Beware of Ganancias Deportivas – Review

Spanish-speaking MLM business Ganancias Deportivas.

Affiliate promotion The 20% monthly ROI that Ganacias Deportivas offer is in addition to the recruiting commissions.

Ganancias Deportivas has recently been the subject of securities fraud alerts from both Spain and Italy.

The website domain (“”) was privately registered on February 17, 2021, and is used by Ganancias Deportivas.

There is no mention of the company’s owners or executives.

Spain’s CNMV issued its Ganancias Deportivas securities scam alert on October 4.

Ganancias Deportivas “is not licensed to provide investment services” in Spain, the authority confirmed.

On December 10, Italy’s CONSOB responded to this.

Seven additional websites that unlawfully offer financial services and/or financial products have been blacklisted by Consob.

One of the organizations mentioned was Ganancias Deportivas.

Despite engaging in unlawful securities fraud, Ganancias Deportivas claims it’s a legitimate business.

With the aid of modern technology, a legally established firm that rests its operations on trade and crowd-investing can assist people in realizing their aspirations.

According to Alexa traffic data, activity decreased during December.

Both Italy and Spain’s recruitment efforts appear to have virtually ceased. In contrast, Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela are strongly promoting Ganancias Deportivas.

The official Facebook pages of Ganancias Deportivas are run out of Spain and Costa Rica.

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