Steinkellers & OneCoin is a Fraud – Review

The Italian OneCoin criminal case has been postponed by the Steinkeller brothers.

The Steinkeller’s counsel objected to eavesdropping at a hearing to separate Ruja Ignatova’s case.

A criminal case that has been launched against Ruja Ignatova, Aron, Christian, and Stefan Steinkeller, as well as 10 OneCoin promoters, is being defended.

October 2017 saw the disappearance of Ruja Ignatova. Ignatova is being defended by a Public Defender since she has not been in court.

The court planned to segregate Ignatova’s case from those of the other defendants rather than stall proceedings. On October 5th, there was a hearing about the topic, and Steinkeller’s attorney objected.

according to Tageszeitung;

The defense attorney drew attention to the fact that (Judge) Schönsberg had authorized monitoring of OneCoin while the case was being investigated. A blatant inconsistency would prevent the indictment from being admitted.

There is a conflict of interest because the judge who approved the investigators’ use of eavesdropping is also the judge hearing the case.

The Steinkellers have ultimately caused a six-month delay in the process.

Concern over the Steinkeller allegations nearing the statute of limitations is reported by Tageszeitung.

The Steinkellers and other promoters are accused of fraud in allegations that date back to 2017.

The statute of limitations for operating a pyramid scheme had already run out by the time Italian prosecutors initiated action. The six-year statute of limitations on general fraud allegations has been brought forward by the prosecution.

The Steinkellers and the promoters who worked for them are accused by Italian authorities of stealing more than $10 million from Italian investors.

The true amount is probably considerably greater given that OneCoin is a $4 billion Ponzi scam and that the Steinkellers had boasted of robbing $2.5 million each month through OneCoin.

The Steinkellers’ counsel stressed these points during the hearing on Wednesday

that the Steinkeller brothers have given up on the bitcoin market and are instead engaged in foreign financial markets.

The attorney sought to imply that the Steinkeller brothers had gone to Dubai, where they are still defrauding people.

The world’s MLM fraud capital is Dubai. The emirate doesn’t have laws against securities fraud and protects offenders from the law.

The Steinkellers may or may not be individuals of interest to US authorities.

Melfi is the most recent MLM crypto Ponzi scheme by Steinkeller.

According to BehindMLM’s July evaluation, MetFi promises a 1000% ROI for investing in useless NFTs.

The Steinkellers maintain the MFI shitcoin through wash trading, and MetFi is linked to it.

Despite MFI’s fictitious $7463 public market value, the Ponzi scam to which it is connected is crumbling:

MFI will crash as soon as a sizable withdrawal is authorized.

Overall, fewer people are joining the Mets. Martinique, a tiny Caribbean island with only 376,000 inhabitants, was being pillaged by the Steinkellers, but it now seems to have crumbled. Like Martinique, Thailand was being pillaged, but it appears to have stopped as well.

MeFi is presently focusing on France, Poland, and Singapore as of September 2022.

It remains to be seen if Italian police are ultimately successful in bringing the Steinkeller brothers to justice.

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