Beware of Skyway Capital – Review Part 3

Italy has blacklisted Skyway Capital due to securities fraud.

according to a CONSOB bulletin from September 21;

There was an advertisement for investing and “becoming co-owner of the largest transport firm of the 21st century” on the website… linked to the business Sky Way Capital Inc.

More specifically, the investor could purchase standardized shares of the capital of group companies after registering. By doing so, they would become owners of shares that gave them “co-ownership of the company” as well as property rights, such as the ability to “receive dividends based on the number of company shares purchased.”

In breach of TUF article 94, Sky Way Capital Inc. “offered financial products to depositors residing in Italy without first publishing the prospectus.”

Similar to securities fraud in other jurisdictions is this.

In 2018, CONSOB started looking into Skyway Capital. After conducting an initial inquiry, CONSOB contacted Skyway Capital to request further details and response.

The request was ignored by Skyway Capital.

CONSOB informed Skyway Capital on February 15th, 2019, that it has banned the company’s Italian website for 10 days due to persistent legal infractions.

When CONSOB looked at Skyway Capital’s website on February 19 and 20, 2019, it discovered that it was still engaging in securities fraud.

The Italian commercial operations of Skyway Capital were found to be unlawful on February 27, 2019, by CONSOB.

In February 2019, Skyway Capital was approached twice. CONSOB made two attempts to contact the firm, none of which resulted in a response.

When CONSOB went back to Skyway Capital’s website on January 22nd, it discovered that the business was still engaging in securities fraud.

On March 15th, CONSOB suggested imposing a €70,000 administrative charge on Skyway Capital.

On June 10th, 2021, the plan was accepted after a review procedure.

On September 21st, 2022, CONSOB will publish sanctions against Skyway Capital.

Anatoly Yunitsky is in charge of the well-known Russian Ponzi scam known as Skyway Capital (aka Anatoly Unitsky).

In 2011, BehindMLM published the first evaluation of Skyway Capital. A Ponzi scam that promised 22% daily profits was discovered.

Evgeny Kudryashov was then the CEO of Skyway Capital (right).

Late last year, Yunitsky founded Unitsky String Technologies to elude regulators and separate himself from his Ponzi scam.

Sky World Community is now known as Skyway Capital.

Italy is the second-largest source of traffic to Unitsky String Technologies’ website, according to SimilarWeb monitoring, which was mentioned in the coverage of Lithuania suspending Skyway Capital for fraud last month.

Any attempt to acquire investors for Skyway Capital in Italy has now failed.

Russia is now the country that drives the most traffic to Unitsky String Technologies’ website, followed by Turkey (16%), Uzbekistan (15%), Kazakhstan (12%), and the Philippines (11%), according to SimilarWeb.

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