Beware of Awakend – Review Part 3

On its website, Awakened omits to provide ownership and business details. Additionally, the business omits to include its corporate address.

The “contact us” section of Awakend’s website claims that they offer “minimal assistance.” Any inquiries should be sent to the Awakened uplines.

Early in August, Awakened began its prelaunch phase. This is considered the cause of the lack of support.

Message Us

With little assistance, we are in an exciting prelaunch period! If you have any questions, please speak with your upline leader.

That defense has worn thin after two months.

Basic criteria for due diligence include knowing who owns the company, corporate information, support, and, at the absolute least, where you’re working from.

Before launching, this information ought to be ready if you’re allowing distributor registrations.

On August 18, BehindMLM reported the prelaunch of Awakened. We are relying on my prior research because of Awakend’s disclosure shortcomings.

Danelle Meoli and Chip Macgill are in charge of Awakend’s corporate pre-launch marketing.

Meoli refers to Awakened as her business on social media. If there are other proprietors and co-founders awakened, they haven’t been made public.

Eight administrators of Awakend’s official business Facebook page were spotted by BehindMLM in August. There are now just Danelle Meoli and her husband Scott, David R. Teodosio, and Ashlee Headlee remaining.

A number of the Meolis’ old Exp Realty and NewULife downlines are listed under them.

As far as I can determine, Meoli is connected to everyone who was positioned before Awakend’s open prelaunch through her previous MLM enterprises.

While Meoli is situated in Connecticut, Awakend may be largAwakenedive out of Texas.

If Awakened ever gets around to giving customers a precise image of the firm ownership and its ownership team, I’ll update you.

Unless which:

Consider joining and/or not giving any money to an MLM firm if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products by Awakened

Zenith, a dietary supplement for weight loss, is Awakend’s main offering.

Marketing for Zenith is based on the idea that obese persons have leptin resistance. The role of leptin is

a hormone produced by fat cells that communicate with the brain to control food intake and energy expenditure.

According to the notion, overweight persons have too much leptin, which over time leads to leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance is decreased and the hormone may function as it should thanks to Zenith’s “gentle drop” in leptin levels.

On their website, Awakened does not list retail prices for Zenith.

The only pricing information provided by Awakened marketing thus far is the distributor autoship rate of $135 per month. This is assumed to be a wholesale price, indicating that Zenith will charge more at retail.

Plan of Compensation for Awakend

The salary structure at Awakened is based on retail sales and hiring. Through a binary team, residual commissions are given out.

There are also accessible additional performances and rank incentives.

Ranks for Awakend Distributors

The pay structure at Awakened consists of fourteen grades.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Distributor: register to become a distributor for Awakend.

Maintain a 100 PV personal order over a rolling five-week period and choose two distributors to qualify as a distributor (placed one on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain two personally recruited Distributors or more, a 100 PV personal order, and 1,000 GV in weaker binary team side volume during a rolling five-week period for the Amber Director (placed one on both sides of the binary team)

Maintaining a 100 PV personal order, producing 2500 GV in weaker binary team side volume over a rolling five-week period, and hiring and keeping four Distributors or more are the requirements for the position of Crystal Director (placed two on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain a 100 PV personal order, 5000 GV in weaker binary team side volume, four personally recruited Distributors, or greater, during a rolling five-week period, and qualify as a Sapphire (placed two on both sides of the binary team)

Emerald Director: create and maintain 7500 GV in weaker binary team side volume over a rolling five-week period, 200 PV over that time (100 PV of which must be own orders), and four personally recruited Distributors or above (placed two on both sides of the binary team)

