named Lisa Louis-Charles and Dawoud Louis-Charles.

Charles, a Florida-based US citizen, stars in the EazyBot commercial videos:

Charles, the Chief Operating Officer of EazyBot, attended the launch ceremony for the company on February 27, 2022, in Dubai:

Charles is said to be the main gainer from US investors attracted to Matt Bot AI since he owns 10X Crypto Traders.

Vineet Chhabra, also known as Vincent Chhabra and Vaneet Kumar Chhabra, comes next.

EazyBot’s chief marketing officer is Chhabra.

Chhabra said during the prelaunch ceremony for EazyBot in February 2022;

I am India’s head of state and government. And it’s my responsibility to spread awareness about EazyBot in India and encourage everyone to use it to get passive money.

Matt AI Bot was advertised by Chhabra through 10X Crypto Traders:

Chhabra, who lives in Florida as well, has a unique history.

Chhabra admitted guilt to a single count of conspiring to distribute a prohibited drug in 2004. Chhabra was a part of a $125 million illicit pill manufacturing network.

The Washington Post claimed that Chhabra

His firms were initially established in Ohio, transferred to Virginia after Ohio medical board officials expressed questions about their legality, and then again to Florida when state officials in Virginia voiced comparable worries.

Chhabra was given a 33-month jail term after pleading guilty.

In 2004, the FTC also pursued Chhabra and his businesses Dynamic Health and Chhabra Group.

Pedia Reduction, a supplement for weight loss, and Fabulously Feminine, a supplement for female sexual enhancement, are just two of the goods that respondents have promoted, branded, offered for sale, sold, and dispersed to the general public.

According to the results of an FTC inquiry, Chhabra promoted Pedia Loss and Fabulously Feminine using “false and deceptive statements.”

In 2006, Chhabra resolved the FTC’s complaints.

Chhabra was connected to a puppy mill scandal in 2011.

After paying more than $2000 to one of Chhabra’s businesses, a victim of his informed NBC Miami that she received an animal that looked

Nothing like the dog she had seen online, it arrived in California near death, behaved oddly, and it had phony documents, parasites, worms, and ear mites.

The dog was “near death, unconscious with open wounds, mites, and a weird temperament,” according to another victim.

According to Last Chance for Animals, a neighborhood animal protection organization that independently looked into Chhabra, he allegedly founded the company from jail.

When questioned,

Chhabra helps administer the business that his father built, according to the company’s attorney.

Breeders Direct, the company’s primary website, has closed and changed names. Critics claim that when websites receive online complaints, they immediately reopen under a different name.

Through “imposter schools” in the US and the UAE, Chhabra was also providing phony accreditations at the same time.

Due to this, a lawsuit was brought against Chhabra in Florida in 2020.

Additionally, it was found that the defendants… were closely linked to the defendant Vincent Chhabra, that the defendants were running several phony school websites and businesses as “drop-out mills” and diploma mills, and that the defendants were using money from these operations to fund other businesses with convicted felons.

2009 through 2020 are covered by the civil complaint’s actions. That lawsuit is still pending as of late August 2022.

A lawsuit brought by 160 female plaintiffs identified Vincent Chhabra, Michael Chhabra, and Sushma Chhabra as defendants in November 2020.

The plaintiffs are 160 women who underwent pelvic mesh procedures to cure pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Defendants misled Plaintiffs through a complex scheme.

regardless of the plaintiff’s medical condition, were pressured and terrified into undergoing invasive procedures to remove their pelvic mesh devices;

were informed that the procedures’ expenses could not be covered by the Plaintiffs’ health insurance;

were charged astronomical prices for the procedures, well over what the procedures should have cost; and

were tricked into taking out loans with exorbitant interest rates to pay for these operations.

Plaintiff’s medical records and personal contact information were stolen by the defendant legal marketing company through an illegal data breach.

Chhabra is included as a non-attorney member of several companies that are accused of feeding “surgical facilitator defendants” with allegedly unlawfully obtained medical documents.

Chhabra is still the target of the investigation as of August 2022.

I’m not sure what else Chhabra may have done, but it appears that he transitioned to MLM crypto securities fraud in the last few years.

“Coach Ken” is how Ken Chickk refers to himself.

Chick, a US citizen who lives in Florida, is the head of global sales for EazyBot.

Check pushed Matt Bot AI and was in touch with the company’s south-east Asian owners directly:

EazyBot’s chief support officer is Peter Antony.

The fact that Antony is from Canada sets him apart from the other ringleaders.

Although Antony was pushing Matt Bot AI and being a member of 10X Crypto Traders, I couldn’t say for sure.

The closest I could get was “Peter,” who hosted webinars on Matt AI Bot training alongside Ken Chick.

Antony made a strong implication that he would ride Matt Bot AI out with the rest of the 10X Crypto Traders group as EazyBot’s February 2022 prelaunch event;

We’ve worked on a variety of initiatives over the past year, and one of the difficulties was customer assistance. We have no contact with the individuals who constructed the bot, and everyone encountered that problem.

The “bot” Antony is referring to, in my opinion, is Matt Bot AI.

When you combine everything, you create a bunch of con artists led by David Charles.

All but one member of EazyBot’s business staff benefited greatly from Charles’ recruiting of US investors into Matt Bot AI through his 10X Crypto Traders club.

Except Peter Antony, who is headquartered in Canada, Charles’ 10X Crypto Trader leadership team—which is now mostly in charge of EazyBot—is based in Florida in the US.

While the relationship between Mohammed Omer Ali and David Charles is unknown to me, it is otherwise very clear that EazyBot is a reimagined version of Matt Bott’s AI.

As Matt Bot AI started to fall apart in late 2021, Charles’ gang of 10X Crypto Traders fraudsters left the project. The official Facebook page for 10X Crypto Traders was deleted in November 2021.

EazyBot entered prelaunch two months after the website domain was registered at the end of December 2021.

The victims of Matt Bot AI from 10X Crypto Traders were left on their own.

The same scenario is again being played out with EazyBot, except this time Charles and the 10X Crypto Traders crooks are in command.

Speaking during the prelaunch ceremony for EazyBot in the UAE in February 2022, David Charles said: “The reason we’re all here isn’t just by accident.”

Everyone in this room is on an authentic, sincere path because they all want to help a community of people and are searching for a better answer than the one we have.

And that is where we stand right now. Mohammed didn’t just decide to construct a bot one day, as I said previously.

Host: Did you guys push him in that direction? In a way, the (Matt Bot AI) investors pushed him in that direction.

Charles: Definitely, after it became apparent that a better solution was required.

SimilarWeb recorded 415,000+ visitors to EazyBot’s website in August 2022, keeping in mind that 23% of traffic to the site is ascribed to the US.

The MLM crypto securities scam scheme EazyBot fits the mold.

Investors sign up, pay optional costs in tether, invest money through a centralized cryptocurrency trading bot, and pay fees out of the profits.

Fees are gathered and charged by EazyBot in the tether. For investors who don’t pay the yearly EazyBot membership fees, ROI fees can reach 30%.

Although EazyBot provides a passive investment option, neither EazyBot nor David Charles, Vineet Chhabra, Ken Chickk, Peter Antony, or Mohammed Omer Ali are SEC-registered brokers.

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