Beware of Nu Xtrax – Review Part 2

On its website, Nu Xtrax makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives.

The domain name “” for Nu Xtrax’s website was privately registered on April 2, 2021.

Liquid Gold RX was reviewed by BehindMLM back in August 2019. Today, visiting Liquid Gold RX’s website will take you to Nu Xtrax.

According to the company’s official Facebook page, the rebranding took place in or around May 2021. Not long after the Nu Xtrax domain name was set up.

There was no justification for the firm name change that I could identify.

Nu Xtrax conceals the identities of its owners and executives, similar to Liquid Gold RX.

An illustration of this in action is shown below, taken from a Nu Xtrax newsletter:

Set an alarm on your phone to help you remember!

On Thursday night’s National Call, an interview with Mr. C, a member of the science team and co-owner of the products, will air.

Invite everyone to Thursday night’s live performance by Mr. C as it won’t be filmed!

Jim Barnett’s name kept coming up about Mr. C.

Barnett keeps his level of engagement in Nu Xtrax a secret. But it’s clear from his proximity to Mr. C. that he’s not your typical affiliate.

On its website, Nu Xtrax offers a Florida PO Box as its company location.

This brings us to Liquid Gold RX Inc., a Florida company that Ernest P. Land owns and runs.

Nu Xtrax Inc. (established in April 2021) and Wellness Research Group International Inc. are also owned by Land (right) (incorporated Sep 2018).

Liquid Gold RX’s predecessor is Wellness Research Group International.

The land is a strong contender to be the owner of Nu Xtrax, but I was unable to locate any other information about him.

30th December 2021 update “Ernie Land” is the more popular name for Ernest Land. He has long been active in MLM.

For further information, read the comments below the review. /end update

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

The Items from Nu Xtrax

LGRX, a spray for “poison neutralization,” was sold by Liquid Gold RX.

Delivering non-contaminated plant extract blends from the Mediterranean mountain ranges is how LGQX works.

The body can assist neutralize the toxins eaten in the contaminated food, drink, and the air we inhale by taking a break from the continual barrage of contaminated food sources thanks to these extract combinations!

Charles is marketed by Nu Xtrax in addition to LGRX.

It claims to be a biological age-reversal device.

A mixture of herbs suspended in ethanol makes up the composition.

It is not specified how much of each herb there is in Hercules.

Doctors, millionaires, celebrities, and the wealthy, according to Nu Xtrax, have been employing ” technology” in their goods for 90 years.

There are no particular instances given.

LGRX bottles cost $85 each. IHerQles costs $99 for each bottle.

Notably, Nu Xtrax’s website doesn’t include information about Hercules’s cost. The aforementioned sum is taken from their remuneration schedule.

The sole mention of LGRX in such a compensation plan is as a component of two autoship orders. The Hercules, which costs more, is undoubtedly Nu Xtrax’s primary offering.

The Compensation Plan of Nu Xtrax

The compensation model for Nu Xtrax pays commissions on retail customers’ purchases and affiliates that are hired.

A candidate may also be eligible for further incentives.

Ranks for Nu Xtrax Affiliates

The payout structure of Nu Xtrax has six affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their qualifications requirements:

Become an associate of Nu Xtrax by registering.

District Activist: To be eligible for commissions, you must recommend and keep two retail clients with an ongoing monthly order (placed one on each side of your binary team)

Regional Activist: Maintain two current monthly orders from retail clients and enlist five affiliates (two on one side of the binary team, three on the other)

National Activist: Keep two current monthly orders from retail clients and find eight affiliates (four on each side of the binary team)

Nationalist Gold – see below

National Platinum Activist, as shown below

Affiliates that are recruited must be commission-eligible to qualify for a rank.

Below are the qualifications for the commission.

The provided criteria are absurd, thus I highlighted the Gold National Activist and Platinum National Activist grades.

Here are the exact words from the Gold National Activist criterion from Nu Xtrax;

is active and gains two active Participants and BV equivalent to the sale of five 1x or 2x product packages, with each having four active members on one team and four on the other, with a minimum of two active members on one team and three on the other.

If I’m not misreading it, it’s a veiled reference to the requirement that you have five National Activists in your downline who have bought a product bundle.

These five National Activists that you hired must then be distributed 3/5 or 5/3 among your binary squad.

Because of Nu Xtrax’s weak language, I’m not certain.

The requirements for becoming a Platinum National Activist are also inadequately written:

obtains two active Participants and BV equivalent to the sale of ten 1x or 2x product packages, with each participant having a minimum of four active members on one team and six active members on the other.

