Beware of 8 Minute Trader – Review

BehindMLM first became aware of Youngevity’s entry into the FX market in January.

Although we didn’t know the name of the firm, Sal Leto was involved. We were concerned about Leto’s background, but we didn’t observe any overt violations.

Youngevity’s forex product was renamed 8 Minute Trader in July 2022. September 1st was ultimately chosen as the launch date.

A little more than a month later, and with the compensation scheme now in the open, BehindMLM returns to 8 Minute Trader for an official evaluation.

Trader Corporation 8 Minute

A Youngevity initiative included the creation of an 8 Minute Trader. Sal Leto is in charge, although Youngevity’s website doesn’t specify what exactly he does for the company.

According to Leto (right) during an 8 Minute Trader marketing webinar on June 29th;

I granted Youngevity an exclusive license to use my methods.

We have a technique that allows us to contact someone who has never traded before and assist them to make 5%, 10%, or 20% profits on their account in only five or ten minutes.

Youngevity’s website lists a ton of “store” items, but the business itself does little to advertise 8 Minute Trader.

Youngevity has a Facebook page that is largely active. I read every post dating back to August 1st, and not a single one is about 8 Minute Trader.

This seems a little odd given that 8 Minute Trader debuted on September 1. It appears Youngevity is reluctant to market their FX service, at least on a corporate level.

Trader’s Products 8 Minute

A signals platform marketed by 8 Minute Trader promises to provide “a few percentages per day within only a few minutes of trading.”

With an emphasis on the opening hour, 8 Minute Trader trades on the US30, better known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

You download this to your computer, set up the screen, and may enter and exit the transaction by just pressing a button.

The signal range is allegedly created by AI and is delivered by the MT4 program.

Simply put, users click “purchase” when the live chart crosses over into the green region (between the dotted and solid green lines). Profit is realized if the upward trend on the chart persists.

8 Minute Trader offers access to several platforms in addition to the main trading signals platform.

breakfast calls

24-hour alerts for “Post 8 Scalper”

“Digital marketer’s academy” and “advanced trading psychology academy”

The Post 8 Scalper is a MetaTrader 4 platform-based artificial intelligence-focused software program.

The program can identify significant patterns in a wide range of financial markets, including indices, FX, metals, commodities like gold and oil, and even cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, clients will receive a master’s class-level trading education, including ground-breaking psychology seminars generally taken by high-net-worth, seasoned traders.

Youngevity makes it harder for customers to make an educated decision by failing to disclose who is responsible for the 8 Minute Trader additions.

The retail price for 8 Minute Trader is $599, with monthly fees of $199.

Trader’s Compensation Plan for 8 Minutes

Youngevity’s compensation structure has been altered to fit the needs of the 8 Minute Trader.

8 min. The Trader’s Compensation Plan offers commissions on subscription sales to retail consumers and affiliates who have been attracted.

Affiliate Ranks for 8-Minute Trader

Within the 8 Minute Trader pay structure, there are seven affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Three current clients are referred by and kept by a sales associate.

Maintain three individually introduced current clients as a senior associate (not a typo, rank qualification is presented the same as SAA)

Maintaining three directly referred active customers, having twelve clients in your downline, hiring and maintaining three affiliates, and producing 5,400 GV a month are the requirements for the rank of 1 Star Executive.

2 Star Executive: Maintain three individually recruited affiliates, have three unilevel team legs with a 1 Star or higher in them, have 36 clients in your downline, and produce 7,500 GV every month.

A 3 Star Executive must have five unilevel team legs with a 1 Star or higher in them, sixty clients in their downline, five affiliates they can keep up, and 10,500 GV every month to qualify.

A 4 Star Executive must have six unilevel team legs with a 1 Star or higher in them, 72 clients in their downline, six affiliates they can keep up, and 27,000 GV every month.

A 5 Star Executive must have nine unilevel team legs with a 1 Star or higher in them, 108 clients in their downline, nine affiliates they can keep up, and 43,200 GV every month.

Keep in mind that 8 Minute Trader only takes into account activities at the first three stages of recruiting when determining rank qualifying. Customers, GV, and affiliates who have been recruited are necessary.

Group Volume is the acronym for GV. Sales volume produced by an 8 Minute Trader affiliate and their downline is referred to as GV.

For comparison, the first 600 GV are earned from the sale of an 8-Minute Trader membership.

Although the monthly charge GV is not specified, it is estimated to be close to 200 GV based on the original fee GV.

Customers must be paying their monthly membership cost to qualify for rank.

Consumers might be affiliates who have been recruited or retail customers.

Advisory Commissions

When an 8 Minute Trader membership is sold personally, 8 Minute Trader pays a referral commission of “up to $135.”

Note that the “up to” portion of referral commissions is not explained in the compensation plan of 8 Minute Trader.

These might be retail sales to customers or affiliate recruitment.

Bonus Code (initial fee)

On every subscription sale for 8 Minute Trader, $290 in coded bonuses are paid.

The Coded Bonus is depending on rank:

SAAs make $30, whereas SRAs can make up to $80

1 Star may receive up to $150.

Earn up to $210 as a 2-Star.

Earn up to $250 for 3 Stars.

Earn up to $275 with 4 Stars.

up to $290 for 5 Stars

When lower-ranked affiliates sell 8 Minute Trader memberships, the bonus’ coded nature becomes active.

