Beware of network marketing scamming – Review

Ghanaian immigration authorities detained 36 con artists who were allegedly involved in a sweatshop recruiting scheme.

as reported on October 6th by My Joy Online;

The majority of the accused are allegedly from West Africa and come to Ghana on the pretense of finding employment with various businesses.

Later, they were enlisted to participate in network marketing.

The accused attracted other individuals into falling for the alleged fraud to make ends meet.

The MLM firm that the con artists themselves were recruited into isn’t mentioned.

Their actions were deemed a security danger by Alfred Nii Boye Lartey, the Ejisu Municipal Commander of Immigration.

When my men and I arrived, we saw that they had barricaded themselves in a room and were all on the phone while carrying forms for potential victims. They enroll them, and the victims pay using a momo account,” the speaker remarked.

The sole piece of information offered is that Abdul Azis Nasiru is the con artist’s mastermind.

I tried to find out the name of the firm he was marketing to, but I was unable (I suppose because of language issues).

In any case, while I can’t prove that QNet is the company in question, their general operating procedure seems to be Ghanaian sweatshop recruiting.

Other MLM businesses that habitually participate in illegal immigration and recruitment tactics in Ghana are not to my knowledge.

Nasiru asserts that the MLM organization he is a part of “is registered” with government agencies.

However, according to Ghana’s Immigration Service, the documents are false.

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