Beware of Awakend – Review Part 4

The Prelaunch for Awakened began around two months ago.

Awakend’s co-founder Danelle Meoli bragged earlier this month about the company’s “record-breaking revenues.”

That statement is false because Awakened has yet to provide any merchandise to either retail consumers or affiliates who have been recruited.

Awakened has since doubled down with a recruiting promotion, even though it has no retail customer

Any MLM business without sizable retail sales is considered a pyramid scam by the FTC.

Although there is some flexibility with MLM pre launches in this regard, Awakened is going to enter a prelaunch period that lasts for more than two months.

And the only thing distributors can do during that period is found, new distributors. Earn commissions on that hiring even though no things are being sent.

To make a point clear, Awakened runs like a fruitless pyramid scheme.

According to the promotional slide, Awakened would award

its leading applicant with $2500

with three other “winners” receiving $500 each, its second-best recruiter received $1000.

The Awakened promotion has no end date; it starts on October 8th. The flyer for Awakened merely reads, “When Zenith ships!

The star product for Awakend’s weight reduction line is Zenith. Zenith is presently in the focus of a legal battle over a patent that should be finished in March of next year.

The shipment date for Zenith is not yet available.

To win Zenith’s recruiting promotion, affiliates from the Starter Pack and Founders Pack must be recruited.

recruiting a Founders Pack affiliate ($1295 to $3495) results in 5 shares while recruiting a Starter Pack affiliate ($260 to $500) results in 1 share.

Awakend’s post-launch business strategy is no better than its prelaunch, which was only focused on recruiting and allegedly defrauding customers out of millions of dollars.

An obligatory monthly order of 100 PV was observed in BehindMLM’s most recent assessment of Awakened.

You must maintain at least 100 PV during a rolling 5-week period to be considered active.

It must be a personal order for this 100PV (does not include Customer CV).

The most effective strategy to keep active status is to have a 100 PV Subscribe and Save purchase.

By doing this, Awakened is prepared to function as an autoship recruiting program after launch, whenever that may be.

A viable MLM offer cannot be built on a prelaunch that involves months of nonstop recruiting efforts and a postlaunch autoship recruitment emphasis.

The business concept is a pyramid scam, which is illegal under the FTC Act.

Additionally, it puts most Awakened affiliates who sign up in the hopes of making money through recruiting at a financial disadvantage.

Since Elomir pulled a similar prank with their botched Axis Klarity debut a few months ago, I’m hopeful this “we have no product to ship” prelaunch isn’t the start of a new MLM fad.

If this is the case, the FTC may need to reconsider how long it waits before opening an inquiry into pyramid schemes.

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