Beware of Digimond Group – Review

Digimond Group works in the MLM markets for FX and cryptocurrency trading. On its website, the business doesn’t have a corporate address.

For the past 23 years, Digimond Group has claimed to be a European-based consulting company in the field of sales and marketing.

The website domain for Digimond Group was only recently registered.

On February 2nd, 2022, “” was registered.

The owner is identified as Elisa Solon Torrevillas using an illegible address in Cebu, Philippines.

The website’s technical contact for Digimond Group is “Rajesh R,” via an insufficient Indian address.

Ronald Roque, a co-founder, is in charge of Digimond Group.

Photoshopped onto a suit is the head of Roque.

On the DigiMond Group website, Roque may be seen in a manipulated image of an office setting:

Naturally, Ronald Roque does not exist. Eric Jerome Miguel, the nameless CEO of Digimond Group, likewise doesn’t seem to exist.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products of the Digimond Group

Digimond Group doesn’t provide any goods or services for retail sale.

Only the Digimond Group affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Compensation Plan for Digimond Group

Affiliates of the Digimond Group make investments based on a monthly or yearly ROI:

Plan 1: Invest $62.50 and earn 10% every month for 12 months.

Plan 2: Invest $125 to get 5% after one month, 7% after three months, 9% after six months, or 12% after twelve months.

Plan 3: Invest $375 to get 7% after one month, 9% after three months, 12% after six months, or 16% after twelve months.

Plan 4: Invest $1125 and get 9% after one month, 11% after three months, 14% after six months, or 21% after a year.

Plan 5: Invest $3375 and get 12% after one month, 14% after three months, 17% after six months, or 28% after a year.

Plan 6: Invest $10,125 and get 15% after a month, 17% after three months, 20% after six months, or 35% after a year.

Keep in mind that funds are restricted for the duration of the selected investment period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months).

Take note that all withdrawal requests from Digimond appear to be subject to a 20% fee.

The Digimond Group’s MLM division rewards the recruitment of affiliate investors.

Affiliate Ranks for the Digimond Group

The pay structure of Digimond Group has twelve affiliate positions.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Affiliate: Join the Digimond Group affiliate program and make an investment. Topaz: $5000 Sapphire: $10,000 Ruby: $25,000 Pearl: $50,000 Onyx: $100,000 Jade: $250,000 Emerald: $500,000 White Diamond: $1,000,000 Blue Diamond: $2,500,000 Black Diamond: $5,000,000 Diamond Crown: $10,000,000

Although Digimond Group doesn’t state it specifically, I think these profit sums cover earned commissions as well as ROI payouts.

Advisory Commissions

On the money invested by affiliates that Digimond Group directly recruited, a 5% referral commission is paid.

Recurring Commissions

Digimond Group uses a binary compensation mechanism to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

Each week’s fresh investment volume on both sides of the binary team is totaled by Digimond Group after the week.

10% of the money invested on the side of the weaker binary team is rewarded in residual commissions.

The investment volume is matched against the stronger binary team side and flushed after being paid out.

Any extra volume is carried over to the next week.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

Affiliates that qualify at Topaz and above are given one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses by Digimond Group:

Earn $1000 for qualifying at Topaz, $2000 for qualifying at Sapphire, $5000 for qualifying at Ruby, $10,000 for qualifying at Pearl, $50,000 for qualifying at Onyx, $100,000 for qualifying at Emerald, and $250,000 for qualifying at Blue Diamond. Earn $1,000,000 for qualifying at Black Diamond. Earn $1,000,000 for qualifying at White Diamond. Earn 2,000,000 at Diamond Crown.

It costs nothing to become a Digimond Group associate member.

The linked income opportunity requires a minimum commitment of $62.50 to be fully participated in.

Digimond Group Verdict

According to Digimond, the company makes money through trading foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies using AI.

Digimond Group offers no proof that it pays affiliate withdrawals utilizing trading or any other form of external revenue.

Additionally, Digimond Group’s passive returns are an offering of securities.

In all countries, including the Philippines, India, and elsewhere, Digimond Group is unable to show documentation of its registration with financial regulators.

If not, Digimond Group is at the very least engaging in securities fraud.

Presently, fresh investment is the only source of provable income for Digimond Group.

Digimond Group is a Ponzi scam since it uses fresh investments to pay returns. The Digimond Group’s MLM division adds a further pyramid layer to the plan even though nothing is advertised or sold to retail customers.

As with all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

This will deprive Digimond Group of ROI income, leading to its eventual collapse.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

Good luck suing Photoshopped Digimond Group CEOs who aren’t real for your money.

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