Beware of Hyperverse – Review Part 4

Chuck Norris has been recruited by Hyperverse con artists to promote the Ponzi scheme.

A 30-second video starring Norris advertising Hyperverse was posted to YouTube earlier today.

On Cameo, Norris, 81, is a hireable personality.

During the holidays, Norris isn’t accepting video requests, indicating that the Hyperverse Cameo film was likely taken earlier in the month of December.

Anyone may have a screenplay read aloud for a charge, usually a few hundred dollars for well-known celebrities.

The Chuck Norris Hyperverse script is provided here:

I’m Chuck Norris, and I’d like to mention Hyperverse.

Hyperverse will dominate the metaverse market under the direction of CEO Steven.

This is the start of a metaverse voyage with limitless possibilities.

Keep up the good effort, and know that Chuck Norris is proud of you!

Chuck Norris, you’re my friend.

Of course Norris has nothing to do with Hyperverse. Most likely, he and his colleagues are unaware of what it is.

The third Ponzi revival under the HyperTech name is called Hyperverse. It comes after the failures of HyperCapital and HyperFund.

Ryan Xu (aka Zijing Xu) and Samuel Lee (aka Xue Lee), who both fled to Dubai last year, is responsible for HyperTech’s Ponzi schemes.

Australian liquidators are pursuing Xu and Lee to recoup approximately AUD 50 million in losses.

Following the failure of HyperFund in November of last year, Hyperverse was swiftly assembled.

The plan is thought to be selectively paying off top promoters while failing to withdraw funds for the rest of the participants.

The SEC issued a warning in 2017 about investing in projects supported by famous people.

A celebrity’s endorsement does not automatically imply that the investment is trustworthy or suitable for all investors.

Making an investing choice solely based on the recommendation of a well-known figure is never a wise move.

Investors in the Hyperverse are primarily thought to be Americans. According to Alexa, the US now accounts for 39% of all website traffic to Hyperverse.

Maybe there will be a crackdown in 2022 if cameo-style advertising videos to promote MLM Ponzis become popular.

5th January 2022 update After releasing a second promotional video with Steve Wozniak, Hyperverse corporate seems to be focusing on well-known individuals on Cameo.

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