Beware of TelexFree – Review Part 4

A second distribution has been announced in an email from the TelexFree Receiver to eligible claim holders.

Valid claim holders will get a second distribution payment of 4.5 cents on the dollar, according to the email that a reader published on

I think that regardless of the size of the initial distribution payment, this is based on the overall authorized claim value.

For instance, you can anticipate receiving a $ 45-second distribution payment if your accepted claim was for $1000.

The deadline for valid claim holders to modify their payment method on the official payment site is September 23.

Please be aware that these payments will be sent out automatically. Anyone requesting payment details or any other information about the second distribution is attempting to defraud you.

Additionally, and this also ought to be obvious, if you don’t have a legitimate claim, nothing has changed. There won’t be a distribution payment made to you.

Anyone who claims differently is attempting to con you.

The second distribution payment, according to the TelexFree Receiver, will be sent out on September 30. I’ll provide a clarification below stating that the money has been received.

Victims of TelexFree who had accepted claims had received around 40% of their losses back as of April 2020. It would seem that the amount would rise to between 44% and 45% with the second distribution payment.

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