Beware of RockRaise – Review

On its website, RockRaise doesn’t include any verified ownership or executive information.

On its website, RockRaise gives a fictitious “company registration number” for “RockRaise SIA” to look official. Axel Steen is identified as the “General Manager” of RockRaise under this.

Although Steen is depicted in RockRaise’s marketing materials, he doesn’t seem to have any external existence.

Axel Steen of RockRaise is a strong possibility for Boris CEO, though I can’t say for sure.

RockRaise has changed the actor who has been the company’s spokesperson since its start. Now that Steen is gone, the name is “Alexander”:

Alexander and Steen have comparable accents—I’m going with German.

The shell business RockRaise SIA is based in Latvia. In line with this, RockRaise’s website gives a fictitious company address in Latvia.

However, entering this location using Google Maps reveals it to be some random residential structure. RockRaise has no real connections to Latvia.

It should also be emphasized that basic incorporation in any jurisdiction is irrelevant for MLM due diligence.

This is because any false information may be utilized for simple incorporation. For instance:

India is a curious target market for RockRaise, which is worth highlighting.

Despite being a marketing gimmick, the Indian government is mentioned on the RockRaise website:

On RockRaise’s official Facebook page, national holidays in India are also noted:

It seems doubtful that these are coincidences. RockRaise is either operated by someone who is based in, has connections to, or is at least explicitly targeting Indians, or both.

This person could know who is behind RockRaise, just a wild guess:

CPI Tech can help if you’re thinking, “Well OK, what’s up with the German accents then?”

“pitch” held a RockRaise logo competition on 99 Designs before launch:

The founders of CPI Technologies, a German blockchain startup, are Marvin Steinberg and Maximilian Schmidt.

Germany’s Mainz is where our business is based. Software engineers, Blockchain and smart contract specialists, marketing and analytics whizzes, top-tier UX/UI designers, copywriters, data scientists, and mathematicians make up the CPI team. They all collaborate on cutting-edge projects for clients from across the world.

I’m unsure if CPI Tech is in charge of managing RockRaise, but they were undoubtedly engaged in its setup. The involvement is also probably the cause of the German accents on the Boris CEOs of RockRaise.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products by RockRaise

RockRaise doesn’t provide any goods or services for sale.

Only the RockRaise affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Plan of Compensation for RockRaise

On the promise of a 1600% ROI, RockRaise affiliates buy in an unnamed coin.

This ROI is boosted by paying EUR 150 per month for “Premium Membership,” however the precise increase amount isn’t stated.

RockRaise’s MLM division compensates affiliates that sign up for Premium Memberships.

Ranks for RockRaise Affiliates

The pay structure of RockRaise has twelve affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Affiliate: join the RockRaise affiliate program Executive: personally find, onboard, and keep 3 Premium Members (divided 1/1/1), generating €450 GV per month.

Bronze: Maintain three Premium Members whom you directly recruited, have a total of 12 Premium Members in your downline (divided into 4/4/4), and produce €1800 GV every month.

Silver: Continue to keep three individually hired Premium Members, have a downline of thirty Premium Members overall and produce €4500 GV per month.

Gold: Continue to keep 3 personally hired Premium Members, have a total of 75 Premium Members in your downline and produce €11,250 GV per month.

Sapphire – keep 3 personally hired Premium Members, have 225 Premium Members in your downline overall and produce €33,750 GV every month.

Ruby continues to have three Premium Members that she directly recruited, has a downline of 500 Premium Members overall, and brings in €75,000 GV each month.

Emerald continues to have 3 individually hired Premium Members, a downline of 1250 Premium Members overall and generates €187,500 GV every month.

Maintain 3 individually hired Premium Members, have a downline of 2500 Premium Members overall and produce €375,000 GV each month to qualify as a Diamond.

Blue Diamond: Maintain 3 personally hired Premium Members, have 5000 Premium Members in your downline overall, and produce €750,000 GV each month.

Red Diamond – keep 3 personally hired Premium Members, have a total of 1500 Premium Members in your downline, and produce €2,250,000 GV every month.

Black Diamond: Maintain three individually hired Premium Members, have a downline of 30,000 Premium Members overall and produce €4,500,000 in Gross Value every month.

RockRaise uses a permanent 3xx matrix to track downlines. That is a matrix with three legs that extends indefinitely deep:

Direct and indirect recruiting are both used to fill positions in the matrix.

For Executive and Bronze above, required recruited Premium Member ratios are given. No more than 40% of the needed monthly GV for Silver and above can originate from any one matrix leg.

GV, which stands for “Group Volume,” is the amount of monthly Premium Membership costs paid by the downline (each Premium Member pays EUR 150 every month).

recurring commissions

Weekly commissions are paid by RockRaise based on rank:

Pay for executives is €37.50 per week.

A bronze earns $135 per week.

Silvers take home €225 every week.

A gold’s weekly salary is €450.

Emeralds make €1125 each week.

Rubys make USD 2250 each week.

Emeralds make €5625 in weekly wages.

The weekly salary for diamonds is €11,250.

Blue Diamonds’ weekly salary is €22,500.

Red Diamonds’ weekly salary is €56,250.

Black Diamonds make a weekly salary of €112,500.

Pension Scheme

The Pension Plan at RockRaise is a regular bonus, once more based on rank:

Bronzes are awarded €60.

Silvers are awarded €100.

Golds are awarded €200.

Sapphires are awarded €500.

Rubys are awarded €1000.

Emeralds are awarded €2500.

Diamonds are awarded €5,000.

Blue Diamonds are awarded €10,000.

Red Diamonds is awarded €25,000.

Black Diamonds are awarded €50,000.

Club Millionaires

RockRaise adds 1% of monthly gross corporate income to the Millionaire’s Club.

Affiliates with a Black Diamond ranking split the monthly Millionaire’s Club pool equally.

enrolling in RockRaise

The cost of a RockRaise affiliate membership falls into two categories:

Affiliation – €25

Premium Subscriber: $150 per month

A RockRaise affiliate’s potential income increases as they pay more for affiliate membership.

RockRaise Summary

An MLM crypto Ponzi, RockRaise. That is, at least, how it is presented.

Recruitment, the foundation of RockRaise’s pay structure, has at some time supplanted the token Ponzi.

At first, RockRaise wanted to use their “Pension Plan” to compel affiliates to buy the token:

Since then, it has been dropped, and the Pension Plan now pays benefits in euros (if there are any restrictions still in place, they aren’t publicized).

Exists RockRaise’s token at all? No clue. Reading about “projects” for other frauds while the initial token scam’s existence is unknown strikes one as a little strange.

However, the marketing gimmick RockRaise utilizes to entice investors is the 1600% token ROI.

For that purpose, we provide what seems to be a free customer membership option that is worthless. Join, make a token investment, and do something 1600%? Not much is made clear.

The other choice is a one-time affiliate charge of EUR 25. These men may still be able to receive commissions, but that is also unclear.

The monthly cost of Premium Membership, which offers access to RockRaise’s compensation plan, is EUR 150.

In essence, you spend €150 per month while getting paid to find new employees who do the same. Additionally, there is a ton of blockchain bro BS tied huge it.

RockRaise’s unlawful bank promises have not come to pass, just like their token. It’s all about to happen.

During this time, fewer people are visiting the RockRaise website (Alexa rank is currently 7.5 million). That’s pretty much it.

Math ensures that the majority of RockRaise affiliates will lose money, whether they participate in the MLM pyramid or the token Ponzi scheme aspects of the firm.

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