Beware of Darren Yaw & GCG Asia – Review Part 2

To hide his involvement in the Guardian Capital AG Ponzi scheme, Darren Yaw is frantically hiding.

Gaslighting of all kinds begins with a flurry of fake DMCA takedown requests.

I keep an informal log of DMCA takedown requests made against BehindMLM. Fair use protects anything we post, but it might be amusing to observe who is concealing what.

On behalf of Chen Chiu, a DMCA notification was sent against BehindMLM on December 11th.

Since I couldn’t remember the name, I assumed it was simply a random con artist trying their luck.

Another notification was sent on behalf of Darren Yaw on December 15th.

Yaw was a co-founder of the defunct GCG Asia Ponzi scam, a name I was familiar with.

As a result, I decided to dig more into the Chen Chiu notice and found that BehindMLM had never written anything on Chiu.

The Lumen Database search for Chen Chiu returns several DMCA notices that were submitted on December 11th.

That directed me to a Chinese website that described Darren Yaw’s time spent in prison in Cambodia.

I assumed that Darren Yaw and Chen Chiu were the same people at this time.

I had never seen any of the pictures of Yaw in the Cambodian prison on the website in Chinese.

Yaw and his wife were detained in Cambodia in 2019 as was previously reported on

It was hard to follow what transpired after that. We only know that Yaw’s wife had been freed but that he remained in detention as of June 2019.

I looked up Yaw’s arrest again today and discovered that “Yaw Foo Hoe” (??) was found guilty of attempted fraud in October 2019.

Yaw was given a one-year jail term, but it was suspended for five months.

This indicates that Yaw was published sometime in 2020 Q2.

Returning to the DMCA notices, they are all rather comparable. The one for the aforementioned Chinese-language website is as follows:

This private image of our client was utilized by someone to cast doubt on him.

He was falsely charged, and the pictures that are connected to websites and forums are his.

Even now, pictures of him and his coworkers are used online for fake news, which is against the law.

To be clear, Yaw/Chiu was detained, found guilty, and given a prison term in Cambodia. I’m unable to comment on the ownership of Yaw’s jail images, but I have used them here under the terms of fair use.

The DMCA notification that Chen Chiu submitted against BehindMLM on December 11th is almost the same as the notice previously mentioned.

More egregious is the notification that Darren Yaw sent on December 15th.

Without my client’s permission, private images that he took himself were posted online.

My client is a high-status person who has received recognition from the King of Malaysia, and these leaks have had a severe impact on his reputation.

Since these are his images and they are not intended for internet distribution, they remain his property because he created them, and there are no online linkages to the material.

The sole image of Yaw that BehindMLM has released is the one below, which excludes the jail images above:

That was pulled from out of the marketing materials for GCG Asia. The source is no longer available since GCG Asia’s website was taken down as a result of Yaw’s arrest.

Whatever the case, it’s obvious that Yaw is misrepresenting the image as a “private photo.” It wasn’t “leaked online” either.

I wouldn’t usually report on something like this on its own. It’s not unusual for scammers to file false DMCA notices against BehindMLM. Additionally, it’s not all that intriguing.

However, Yaw filed yet another DMCA complaint on December 15th, this time including BehindMLM in a list of 32 other internet names.

The notice’s language was the same as that used to serve BehindMLM. Surely none of these websites “leaked” any images of Yaw.

This caught my attention. What did Yaw do?

It appears that some straightforward reputation management was done by massive amounts of lying and dishonesty.

GCG Asia was a straightforward trading Ponzi scam that used pyramid-style hiring.

In a series of news announcements from 2021, Yaw tried to distance himself from the swindle and GCG Asia.

GCG Asia was relaunched as “Go Charge Go,” a fictitious Malaysian electric vehicle business, in June 2021. In July 2021, GCG Asia was rebranded as the fictitious “Government Commission for Financial Governance,” a Cambodian organization that fights fraud.

Additionally, GCG Asia underwent a rebranding in July 2021 to become an “education institution” in Indonesia with a phony CEO and a phony relationship with a Cambodian university.

GCG Asia was once more renamed in July 2021 as fictitious “green developer” Green City Group Asia, whose fictitious CEO was given a fictitious award.

GCG Asia underwent a rebranding in August 2021 to become an “ed-tech startup” in Singapore that Darren Yaw and his wife had backed.

In September 2021, Darren Yaw changed the name of GCG Asia to “Martin Yaw Foo Hoe,” an Indonesian “luxury fashion distributor and retailer.”

In September 2021, Yaw reappointed himself as CEO of GCG Asia, now a fake advertising company intending to grow into the US, under the alias “John Darren Yaw”.

The press releases are loaded with information on Yaw’s arrest and detention in Cambodia as well as GCG Asia.

Here is an illustration from the September 2021 story on the fake advertising agency:

Usually, the articles mention Cambodia and other Southeast Asian nations. People were duped by Yaw and GCG Asia.

After spreading false information about GCC and Yaw throughout 2021, the strategy now appears to be to remove accurate information by filing false DMCAs.

And it seems to be effective.

When you enter “GCG Asia” into Google, the following results appear:

Results from a search on Darren Yaw have also been deleted, but less dramatically:

For example, on December 11th Chen Chiu inundated Google with fake DMCA takedown complaints against 22 different domains.

On December 15th, Darren Yaw submitted thirty phony DMCA requests to different websites.

17th September 2022 update – A few days after the publication of this story, Malaysian authorities detained Darren Yaw and nine other GCG Asia, accomplices.

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