Beware of CashFX Group – Review Part 5

Huascar Lopez missed his deadline for the end of the year to complete his withdrawal backlog, but CashFX Group has already finished processing all outstanding requests.

Unfortunately, investors presumably didn’t have this in mind.

Over the previous 24 hours, CashFX Group informed affiliates in correspondence that it will “delete any duplicate withdrawal requests.”

Given that CashFX Group has outstanding withdrawal requests going back to October, it is likely that each affiliate who is due money has submitted several requests.

Affiliates have been advised to submit one withdrawal request once their outstanding requests have been erased.

CashFX Group asserts that it removed withdrawal requests due to processing troubles rather than acknowledging that this is just another stalling strategy.

Three months and counting must be sufficient to fulfill some withdrawal requests.

Or did Huascar and his friends burn down everything in the months before Christmas, leaving nothing at all?

Watch this space for CashFX Group’s subsequent withdrawal delay justification (3.5 months and counting).

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