You may, for instance, be 2 Star and offer subscriptions. Your $210 has been paid to you, leaving $80 of the $290 Coded Bonus to be distributed.

A 3 Star or higher ranking affiliate is found by the system by looking upline.

If a 3 Star is discovered first, they will receive $40 ($250 minus the $210 that has already been distributed), leaving $40 to be distributed to a 4 Star or higher. If a 4-Star is discovered first, they will receive $65 ($275 minus the $210 that has already been distributed), leaving $15 to be distributed to the first upline. 5 Star

If a 5 Star is discovered first, they are awarded the $40 that is still owed.

In this way, higher-ranked affiliates profit from subscription sales made by their lower-rated downline affiliates.

Bonus Code (monthly fees)

Out of each $199 monthly subscription payment, 8 Minute Trader pays a $30 Coded Bonus.

SAAs can earn up to $3, SRAs up to $8, 1 star up to $15, and 2 stars up to $21.

Earn up to $26 with 3 Stars.

Earn up to $29 for 4 Stars.

$5 stars can win you $30.

Keep in mind that the first charge Coded Bonus and the monthly Coded Bonus are paid per rank in the same way (details above)

8 Minute Residual Commissions Trader uses a unilevel compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

8 min. Residual commissions are paid by the trader as a portion of the $65 set aside from the monthly subscription fees:

8% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates), 8% on level 2, 7% on level 3, and 6% on level 4 are the pay rates for sales associates.

Levels 1 and 2 of Senior Associates are paid 8%, Level 3 is paid 7%, and Levels 4 and 5 are paid 6%.

8% on levels 1 and 2, 7% on level 3, 6% on levels 4 and 5, and 8% on level 6 are the pay rates for 1 Star Executives and above.

Bonus Lifestyle

The Lifestyle Bonus is dependent on rank advancement over a predetermined period.

Earn $300 by qualifying for 1 Star Executive and keeping it for 2 consecutive months. Earn $600 by qualifying for 2 Star Executive the following month. Earn $800 by qualifying for 3 Star Executive the following month. Earn $1000 by qualifying for 4 Star Executive the following month. Earn $1500 or $2000 by qualifying for 5 Star Executive the following month (variance in bonus not explained)

Bonus Pool for Global Revenue Share

8 min. Trader contributes to the Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool 2% of the total yearly subscription volume.

The Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool is available to 8 Minute Trader 5 Star Executives with 500,000 GV for at least nine out of a possible twelve months.

Two smaller 1% pools make up the Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool.

Up until another Global Revenue Share Bonus Pool eligible affiliate is identified in each unilevel team leg, shares in the first pool are distributed depending on the yearly GV produced by an affiliate’s downline.

In the absence of such an association, the GV from the whole leg counts toward shares.

The second pool is distributed evenly to all eligible affiliates with a 5 Star ranking.

signing up with 8 Minute Trader

Youngevity affiliate membership, which costs $30, is connected to the 8 Minute Trader affiliate membership.

If an associate wants to launch a Youngevity business alongside 8 Minute Trader, more pricey solutions are available.

8 Minute Trader Summary

The main question with MLM’s chances for FX trading is whether or not they constitute a securities offering.

If any aspect of trading is automated, a securities offering is present. This isn’t the case with 8 Minute Trading, according to the company’s clarification that “the program will never make a deal for the user.”

utilize 8 minutes The trading interface appears to be straightforward. You launch their bot and select purchase or sell as instructed.

And it appears that you only perform this activity a few times every day, five days per week.

I find it strange that 8 Minute Trader isn’t getting much praise despite income representations like the one above. Users’ results with 8 Minute Trader appear meager.

Although I didn’t come across any complaints about blowing up accounts, that’s not necessarily a negative thing. However, I don’t believe anyone is close to turning $2500 into $130,000 in a year.

I’ll mention using 8 Minute Trader with EnviFX as one possible compliance concern.

I keep coming across EnviFX in affiliate marketing even though it isn’t explicitly promoted on Youngevity’s website or in the 8 Minute Trader support documents.

A BehindMLM reader stated in July that 8 Minute Trader “use(s) EnviFX as their platform.”

EnviFX works unlawfully since it is not registered with financial regulators, which is an issue.

Additionally, during the past few months, Automated Capital and Adivah Tech—two MLM possibilities that engage in commodities and securities fraud—have established EnviFX as their preferred platform.

EnviFX claims on its website that it “is not directed towards or meant to elicit citizens and/or residents of the USA” and “this website does not recruit US Clients,” indicating that they are aware of their deception.

Because Youngevity is a US MLM organization, the bulk of its affiliates, including those in 8 Minute Trader, are US citizens.

If the majority of subscribers are also affiliated, there is a chance that 8 Minute Trader’s MLM component will function as a pyramid scam.

By treating affiliate subscribers acquired through recruiting and retail subscribers equally, 8 Minute Trader does nothing to promote retail over recruitment.

As previously said, a due-diligence worry is that Youngevity doesn’t promote 8 Minute Trader to a prospective retail client base.

The good news is that performing basic product due diligence is simple for prospective 8 Minute Trader retail customers or affiliates.

You want to be able to trace your trading history back to 8 Minute Trader’s signals for at least two months. No justifications or exclusions.

Walk away if the individual trying to offer you 8 Minute Trader cannot give you that.

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