Beware of Vista Network – Review

Due to Phillip Piccolo’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, the long-running Vista Network legal action has been put on hold.

Piccolo (right), also known as Felix Angelo Piccolo and Felix Phillip Angelo, is a counterclaim defendant and plaintiff in a Vista Network lawsuit that was filed in 2019.

On September 12th, Piccolo (on the right) filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He claims to be unemployed and to have no income right now.

Up to $50,000 in current debt, according to Piccolo, “plus open cases.” The total liabilities listed for Piccolo are listed at $100,000.

Piccolo’s “involvement in lawsuits, attorney debts, and judgments” against him are cited as causes of debt.

Piccolo, who presently resides in Florida with his kid, asserts that the only furniture and clothing he possesses are roughly $500 worth of “daily clothes.”

Any significant assets Piccolo may have are alleged to “have already been seized by judgment.”

On September 15, Piccolo notified the court of his bankruptcy.

The court imposed an automatic bankruptcy stay on the proceedings on September 16.

Within sixty days after the date of this Order, the Court orders the parties to provide a written status report about the state of the bankruptcy.

The 9th of December 2022 has been set aside for a Case Management hearing.

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