Beware of BLQ Football – Review Part 2

BLQ Football has fallen, but the majority of investors are still unaware of it.

In late September, BehindMLM began to receive complaints of disabled withdrawals.

In recent weeks, allegations of banned withdrawals and frozen BLQ Football accounts have proliferated.

The selective withdrawal petitions that BLQ Football is let through have been put off since October.

When an investor submits a withdrawal request but isn’t blocked, the following notice is displayed:

Your withdrawal order will be fulfilled within (1-72) hours due to the high volume of withdrawal requests received each day, ensuring that each money reaches your account.

New victims being recruited by scammers into BLQ Football don’t appear to be experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

On October 1st, a false legal letter with the SEC’s seal started circulating, apparently to deter investors from raising awareness of withdrawal issues and making complaints about them. (Click to enlarge the screenshot to the right.)

A team of qualified attorneys from the BLQ Group’s corporate office has been dispatched to Uganda to conduct an investigation and bring legal action against anyone making unwarranted defamatory remarks against the business.

Recently, pieces containing false information concerning the impending closure of BLQ have been published on popular platforms and in the media by unknown persons.

The aforementioned information has been regularly sent and circulated, which has hurt BLQ charity and gravely violated the law against malicious defamation by harming its reputation for being people-oriented and charitable.

In light of the aforementioned, we thus publicly proclaim the following on behalf of our principal:

We ask that all platforms, media outlets, and people quickly take down any misleading remarks and articles that were published or repeated in response to this issue and that contained distorted facts and slanderous criticism of BLQ charity to lessen their bad effects.

The general public is urged not to discuss, copy, distribute, or propagate the aforementioned and related unwanted items in any way.

The letter is rather humorous, BLQ Football apart, which has only been around for a few months and has nothing to do with charity.

Caesars Entertainment, a US hotel and entertainment corporation, has its heading at the top of the page. Verity Young has signed the letter, and she has replicated her LinkedIn career history into the signature.

Young practices law in the UK; she is unrelated to BLQ Football or the Ceasars Group.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission stamp that is placed above Young’s signature is the cherry on top.

Similar to Young, the SEC and the Caesars Group has nothing to do with BLQ Football. The letter from BLQ Football is entirely made up.

Here is your typical BLQ Football investor in case you’re wondering why they’d even bother putting stuff like this out and who on Earth would fall for it:

Chinese con artists conduct the “click a button” Ponzi scheme known as BLQ Football.

It’s interesting to note that although traffic from China was the main source of the traffic to BLQ Football’s websites in July and August, it was prohibited at some point in September.

We believe that this is an effort to divert Chinese officials’ attention. As of September 2022, all online traffic for BLQ Football comes from Uganda.

A Ponzi exit-scam predictor that can be activated with the push of a button is increasingly prevalent.

Investors in Ghana were threatened with “sue(d) you to the police station for arrest!” last month, right before the SunSolar “click a button” Ponzi scheme crashed.

Before the last rug was pulled, BLQ Football was offering deposit bonuses, much like every other “click a button” Ponzi scheme before it that had collapsed:

It won’t take long for investors to become enough aware of the disability crisis that hiring will stop.

Expect BLQ Football’s websites to vanish without a trace once whatever internal threshold is being monitored is reached.

The domain names “,” and “,” “,” and “” are known to be used by BLQ Football.

Update: BLQ Football has taken its web pages down as of October 13, 2022.

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