Ruby Director: Over a rolling five-week period, create and maintain 10,000 GV, maintain 200 PV (of which 100 PV must be own orders), and hire and retain six Distributors or above (placed three on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain 200 PV (of which 100 PV must be from one’s order), produce and keep 20,000 GV over a rolling five-week period, and maintain six personally recruited Distributors or above to qualify as a Diamond Executive (placed three on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain 50,000 GV over a rolling five-week period, create 200 PV (of which 100 PV must be own orders), and hire and retain eight Distributors or above (min three on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain 200 PV (100 PV must be an own order), create and maintain 100,000 GV over a rolling five-week period, and hire and maintain ten Distributors or above. Double Blue Diamond Executive (min three on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain 200 PV (100 PV must be an individual order), create and retain 250,000 GV over a rolling five-week period, and maintain ten personally recruited Distributors or above to qualify as a Triple Blue Diamond Executive (min three on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain ten personally recruited Distributors or above, create and maintain 400,000 GV over a rolling five-week period, and maintain 200 PV (100 PV must be own order) (min three on both sides of the binary team)

Retain 700,000 GV over a rolling five-week period, create 200 PV (100 PV must be own order), and maintain ten personally recruited Distributors or above to qualify as a Double Black Diamond Executive (min three on both sides of the binary team)

Maintain ten personally recruited Distributors or higher, 200 PV (100 PV must be own order), 1,000,000 GV, and Triple Black Diamond Executive status throughout a rolling five-week period (min three on both sides of the binary team)

Personal Volume is abbreviated as PV. PV is the sales volume brought about by a distributor’s orders and sales to retail clients.

Group Volume is the acronym for GV. PV is produced by an Awakend distributor and their downline is known as GV.

Shopper Commissions

The selling of Zenith to retail clients generates compensation for Awakend distributors.

As per Awakend

The retail price less the wholesale price is equal to the commission amount.

We can provide you with precise retail commission levels because Awakend hasn’t released Zenith’s retail price.

Employer commissions

Distributors of Awakend are paid commissions for adding new distributors.

Earn $25 by bringing in a distributor who signs up with a 2 Bottle Starter Pack.

Earn $50 by referring a distributor who purchases a 4 Bottle Starter Pack.

Additionally, Awakened offers pre-launch founder roles for thousands of dollars:

Founder of Essential – $1295

$2495 for Premier Founder

Founder Elite: $3495

On these alternatives, commissions on hiring are presumably also paid. On Awakend’s website or in their compensation plan, no information is given if this is the case.

Recurring Commissions

Awakend uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

A distributor is at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) under a binary compensation structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These first two positions are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect distributor recruiting is used to fill open positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

Awakend calculates the new sales volume on both sides of the binary team at the conclusion of each week.

Distributors receive 5% of the sales volume produced as long as both sides of the binary team have at least 500 GV.

Volume is purged when the payout is complete. Any extra volume continues into the week after (capped at 3,000,000 GV).

Comparative Bonus

On residual commissions accumulated by distributors in their downlines, Awakend offers a matching bonus.

Awakend uses a unilevel compensation system to pay the matching bonus.

A distributor is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each distributor they recruited is positioned immediately behind them (level 1):

New distributors hired by level 1 distributors are added to the original distributor’s unilevel team at level 2 if any.

If any level 2 distributors add new distributors, those new distributors are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically unlimited number of levels.

According to rank, Awakened limits the Matching Bonus to seven unilevel team levels:

Directors in the Sapphire and Emerald levels are matched by 10%. (personally recruited distributors)

15% match is paid to Ruby Directors on level 1 and 10% on level 2.

Level 1 Diamond Executives receive a 15% match, level 2 receive 10%, and level 3 receive 5%.

Level 1 Blue Diamond Executives receive a 15% match, level 2 earn a 10% match, and levels 3 and 4 earn a 5% match.

Double 15% match on level 1, 10% match on level 2, and 5% match on levels 3 to 7 are earned by Blue Diamond Executives and higher.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

According to predetermined schedules, Awakend awards distributors who score at Sapphire and higher:

Earn $100 for becoming a Sapphire Director, $500 for becoming a Ruby Director within five weeks of signing up, $1500 for becoming a Ruby Director within ten weeks of becoming a Sapphire Director, $1,000 for becoming a Double Blue Diamond Executive within thirty weeks of becoming a Ruby Executive, $5000 for becoming a Triple Blue Diamond Executive within thirty weeks of becoming a Double Blue Diamond Executive

The LifeStyle Bonus is available to Diamond and Triple Blue Diamond executives who meet the requirements and retain rank for ten consecutive weeks.

