Beware of OnPassive & FIFA – Review

The FIFA World Cup 2022 sponsorship promotion video from OnPassive has been removed.

According to internal communications, owner Ash Mufareh was issued a cease and desist letter.

On August 18, Mufareh made the initial assertion that OnPassive was a sponsor of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

[1:12:55] We’re intending to, um, work toward not planning to, um, sponsor the World Cup as one of the six sponsors. November/December in Qatar.

OnPassive then released a promotional video titled “OnPassive sponsors FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022” on their official YouTube channel on September 14.

The video was removed by OnPassive on or about September 19th:

We contacted FIFA for an opinion as part of BehindMLM’s research into Mufareh’s alleged sponsorship.

FIFA has not yet responded. However, it appears that they have taken action in secret.

Minutes from an OnPassive leadership call on September 21 demand that affiliates “urgently” remove any content that refers to FIFA.

Ash has asked for the removal of all articles and videos that include FIFA intellectual property (IP).

FIFA does not currently want OnPassive to publish any intellectual property (IP) assets without a special, valid license.

It’s a little challenging.

If such IPs are not removed by the end of the day on September 20, 2022, FIFA will pursue additional legal action.

This means FIFA delivered a cease and desist letter to OnPassive either late last week or on Monday, the 19th.

Shortly after the video was removed, BehindMLM began receiving nasty comments from OnPassive affiliates (this is a PG sample; they get worse):

Richard Redfern (right) released a since-deleted video update to allay OnPassive affiliates’ worries that they had been misled:

People claim that YouTube has removed the official video the corporation released due to copyright violations.

Keep in mind that the original sponsors were contacted and this was planned for March of this year. There was one more business, Qatar Airlines.

All of this takes time to spread; that was in July.

On Tuesday, it was announced to us that we had signed a sponsorship agreement with the FIFA World Cup.

How come we can’t be found on the official website?

He wanted to share the good news with us first, after all. We ought to be the first to know before all the official information was released.

The rest of it, including the administrative side of things, will be handled gradually. Every procedure has a step. Every process must take time.

Since we are one of the official sponsors, you will be able to find us on their official website.

If you’re one of those folks who ask, “Why is this?,” as I’ve been reading, then I’d love to hear from you. You’re not a real founder if you ask, “Why is that?

If you are unsure of what is taking place. You do not deserve to be a founder if you have any doubts about this enterprise or this firm.

We would prefer to have visitors who share our perspective.

The video was deleted by OnPassive; it wasn’t taken down (see screenshot above).

Since at least 2018, Qatar Airlines has been a recognized FIFA sponsor.

OnPassive affiliates were originally informed by Ash Mufareh that the firm was a sponsor of FIFA Qatar 2022 back in August.

Query = good-bye? definite cult vibes

OnPassive is reportedly doing a formal corporate webinar later today. Any more changes will be noted below if there are any.

Update: September 24, 2022. OnPassive’s “FIFA sponsorship” is merely a TV commercial campaign, according to Mufareh.

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