Beware of FocuStar – Review Part 2

The Ponzi-style “click a button” software FocuStar has failed.

Both of FocuStar’s website domains have been inactive as of around 48 hours ago.

Although comments are restricted, FocuStar’s official YouTube channel is still accessible.

Reports of withdrawal problems were received before the removal of FocuStar’s websites.

According to BehindMLM, FocuStar began requiring affiliates to find new investors. Any withdrawal requests made by an affiliate were thereafter turned down, regardless of how many new victims they had brought in.

FocuStar recently sponsored investment promotions, which is a standard practice among MLM crypto Ponzis.

Investors are guaranteed extra credit on their investments in these programs.

The “click a button” app Ponzi scheme FocuStar is a component of first appeared in late 2021.

The majority of scams are started with different ploys to entice investors and last a few weeks to a few months until they collapse.

Like every Ponzi scheme, the longevity of a “click a button” Ponzi depends on how successfully it takes off in the target markets.

Venezuela, Spain, Germany, India, Mexico, and Greece were the main countries FocuStar targeted.

The majority, if not all, of the “click a button” Ponzi schemes are said to be operated by con artists in China.

Thankfully, the spread of “click a button” Ponzis have slowed as losses increase and public knowledge of them rises. Nevertheless, a few are still present (and no doubt more will be launched to beat a dead horse).

BLQ Football is the biggest “click a button” app Ponzi scheme I’m aware of right now.

Uganda was the first goal of BLQ Football. But even though recruiting is still rampant in Uganda, I believe BLQ Football made a mistake.

For a few months, BLQ Football was expected to plunder Uganda before crumbling. As a result, between July and August, BLQ Football recruiting in Uganda substantially decreased.

However, BLQ Football investor recruiting has blossomed all across China in its stead.

China is the one country that “click a button” Ponzi fraudsters haven’t yet targeted. Targeting Chinese customers is a risky game since the fraudsters are situated in southeast China (it’s doubtful that they are running their operations from mainland China).

Chinese authorities will readily turn a blind eye to international fraud, similar to other crime haven nations. But when neighborhood complaints start pouring in, things become deadly.

No matter what transpires or how long BLQ Football finally runs, we do know that, like FocuStar, the vast majority of investors lose money, and there is no victim recovery.

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