Each month, Diamond Executives are paid $750.

The monthly salary for Triple Blue Diamond Executives is $1500.

Rank requirements must be met throughout a rolling five-week period to keep the Lifestyle Bonus.

enrolling in Awakend

The annual cost of a basic Awakend distributor membership is $50.

Additionally, new Awakend distributors may register with a Starter Pack:

Zenith Starter Pack 2 bottles = $260

Zenith Starter Pack 4 bottles = $500

The following Awakend Founder jobs are also open, presumably until prelaunch concludes:

Founder of Essential – $1295 (4 bottles of Zenith, Sapphire Director rank for 1 year, and an Awakened NFT)

$2495 for Premier Founder (8 bottles of Zenith, Ruby Director rank for 3 years, and an Awakened NFT)

Founder Elite: $3495 (12 bottles of Zenith, Diamond Executive rank for 5 years, and an Awakened NFT)

Awakend’s Founder positions provide specific financial benefits above standard distributor membership, as was previously mentioned.

Awakened Finale

Weight loss goods may be broadly divided into two categories: those that aid in the main weight reduction techniques and those that directly contribute to weight loss.

Regarding Zenith, Awakened directs customers to

combine Zenith with a low-calorie diet and a regular exercise routine.

It falls within the latter group of weight-loss products as a result.

This isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s crucial to remember that, to the degree that Zenith aids in weight reduction, it’s only a temporary fix if the diet and exercise routines aren’t maintained.

And at $135 per month wholesale, it’s a bit pricey.

By no way is this specific to Zenith as a product. The bottom truth is that Zenith won’t help you much over the long run if you can’t keep up a good diet and exercise routine.

This begs the question: Would supplements like Zenith be necessary if you were able to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise?

If you follow a low-calorie diet and exercise regularly, you will lose weight if your daily calorie intake is in a deficit, meaning you burn more calories than you consume.

Zenith is an appetite suppressor in that regard. I would argue that there are many more affordable choices for suppressants if you require them to control your appetite.

Leptin lowering might be targeted, however, that puts us back to self-control. The use of Zenith and other appetite suppressants is not a long-term weight control strategy.

You must consciously decide to alter your food and exercise routine if you want to keep your weight within a healthy range. The long-term answer is to adhere to that.

The worldwide weight reduction market is undoubtedly worth trillions of dollars, which is why consumers are purchasing supplements like Zenith. I believe that you would be better off focusing on your food directly if you felt the need to spend money on weight reduction goods.

Another thing to keep in mind with Zenith is that it prominently promotes the findings of 2008 research and patents.

This is a long-running, difficult, and incredibly messy topic.

The long and short of it is that Zenith made its debut in the 2000s as Max WLX.

The MLM program offered by Max International included Max WLX.

This broke down in 2010, leading to a contentious legal dispute involving several parties.

The story has already been documented by BehindMLM in several articles:

Awakened begins its pre-launch campaign with recycled goods.

Awakened deceives customers with fabricated Zenith research.

After Vietal Nutrition intervenes in the Zenith patent situation, Awakened was sent a cease-and-desist letter over Zenith patent claims.

Receivers give Vietal Nutrition their blessing about FFBM.

A California court ruled in September 2022 that “the rights to the Patent remain unclear.”

The trial, which will finally put an end to the problem, is now set for March 28, 2023.

According to BehindMLM, Awakened shouldn’t have gone live until the patent dispute has been fully addressed.

Moving on to Awakend’s remuneration strategy, it is regrettably a standard pyramid model for autoship recruiting.

Pay-to-play is where it all starts:

Awakened distributors are required to maintain a monthly order to be eligible for commissions, and the founder packs of Awakened explicitly connect prospective revenue with how much is spent.

You must maintain at least 100 PV during a rolling 5-week period to be considered active.

