Beware of IM Mastery Academy- Review Part 3

The Spanish leaders of IM Mastery Academy were detained, thus the organization has made an effort to separate itself.

Given that this weekend’s IM Mastery Academy event in Barcelona is sold out, the cause appears to be financial.

A few days ago, I was informed of IM Mastery Academy’s response. I waited to publish the paper though since I couldn’t confirm it.

At least one Spanish outlet has covered the news in the past 24 hours:

The Businesswire source link provided by Estrategias de Inversion appears to have been removed within the past 24 hours. It is strange why IM Mastery Academy would produce a press release and then immediately remove it.

Nevertheless, given that the stated language is identical to what I got, it suffices to offer third-party confirmation;

IM Academy’s press release on the investigation of its independent business owners.

The Spanish authorities are actively looking into a number of the independent company owners (IBOs) of IM Academy (IM), which may corroborate this.

Due to the independence of their commercial operations, IM Academy is not a direct target of this inquiry; nonetheless, we take this issue very seriously and will, of course, completely cooperate with any help that the authorities want.

IM Academy, which has operated effectively in the nation for more than 5 years and around the world, is dedicated to adhering strictly to local market laws.

Due to an ongoing legal procedure, we are unable to make any more remarks at this time.

The press release from IM Mastery Academy, which is said to have been released on April 5 or 6, is a reaction to the arrest of its “Awaken Dreamers” leaders.

In late March, the National Police of Spain conducted eight arrests. The defendants are accused of marketing a pyramid scam, and it was discovered throughout the inquiry that students were the intended audience.

This is uncannily similar to what Alex Morton did in Vemma, a 2015 FTC-blocked pyramid fraud.

It should go without saying that it is absurd for IM Mastery Academy to not be aware of what its leaders are doing in any given nation.

The most important thing to remember from this is that the Spanish Leaders of IM Mastery are in charge of marketing a pyramid scam.

The “investigation does not directly include IM Academy” assertion sounds hollow because IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scam.

This amounts to IM Mastery Academy giving up on its detained Spanish leaders, at least in public.


Tickets to IM Mastery Academy’s “IM Beyond” Barcelona event have been priced as high as EUR 400.

One may assume that the event would be canceled as a result of the arrests by either IM Mastery Academy or the Spanish government.

From its response to the general public, it is clear that IM Mastery Academy has no plans to stop promoting. This is unfortunate, but not surprising, given the creator Christopher Terry’s business ethics.

The absence of activity on the Spanish side is shocking.

The Badalona Municipal Esports Palau is scheduled to host IM Beyond. The government, more particularly the City of Badalona, is the owner of the venue with a capacity of 12,760.

Publico inquired as to why the City of Badalona let a pyramid scheme that was the subject of a federal investigation to have a marketing event at a location they controlled.

The City of Badalona was compelled to deny guilt as a result.

The City Council does not have control over the licensing that governs the management and exploitation of the venue or the regulation of the activities.

The City of Badalona continued to inform Publico that they had communicated their opposition to the venue management over the continuation of the IM Mastery Academy event.

Joventut de Badalona SAD handles reservations for the Palau Municipal d’Esports de Badalona.

They shied away from accountability when Politico pressed them for information. According to Joventut de Badalona SAD, they’d

a request to utilize the facility a few months ago, and that their only responsibility was to rent Palau Municipal de sports de Badalona by the client’s contract.

According to Politico, IM Mastery Academy victims have contacted the City of Badalona and Joventut de Badalona SAD, but their complaints have been dismissed.

Regarding the IM Beyond incident, Spain’s National Police has remained completely silent up to this point.

The activities of IM Mastery Academy’s Spanish management provide insight into the company’s corporate culture and further undermine assertions made in its press release.

Voz Populi stated on March 28 that after the arrests, the Spanish officials of IM Mastery Academy declared the National Police probe was “a fiction sponsored by “pink sauce””.

Whether “pink sauce” is an inaccurate auto-translation or a Spanish colloquialism that I’m not familiar with is unclear to me.

Every invention was everywhere. We carry on.

They were detained but have since been released, and they are continuing their covert efforts to enlist youngsters by setting up a new appointment for later this week in Barcelona.

The scenario is therefore set for a pyramid scheme that is the subject of a federal investigation, whose national executives have just been detained, is operated by dishonest management with a history of deception, and is holding a promotional event in a building that is controlled by the government.

How do you permit the operators of a pyramid scheme whose national leaders you just detained to enter the nation while holding a sold-out promotional event? I’m not sure.

Victims are not being heard despite their concerns leading to a federal investigation and indictments. And ultimately, everyone who has the authority to influence the situation, including the Spanish government, is disclaiming responsibility.

What a disaster.

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