Beware of Investview & Joseph Cammarata – Review

Joseph Cammarata, the former CEO of Investview, has been charged with a superseding indictment.

The indictment, which is dated September 8th, accuses Cammarata of wire fraud and money laundering.

The supplementary indictment included twelve charges of fraud, although Cammarata’s first indictment only included one conspiracy allegation.

one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud

four wire fraud charges

six charges of money laundering and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering

The basic charges against Cammarata (right) remain the same: they allege that he and two accomplices submitted false recovery claims in settlements for SEC securities fraud.

The claims were made through Alpha Plus Recovery, a business owned by Cammarata. Following receipt, money was laundered through several US bank accounts.

Four sealed files that are included with Cammarata’s superseding indictment are noteworthy. I have no idea what these filings are related to.

In November 2021, Cammarata was taken into custody. He was initially freed, but early this year was returned to detention after an unsuccessful effort to leave the US.

“Alien smuggling” was cited as the official basis for Cammarata’s incarceration.

There is reason to think that Joseph Cammarata, the defendant, committed alien smuggling while on release, which is a federal offense.

The defendant has broken the release terms, and this is supported by strong and persuasive evidence.

There is overwhelming proof that the defendant won’t follow any condition of release, or any combination of requirements.

The smuggling involved Cammarata’s fiancĂ©e, whom Cammarata helped enter the US illegally while he was on parole.

Cammarata had a breakdown in July and asked for a bail hearing to be released from detention once more.

The DOJ requested that the bail hearing for Cammarata be reopened in an emergency motion that was submitted on September 14th.

Cammarata refuted the accusations made by the DOJ in his request for a second release from custody.

This is from the emergency motion submitted by the DOJ on September 14;

After the hearing on September 1, 2022, the defense filed a supplemental brief in which it mocked the government’s assertion that Cammarata had entered the country with his foreign lover undetected while out on pretrial release:

The government lacks concrete proof that Mr. Cammarata broke the terms of his parole in January 2022 by assisting Ms. Beltran in entering the country.

“New evidence” was what sparked the DOJ’s emergency move.

The prosecution has fresh information that contradicts the defendant’s claims before this court and unequivocally proves that Cammarata breached the law by bringing his girlfriend into the country while out on bail.

The proof?

a recorded phone call between Cammarata and his girlfriend from June 27th, in which Cammarata “stated that he was in jail because he wanted to see her and admitted that ‘I never should’ve brought you to the country'”; testimony from an unidentified person who admitted, “he transported (Cammarata’s) girlfriend, at (Cammarata’s) direction, from the Bahamas by boat to the United States in June 20211 and again in January 2022.”

The court refused Cammarata’s move for reconsideration the next day without holding a further hearing after the DOJ submitted its emergency motion.

On March 10, 2022, this Court revoked Mr. Cammarata’s bail after determining that there was probable cause to believe that he had committed a federal crime while on pre-trial release, that he had broken his release conditions, and that there was a preponderance of the evidence to suggest that he was unlikely to adhere to any condition, or set of conditions, of release.

According to this Court, Mr. Cammarata has not offered any fresh information that is relevant to the question of whether the terms of his release would fairly ensure his attendance as needed.

Contrarily, the Court is less confident now than it was on March 10, 2022, that Mr. Cammarata would show up for future sessions or follow any set of conditions if he were freed.

Cammarata notified the court that he had appealed the judgment on September 22nd.

Given the available evidence and the newly discovered evidence by the DOJ, we predict Cammarata’s appeal will probably fail.

Cammarata’s superseding indictment arraignment took place on September 23. Cammarata entered a not guilty plea to every charge.

Even though the business is not connected to Cammarata’s fraud involving Alpha Plus Recovery, he was CEO of Investview, the MLM firm’s owner, at the time of the alleged behavior.

According to BehindMLM, Investview has committed and is still committing securities fraud through iGenius and its former company identities.

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