Beware of Meme Club – Review

Russia has issued a pyramid scheme fraud alert to Meme Club.

Meme Club has “evidence of a financial pyramid” scam, according to the Central Bank of Russia’s warning from September 16.

Meme Club, as examined by BehindMLM last month, is a Ponzi scam run by Boris CEO.

Russia is where the great majority of Boris CEO Ponzi scams are based. Meme Club employed performers based out of St. Petersburg, according to BehindMLM.

The original Ponzi scheme used by Meme Club was the standard trading bot gibberish disguised as meme marketing.

The fraud switched to gaming once that failed. Meme Wars is an alleged trashy mobile game in which users “fight” while uploading stolen memes to the app.

As of September 6th, Meme Club was still advertising Meme Wars. They may or may not continue now that Russian officials are aware of them.

According to data from SimilarWeb, France accounts for 42% of all website visits to Meme Club. In the second and third positions, respectively, are Vietnam (19%) and the US (17%).

Vietnam is declining, and the US has plateaued, whereas Meme Club traffic from France rose 510% month over a month between July and August.

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