Beware of Goldy Capital – Review

Branding is a little bit of an issue for Goldy Capital. Although the business refers to itself as Goldy Capital, its website is branded using the domain name “”

I chose Goldy Capital since that is how the business describes itself in its marketing materials.

On its website, Goldy Capital gives no verifiable information on the ownership or management of the business.

Several performers play characters with Anglo-Saxon names, but none of them are real.

The actor who plays Simon Adams is dub over in the lone promotional video posted on Goldy Capital’s official YouTube page.

Scammers frequently use this tactic to hide the voices of actors who do not speak English as their first language.

The film itself is a standard CEO production from Boris, complete with a rented office and branded accessories.

The fact that additional actors from the film portray executives on Goldy Capital’s website is noteworthy.

The audio has been replaced with the Simon Adams dub, however, there are several shots of the actors introducing themselves.

It appears that the owner(s) of Goldy Capital was too lazy to spend money on extra voiceovers.

Goldy Capital supplies a UK incorporation certificate for Goldy Capital INT LTD to seem credible.

An MLM firm that is based in the UK or that makes that claim should raise red flags.

The UK offers incredibly inexpensive and essentially unrestricted incorporation. Additionally, the FCA, the UK’s leading financial regulator, does not actively combat securities fraud associated with MLM.

As a result, scammers seeking to establish, run and publicize fictitious businesses frequently choose the UK as their preferred country.

Incorporation in the UK or registration with the FCA has no significance for MLM due diligence.

Scammers from Ukraine and Russia are frequently behind Boris CEO scams. Despite this, Alexa lists India as the only country driving 100% of the website traffic to Goldy Capital. The official Facebook page for Goldy Capital is also managed by India.

The Facebook page and website traffic show that India is where the owner of Goldy Capital is situated.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products of Goldy Capital

No retailable goods or services are offered by Goldy Capital.

Only the Goldy Capital associate membership itself may be marketed by affiliates.

Plan of Compensation for Goldy Capital

Affiliates of Goly Capital guarantee investors a daily return of 2% to 3%.

Basic: Invest $50–4999 and get 2% interest daily for 100 days.

Pro: If you put in $5000 to $24,999, you’ll get 2.5% every day for 100 days.

Premier – Put down $25,000 to $99,999 and get 3% daily interest for 100 days.

Investments are sought after by Goldy Capital in both USD and different cryptocurrencies.

Goldy Capital’s MLM division pays commissions on the acquisition of affiliate investors.

Advisory Commissions

On the money invested by affiliates that Goldy Capital directly recruited, referral commissions are paid.

The affiliate’s investment determines the referral commission rates:

Affiliates in the entry-level category are paid a 10% referral commission.

Affiliates in the pro tier are paid a referral commission of 12.5%.

Affiliates in the top tier are paid a 15% referral commission.

Recurring Commissions

Goldy Capital uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

Each day’s fresh investment volume on both sides of the binary team is totaled by Goldy Capital at the end of the day.

Affiliates receive 10% to 15% of new investments made on the side of their weaker binary team.

Affiliates in the first tier are paid a residual commission of 10%.

Affiliates in the pro tier are paid a residual commission rate of 12.5%.

Affiliates in the top tier are paid a 15% residual commission rate.

Partner Ranks

The pay structure at Goldy Capital has five tiers. These match up with the subsequent one-time bonuses:

Rank 5: Receive $500 and $10,000 in MLM commissions.

Rank 4: Receive $1000 and $25,000 in MLM commissions.

Rank 3: Receive $1500 and $50,000 in MLM commissions.

Rank 4: Receive $2500 and $100,000 in MLM commissions.

Rank 5: Receive $5,000 in addition to $200,000 in MLM commissions.

Referral and residual commissions are referred to as “MLM commissions” (detailed above).

Binary Prizes

Achieving milestones in residual commissions earns Goldy Capital affiliates incentives from Binary Awards.

Earn $1,000 in residual commissions while receiving $25 Earn $2,500 in residual commissions while receiving $75 Earn $3,500 in residual commissions while receiving $200 Earn $6,000 in residual commissions while receiving $700

Earn residual commissions of $10,000 and get $1,000 Earn residual commissions of $25,000 and get $2000

Receive $4500 and $50,000 in residual commissions.

Earn $500,000 in residual commissions and receive $25,000, earn $1,000,000 in residual commissions and receive $75,000, and earn $5,000,000 in residual commissions and receive $150,000.

Although Goldy Capital’s compensation plan specifies that the USD value “amount (is) sent to e-wallet”), it should be noted that there are matching tangible bonuses.

In light of this, I’ve only listed the aforementioned USD payout amounts.

signing up for Goldy Capital

The Goldy Capital affiliate program is free to join.

A least $50 investment is required to participate in the earning potential, which includes MLM commissions.

Investments in USD, bitcoin, Ethereum, tether, dogecoin, Binance coin, and tron are sought after by Goldy Capital.

Golden Capital Ending

Goldy Capital claims that trading conducted under the supervision of “investment Portfolio managers” produces external revenue.

Trading or any other external revenue source is not supported by any evidence.

Goldy Capital is unquestionably a Ponzi scam when taking into account the fake Boris CEO video and nameless admins.

This is further supported by the fact that someone who can earn 3% per day wouldn’t offer you access for as cheap as $50. They probably wouldn’t offer you access at all, preferring to increase their income and amass wealth instead.

Right now, fresh investments are the sole verified source of income entering Goldy Capital.

Goldy Capital is a Ponzi scam as it pays affiliates a daily return using new investments. A further pyramidal level is added to the strategy by residual and referral commissions.

As with other MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will stop once recruiting does.

Due to the lack of ROI income, Goldy Capital will eventually fail.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

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