It must be a personal order for this 100PV (does not include Customer CV).

The most effective strategy to keep active status is to have a 100 PV Subscribe and Save purchase. (Ozedit: Awakened refers to autoship as “subscribe and save”).

Pay-to-play is a reliable sign of a pyramid scam in an MLM business.

In the case of Awakened, this entails signing up, needing to make a monthly product order to be eligible for commissions, and then being compensated to hire people who make the same commitment.

These “retail” remarks from Awakened, which set up its remuneration plan as an autoship pyramid scam, appear to be lip service to compliance.

Your primary goal as a new Member will be to build a foundation of retail and preferred clients.

Additionally, you’ll concentrate on assisting your downline’s sales-based volume creation.

The absence of retail pricing on Awakend’s website serves as another evidence of the company’s lack of a retail emphasis. Awakened has only accepted distributor orders for products during the past two months.

Additionally, Danelle Meoli boasts about Awakend’s “record-breaking sales” on social media:

I doubt you’d want to openly boast about how rapidly you built a pyramid scheme unless you’re trying to hasten an FTC probe.

The FTC is extremely clear about MLM businesses being pyramid schemes if there is little or no retail sales activity.

An MLM company’s lack of large retail sales is almost guaranteed by an autoship recruiting reward model.

My final point will be on Awakend’s NFTs.

There is no mention of NFTs on Awakend’s website, even though they are a significant selling feature in prelaunch corporate seminars.

Danelle Meoli is here to introduce Awakend’s NFT service;

Whoever launches a network marketing and direct sales business that combines web 3 technology with NFTs first will see their business go viral. It will revolutionize the sector.

The technology in our back office is fully integrated for the first time in the history of direct sales. It took months, but we finally have it. We are free to accept cryptocurrency. If we choose to, we may sell NFTs.

This idea will be adopted by other businesses and developed further. You work for a business that, well, is truly making history with what we’re doing.

I criticized this as a shady cash grab when I first saw it in August.

The Awakened intends to sell 22,222 NFTs. As a result, an immediate cashflow range of $28.7 million to $77.6 million is available. We can take a small discount because Thrive items are included in Founder’s Packs, but the profit is still in the tens of millions of dollars.

Awakened might have just as easily dropped the NFTs and adjusted the pricing of their Founder’s Packs, but did you? Everyone is working on Web 3.

The main advantage of owning an Awakened founder NFT is “first access for future NFT launches,” as if generating tens of millions of dollars from the sale of cartoon jpg wasn’t sleazy enough.

Yes, the ten million dollars that Awakened wants to make during its prelaunch will only be used in North America and Canada. With a fresh batch of NFTs, the business aims to make money in each new nation it enters.

Additionally, by making large payments today, Awakend’s founding distributors are granted the right to make larger payments for additional NFTs in each nation that Awakened expands to.

I still feel the same way I did at first. The NFT division of Awakened continues to be a shady money grab. And a strange one at that, considering Meoli doesn’t openly support cryptocurrencies.

David, allegedly Meoli’s brother

works for Whisp, the NFT business that is suspected to be responsible for producing the NFTs.

About Whisp, I know nothing. The sole cryptocurrency-related Whisp I discovered was a cryptocurrency payment service that debuted in 2019 and has since ceased operations (the website has been changed to a cryptocurrency spam blog).

The fact that Danelle Meoli’s brother is a crypto-bro does suit (no pun intended). The NFT offering from Awakened is wholly inappropriate.

Be sure to add your brother, Danelle. vibes.

Whatever the case, whoever is behind Awakend’s NFTs is quite covert about it. You wouldn’t know the existence of NFTs or that the founder purchases financial advantages over lower-level distributors by just seeing Awakend’s website.

The conclusion that you are already the greatest idiot should not come as a huge shock if you spent thousands of dollars on an Awakened NFT in the belief that you would get wealthy by discovering better fools in other nations.

An MLM opportunity is best avoided when the pay-to-play autoship recruiting business model and the unresolved Zenith patent problem are included.

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