Beware of EnviFX & Automated Capital – Review

Following a 70%+ investor wipeout over the previous week, EnviFX and Automated Capital are crumbling.

EnviFX and Automated Capital collapse reports started trickling in yesterday.

Losses were first estimated at 30%. However, they have subsequently expanded to a 70%+ overall wipeout over the course of the following 24 hours.

According to what I’ve observed, a lot of EnviFX AC investors are wanting to withdraw their funds. Withdrawals are only permitted once a week on Sundays with EnviFX and AC.

It is uncertain whether EnviFX and AC would let withdrawals this week because tomorrow is expected to be a withdrawal slaughter.

Kyle Cole responded to anxious investors on Automated Capital’s official Telegram group on Friday.

Except for EURUSD, all algorithms have been turned off.

All trades on the currency pairings GOLD and GU have been manually closed.

I want to apologize to everyone since I know a lot of people rely on our system and that system is fantastic.

Yes, this will take time and patience, and I do realize that many people aren’t very pleased, but if you choose to stay with Automated Capital, that is your choice. We will make it back.

We’re making MASSIVE modifications to the system, therefore for the time being we’re only allowing EU to function while our programmer examines the back end.

We’ll provide yet another update very shortly.

We will bounce back from this, but it will take some time.

Cole informed investors that “all deals are closed” later in the day.

A few months ago, AC began operations on the EnviFX platform. Kyle Cole (on the right) and Hendry J Agus, two residents of the US and Canada, respectively, designed and ran the system.

Agus guaranteed “20 to 30% monthly” profits to Automated Capital investors:

Agus canceled his Automated Capital advertisement earlier this month and made a profit.

On August 1st, BehindMLM alerted customers about EnviFX and Automated Capital.

EnviFX, the founders of Automated Capital, early investors, and top recruiters are the only ones who have profited, as usual.

Total investor losses for EnviFX and AC are yet unclear pending regulatory action from the SEC and/or CFTC.

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