Beware of Total Life Change – Review

I’m not sure precisely when it happened, but Total Life Changes founder and CEO Jack Fallon thought of himself as a crypto bro earlier this year, probably in late 2021.

To do that, Total Life Changes posted a job opening for an “NFT/ Crypto Specialist”:

On February 10th, TLC Coin was then released to unprepared distributors:


Fallon seems to have gotten rather lost in the crypto marketing quagmire.

TLC Coin, according to Total Life Changes, is “more than crypto.”

TLC Coin was just another MLM cryptocurrency cash grab.

TLC Coin was introduced by Total Life Changes in February 2022.

A BEP-20 shitcoin is thought to be TLC Coin. These are inexpensive to set up and just take a few minutes.

With promises of “ongoing benefits such as all expenses paid vacations, the newest technology, jewelry, and more,” Total Life Changes persuaded distributors to invest.

That was covered by the typical “monthly incentives” securities scam. Distributors have to spend at least 10,000 TLC Coins to be eligible for it.

Cashing out TLC Coin was financed by the investment of new clients:

A portion of TLC’s marketing budget will go toward acquiring new clients.

The TLC tokens will then be burnt or given back to the most devoted members of the community once TLC purchases them with 50% of ALL net revenues made by these new clients.

The first strategy was to rob Total Life Changes distributors of all the money they could, then release TLC Coin to the general public.

However, something terrible happened… TLC Coin was abandoned before the end of March 2022.

Total Life Changes directed distributor investors into a Telegram channel rather than operating its TLC Coin scam there.

Crypto frauds are widely associated with Telegram groups.

Following the first announcement, Total Life Changes planned an “NFT Party” on February 17 in Las Vegas.

I was unable to locate any video of this occurrence, so I can’t say for sure if it truly took place.

What I do know is that the NFT collecting for Total Life Changes failed miserably.

The first of Total Life Changes’ alleged “global tour” of NFT grift events were scheduled to take place in Las Vegas.

An NFT compilation titled “Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas” was included with this.

You may attend our Thursday Night NFT Party on February 17, 2022, and all current and future holders will have first dibs on any upcoming releases with this Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas gift NFT!

To bagholders, 33 TLC “World Tour” NFTs were sold.

Other NFTs Total Life Changes tried to flog include “Core Value #2: Passion Is Our Fuel” (7 sales out of 100), which was published in late 2021.

No one has purchased “Rare The Notorious B.I.G. & Jack Fallon” as of yet.

Jack Fallon shares the same birthday as Biggie Small and is one of his biggest fans! The talented Jimi The Vth of TLC’s TEAM was the creator of this NFT. It is distinctive.

We Are Always Hungry For More is our first core value. 20 of the 1000 NFTs were sold.

Additionally, “8 Bit Arcade” (6 out of 50 NFTs sold):

On February 11th, TLC Coin’s official Twitter account was deleted:

In October 2021, Total Life Changes purchased the domain name (“”). I don’t believe it was ever truly put to use.

Total Life Changes began providing NFTs as part of a product package around the middle of March:

The most recent message on the TLC Coin Telegram channel for Total Life Changes was made on March 5.

The message, which was first believed to be a notification for an exit fraud, has subsequently been removed.

Total Life Changes never again referenced cryptocurrency or NFTs on their website or social media profiles after the March 2022 exit scam.

Unknown is the exact amount that Jack Fallon’s crypto-bro grift cost Total Life Changes distributors.

Not all MLM businesses with US headquarters have had a bitcoin catastrophe this year, including Total Life Changes.

Tranont revealed a “TranontCoin” investment plan back in April:

The debut of TranontCoin was anticipated for June 2022 by Tranont.

As the first business of its sort, Tranont will use bitcoin to create revenue and reward actions that help grow the firm, such as placing a monthly Subscription order, going to Tranont events, and more.

In June 2022, further details about Tranont Coin will be released.

Tranont made no more mention of TranontCoin following the announcement of the launch in April 2022.

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