Beware of MCC Defendants & SEC – Review

Real estate holdings in Florida are being sold off by Luiz Capuci and Emerson Pires.

According to a Mining Capital Coin injunction given to the SEC in June, the assets have been frozen.

The SEC has since filed a contempt complaint against both Defendants.

Assets belonging to Capuci and Pires are now frozen as a result of a preliminary injunction that was issued in June, although the hold dates back to a TRO that was issued on May 10.

As explained in the SEC’s motion from September 13th, which calls Capcu and Pires’ actions “brazen”;

After the Court froze such assets, Pires recently sold part of his Florida-based real estate.

For his part, Caputi is aggressively attempting to sell several Florida homes with a combined market worth of around $2.5 million. Furthermore, neither Defendant has delivered the asset accounting that the Court requested.

Through Michael Dale, Capuci’s escrow agent, his properties are being sold.

Dale continues to help Capuci (right) violate the issued injunction despite being aware of it and being in contact with both the SEC and Capuci’s counsel.

A property held by one of Capuci’s firms, JS Homes Corp., was selling a property on July 22, 2022, Mr. Dale informed the SEC. with a closing date set for the following week.

Additionally, he informed the SEC that maybe another property will close shortly after.

The SEC restated its stance that any such transaction could not be completed without a court order because it would violate the asset freeze.

On July 26, 2022, Mr. Dale sent emails to the legal representatives for the SEC and Capuci asking for a court order allowing him to close on (two)… properties and sell yet another property.

Caputi‚Äôs real estate broker requested permission from the SEC to close on the sales of Capuci’s remaining properties on August 3, 2022.

Without a court order, the SEC informed the broker that selling such homes would violate the asset freeze.

Capuci seems to be trying to sell these three homes despite these conversations and cautions to his agents.

The SEC continues by listing other of Capuci’s assets that are still up for grabs.

Over a month after the MCC TRO was approved, on June 14th, Pires (right) sold a Florida house for $725,000.

The SEC has asked the court to declare Capuci and Pires in contempt in its motion from September 13th.

The SEC demands that the Court… compel Pires to deliver the revenues to this Court’s registry in addition to finding Capuci and Pires in civil contempt.

Additionally, the SEC has requested the court to allow its limited discovery so that it may further investigate and find any potential hidden assets owned by Capuci and Pires.

The court’s decision on the SEC’s motion for contempt was pending at the time of publication.

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