Beware of Success Factory – Review Part 2

The marketing arm of DagCoin, a OneCoin clone created by former investor Nils Grossberg, is called Success Factory.

Earlier this year, again failed, leaving investors with yet another worthless Ponzi coin in their possession.

Success Factory switched to automated forex trading to maintain the fraud.

This has so far only been used for recruiting in a few third-world nations (Ghana is being pillaged pretty hard at the moment).

Behind the scenes, Success Factory seems to be about to fall apart.

Igor Alberts and Andrea Cimbala, two top earners who are also husband and wife, are rumored to have left Success Factory and eloped to Dubai.

Alberts and Cimbala have not yet commented on their departure from Success Factory. When they discover a new con to push, they’ll probably come out and attack the Ponzi scheme.

We thus turn to “What Dreams May Come” lackeys Iulian Cimbala and Quini Amores to acquire a sense of recent happenings.

Andreea Cimbala’s brother is Iulian Cimbala. Iulian was offered a nepotism position in OneCoin by his sister after failing miserably at multilevel marketing on his own.

This also applied to Success Factory and DagCoin.

“Iulian Cimbala – Leadership with Purpose – Success For All – Farewell Success Factory” was published by Iulian on his YouTube channel on September 20.

Iulian declares in the video that he is quitting Success Factory;

[1:12] Unfortunately, my adventure with Success Factory has come to an end.

Due to what has occurred over the past two weeks, it will begin to happen as of right now.

It is something that comes from the management and corporate sides and is contrary to my ideology, ideals, and code of honor.

It breaks my heart to say that, but it is what it is.

Ironically, someone who makes their career by defrauding investors in Ponzi schemes refers to a “code of honor,” but I digress.

Iulian doesn’t go into detail, but I’m pretty certain that any problem he has with Success Factory is financial in nature.

In the next portions of his film, Iulian covers up his financial misdeeds. He hasn’t stopped con artists yet, either.

[2:43] For our final house, for our leaders throughout the world, for me and my network family, I am eagerly awaiting the next chance.

Finding a new car that can take you to the next level is necessary when the one you have can’t get you where you want to go.

Iulian is now in Abu Dhabi, the location of the most recent Success Factory 2022 Top Scammer Party.

Iulian’s most recent Instagram photo includes the hashtag “#elev8”:

This means Iulian has joined B-Epic unless there is another “elev8” in the MLM sector that I am not currently aware of.

An interesting pick, given that Dan Putnam, the owner of B-Epic, may face a securities fraud prosecution from the SEC in 2019.

Iulian would have seemed to want to maintain as much of a buffer between himself and US authorities as possible (*cough* OneCoin). But once more, I digress.

It’s unknown if Iulian has moved to Abu Dhabi. He was in Dubai a week ago.

Top OneCoin marketer Quini Amores specialized in defrauding Spanish-speaking people.

Amores left OneCoin in late 2020 to join Alberts at Success Factory, three years after the Ponzi portion of the company failed.

Amores’ grandfathered-in Success Factory status has advanced to Black Diamond by December 2021.

One Dream Team Network’s YouTube channel published “Quini Amores – Leadership With Purpose – Success For All- Farewell Success Factory” on September 18.

Amores mostly adheres to Iulian Cimbala’s screenplay;

[0:51] The business has been acting in a way that I would regard to be quite inappropriate for a firm that is established at a high level during the past several days.

I’m referring to instances when the human and commercial stakes have been extremely low.

Amores’ words, like Iulian’s, may have come out as him talking about himself if the context had been ignored.

[1:28] I’ll never work with this firm again, and I won’t recommend any of their goods or services.

Amores is still a con artist, just as Iulian;

[2:00] I’m only beginning to assess this fantastic market potential today.

Amores flew to Dubai right away after shooting his final Success Factory video.

Unless Igor Alberts directs them to leap, neither Iulian Cimbala nor Quini Amores engages in any business-related activity.

Thus, the obvious question arises: Are Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala still employed at Success Factory?

The answer is no if the lackeys from “What Dreams May Come” are still around. This is when things start to get interesting.

The final Success Factory films for Quini Amores and Iulian Cimbala were filmed in Igor Alberts’ house in Amsterdam.

A story in Quote on September 28th noted that the mansion was now up for sale.

And neither Alberts nor Cimbala is the property’s registered owner.

In any event, Alberts or Cimbala did not place €1.85 million on the table in 2013, according to the land registration.

According to the deed of sale, Coen Janssen used a power of attorney to purchase this piece of property from mortgagee ING on behalf of VBJ Vastgoed.

Quote contacted Janssen for clarification but was met with a “hostile” answer.

Calling Coen Janssen was unsuccessful. This one was a little angry, saying, “Sure, you may ask any questions you like.” Correct.

Janssen is unwilling to comply, even when we let her know that we are writing a story on this home.

The name Coen Janssen is not one I am familiar with. I think there are two options available here:

any type of money laundering (clear justification); or

The riches display of Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala is based on deception.

Whatever the deal, the “What Dreams May Come” criminal den owned by Alberts and Cimbala is for sale. They have also fled to Dubai as a result of this.

Although it is unclear exactly when Alberts escaped to Dubai, he has been there since at least late August.

Cimbala hinted at her travel to Dubai in a recent Instagram post that she made sometime last week:

Since then, Cimbala has deactivated her Instagram account, and I’m trying not to take too much from this.

I know that no one in the MLM industry chooses to uproot their life and go to Dubai. It is where con artists travel to elude law enforcement, either after realizing they are being investigated or to prevent being apprehended.

Alberts and Cimbala have individually stolen over a hundred million from customers through OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory.

Additionally, Alberts and Cimbala are parents to two small children. The world’s most infamous con artists call Dubai their home, making it the MLM crime center of the globe.

In contrast to a vast estate in the comparatively quiet neighborhood of Naarden, Amsterdam, Dubai is not a good place to raise children.

The deletion of Cimbala’s Instagram account continues to be of interest. She is also missing from Alberts’ most recent social media posts from Dubai.

Nine further offspring of Alberts’s prior spouses exist.

Returning to DagCoin and Success Factory, the business maintains its façade by promoting a new “family”:

The truth is that by the time Alberts and his subordinates left, Success Factory’s leadership team had shrunk to a small number:

Nils Grossberg, the company’s owner, has been conspicuously missing from all of Success Factories’ recent marketing initiatives. This creates even more questions.

29th September 2022 update I retract that; Grossberg is now speaking on stage.

That was posted a short while ago on Success Factory’s official Instagram account.

It’s unclear precisely what caused Success Factory to lose its top con artists. The corporation hasn’t commented on the disagreement in public.

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