Beware of Antares Trade – Review Part 2

Antares Trade’s official YouTube account has been deactivated.

Antares Trade stated erroneously that YouTube had suspended the account in an apparent effort to conceal the second step of their exit scam.

When trying to access Antares’ Trade’s YouTube account, you get the usual 404 error:

Shortly after the account was deactivated, Antares Trade made the following post on their official Facebook page under the name “Alcor Trade”:

Antares Trade stated that its account has been “suspended for currently unknown reasons” as mentioned above.

Our legal staff is now making every effort to determine the causes of the blockage and restore users’ access to all channel videos.

You will be able to continue viewing our videos on a new channel we’ll create if YouTube technical assistance doesn’t respond to us right away.

That is all untrue.

Visits to specific Antares Trade marketing films indicate what occurred as follows:

On Antares Trade’s website, it is possible to confirm that the account was closed:

Antares Trade lied about deleting its account before doing so.

The second step of Alexey Zhirovkin’s departure fraud, in my opinion, was his wanting to remove the evidence-gathering video.

Stage one of Zhirovkin’s exit scam was the halting of withdrawals in May after several failures and reboots over the previous year.

Now that Antares Trade’s official YouTube channel has vanished, a sizable amount of proof has too.

The websites for Antares Trade and Alcor Trade, as well as its Facebook page, still need to be taken down. Uncertainty surrounds the timing of Zhirovkin’s departure scam’s third step.

The bulk of Antares Trade and Alcor Trade victims are thought to be French citizens after a recruiting drive that lasted through the first several months of 2022. German and Andorran victims make up a sizable portion of the total.

As “Alex Richter,” Zhirovkin manages Antares Trade and its subsidiary Alcor Trade.

Russian citizen Zhirovkin was granted residency in the Dominican Republic in 2012.

In 2012, Zhirovkin left Russia when authorities exposed his fake “bonus card” fraud. Zhirovkin has a fugitive status in Russia as a result of his escape.

It is unknown how a wanted fugitive with a criminal background got a residence in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic’s government has not yet taken any action against Zhirovkin or any of his multiple Ponzi scams.

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