Once more, I believe that you should assemble a binary squad of 10 National Activists, distributed 6/4 or 4/6. But once more, I can’t say for sure.

Commission Experience

A Nu Xtrax affiliate must be “active” to be eligible for commissions.

The following are the criteria for active qualifying under Nu Xtrax’s compensation plan:

A self-employed representative who purchases a single or double product package or six participants (customers).

Active implies that the Activist is making 40 BV purchases per 30 days (auto ship ensures this is done) or that there are 2 individual active Participants making product purchases.

Shopper Commissions

On the sale of Hercules to retail consumers, Nu Xtrax affiliates receive a $15 commission.

The following is how residual retail commissions are paid upline:

The affiliate that brought in the referring affiliate receives $5. (1st upline)

To the first upline is paid $3. Community Activist

To the first upline is paid $2. American activist

To the first upline is paid $1. Nationalist in Gold

To the first upline is paid $1. National Platinum Activist

There is no information on LGRX’s retail commission rate. The retail commission for LGRX is estimated to be lower due to its lower pricing.

Instantaneous Bonuses

Nu Hercules is sold by Xtrax in a variety of “product bundles”

Family Product Package from iHerQles (4 bottles) – $299

$9 bottles of the Value Product Pack Plus; $598

It appears that for an additional $349, you may upgrade from the Family Product Package to the Value Product Pack Plus.

I’m disregarding this because it comes out to be more expensive than two Family Product Packages.

Orders for the Value Product Pack Plus and Family Product Package from retail customers and affiliates who have been recruited qualify for the Fast Start Bonus.

A Family Product Package sale rewards the referring affiliate with $50, the affiliate that recruited them with $30, the first upline with $20, the first upline with $10, the first upline with $5 in Gold National Activist status, and the first upline with $5. National Platinum Activist

A Value Product Pack Plus sale reward the referring affiliate with $100, the affiliate that recruited them with $60, the first upline with $40, the first upline with $20 in national activists, the first upline with $10 in gold national activists, and the first upline with $10. National Activist Residual Commissions in Platinum

Nu Xtrax uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

As a result of product purchases and sales, the binary team generates sales volume (BV).

Charles retail customer purchase = 25 BV; iHerQles affiliate monthly autoship = 50 BV.

monthly autoship for retail customers = 25 BV

three bottle iHerQles affiliate autoship (3 months) = 150 BV

A sale of a Family Product Package equals 100 BV, a sale of a Value Product Pack Plus equals 220 BV, and a three-month retail autoship of three iHerQles bottles costs 75 BV.

Nu Xtrax totals the BV for both sides of the binary team at the conclusion of each week.

In “cycles,” residual commissions are paid. When a binary team has 300 BV on one side and 200 BV on the other, a cycle happens.

It makes no difference which side has 500 BV and which side has 200 BV.

Rank determines the residual commission rates for each produced cycle:

District activists are paid a maximum of $500 per week and $20 each cycle.

Regional activists are paid a maximum of $1000 each week and $22 per cycle.

National activists are paid a maximum of $26 per cycle and $3000 per week.

Gold National activists are paid $30 each cycle with a weekly salary ceiling of $4000.

Earnings for Platinum National Activists are limited to $6500 every week, or $35 per cycle.

Positions for Additional Residual Commissions

A new binary team position is awarded to a Nu Xtrax affiliate when their current binary team position produces $2000 in weekly residual commissions.

Additionally, you may initially get around it by only purchasing a $598 Value Product Pack Plus.

If you spent $598 on a 2x Product Package with 220 BV, you now have three dual team centers that can treble your revenue potential for the same amount of sales.

New income roles can be created by adding more binary team positions, however, each position can only create one new position.

Please take note that the above-mentioned weekly residual commission limitations (per position) apply to each new position with residual revenue.

Comparative Bonus

On the residual commissions that personally recruited affiliates earn, Nu Xtrax gives a matching bonus.

District workers receive a 10% matching bonus.

Activists in the region receive a 20% Matching Bonus.

National activists receive a gold matching bonus of 30%. National activists receive a Platinum 40% Matching Bonus. National activists receive a matching bonus of 50%.


When they recommend and retain two retail customers and/or affiliates, Nu Xtrax retail customers and affiliates are eligible for a $45 reward.

When affiliates are recruited or retail consumers are recommended and they “make a purchase,” vouchers are produced.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

Affiliates of Nu Xtrax who meet the requirements to be District Activists are given a one-time $100 Rank Achievement Bonus.

