Beware of MOBE – Review

The MOBE Receivership already said in June 2021 that it had given the FTC back $15,2 million for distribution.

The FTC has revealed that $23 million has been distributed to MOBE victims after a period of uncertainty.

Over 37,000 MOBE victims will get $23 million, according to a press statement from the FTC.

To get a check instead of a PayPal payment, the FTC advises victims to get in touch with them.

Please accept any PayPal payments you receive within 30 days.

Please cash checks within 90 days if you get them.

The details of the $8 million discrepancy between what the Receivership gave over and what the FTC paid out are unclear to me.

Also of note, the FTC hasn’t revealed how distribution payments were determined.

Readers of BehindMLM have reported that distribution payments cover 10%–20% of MOBE losses.

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