VIP Benefit

Affiliates of Nu Xtrax must fulfill requirements for the VIP Bonus during the first 14 days of joining.

sales of two $598 product bundles and two retail customers’ referrals total $380.

Sell two $299 product packages and recommend two retail clients for a total of $230. Sell one $598 product package, one $299 product package, and two retail customers for a total of $180.

Joining Nu Xtrax requires the purchase of a Nu Xtrax affiliate membership.

Family Product Package for $299 (4 bottles of iHerQles)

$299 Package Liquid Gold QX (4 bottles of Liquid Gold QX)

Value Product Pack Plus for $598 (9 bottles of Hercules)

$598 Package for Liquid Gold QX 2X (9 bottles of Liquid Gold QX)

Be aware that Liquid Gold QX looks to be Liquid Gold RX under a new name (LGRX).

Nu Xtrax Summary

Since two years ago, I’ve been requesting peer-reviewed medical research about the Liquid Gold RX product in the comments section of BehindMLM’s assessment of the product.

They don’t exist, hence nobody has been able to supply them.

Medical research has not established that LGRX (or LGQX), as stated, “neutralizes toxins.”

The marketing claims made by Hercules on “biological reversal aging” are also unsupported by medical studies.

Telomeres play a key role in Nu Xtrax’s Hercules marketing strategy.

The secret to good aging is the length of telomeres, or the caps on the ends of chromosomes that shield DNA in cells.

Simply said, “terrible things happen when telomeres grow short.”

Scientists have provided recommendations for telomere health, which include managing stress, consuming the best foods, getting enough sleep, reducing toxicity exposure, and increasing antioxidant defenses against free radicals and reactive oxygen species in order to live a long, healthy life.

Hercules is a four-month transformation loading phase that is based on three bottles every month. The recommended dosage is four sprays in the mouth, three times per day, 15 minutes before each meal.

For the most advantage in the shortest amount of time, that is our loading phase.

After that, one bottle should be used every month to sustain and further the possibility of biological age reversal.

If you stop using iHeRQles every day, your biological age will return to what it was before.

Nu Xtrax switches to “Teloyears” certifications since they are unable to offer peer-reviewed proof to support their claims.

An alleged telomere length measurement kit service was called Teloyears. Telomere Diagnostics, which now exclusively offers Covid-19 testing, provided the service.

Nevertheless, Nu Xtrax continues to utilize Teloyear’s data in their marketing presentations (given without context about Hercules).

There is no evidence from scientific research that iHerQles affects telomeres in any way.

If you’re still denying it, the following statement from Nu Xtrax’s promotional materials should convince you otherwise:

The products are ineffective. Nothing is altered, changed, modified, improved, or otherwise manipulated by them.

All things considered, it should have been suspect, to begin with, that a collection of plants suspended in ethanol could alter your DNA.

Undoubtedly, a few wack jobs will continue to spout out in the comments section that their magic spray has healing properties.

The marketing for Nu Xtrax is rife with them.

…all of which are, of course, unproven and unsupported by real medical research.

Herbs and alcohol may have some nutritional benefits, but they won’t change your DNA’s telomeres.

The two retail customer requirement has been the greatest modification to Nu Xtrax’s compensation scheme since April 2019.

Unfortunately, the majority of the remaining remuneration structure is focused on autoship recruiting.

Starting with punishing affiliates that generate retail sales rather than sales via recruiting,

On auto-shipments, the BV is 25 BV for each Participant (consumer) and 50 BV for each Activist.

Additionally utilized to qualify for commissions is affiliate autoship:

Participation does not necessitate setting up an auto-ship order.

However, it ensures that you will always be active and that you won’t lose your position, your clientele, or your commission payments, which cannot be replaced if lost.

A pyramid scheme develops when affiliates buy products to meet the requirements for commissions, which are often paid to affiliates who are recruited to do the same.

The two retail customers’ criterion helps to mitigate this, but it is insufficient.

You are already looking at two retail clients to five recruited affiliates by level 2, Regional Activist. And as you move up the ranks, this ratio just becomes worse.

Customers are screwed if they try Nu Xtrax’s goods since there are no advantages that can be verified and they have no recourse if something goes wrong.

If the request is submitted within 30 days of the order date and the items have not been used, Nu Xtrax, Inc. will grant the refund.

In conclusion, Nu Xtrax is a business managed by people who won’t put their names on it and who sell things they don’t support.

Then there is the whole rebranding of Liquid Gold RX, which was done solely for marketing purposes, at least as far as I can tell.

In 2019, I concluded that Liquid Gold RX was “probably best to avoid” as an MLM opportunity.

With Nu Xtrax, this is still true 2.5 years later.

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