Beware of Generation Zoe – Review Part 5

Spain has issued a warning about securities fraud against Zoe Broker.

The fraud notification is intriguing because the Spanish regulator names the business as Generation Zoe.

Universidad del Trading S.A., Generacion Zoe S.A., and Kurzena Limited are further corporations connected to Zoe Broker.

None of these organizations are “authorized to provide the investing services” in Spain, according to the CNMV’s warning from March 21.

In other countries, this would be the equivalent of a securities fraud notice.

The “” website is where Zoe Broker does business. On March 3, 2021, Kurzena Limited registered the domain.

It looks that Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-incorporated Kurzena Limited is a fictitious business.

Other than the name including “Zoe,” it seems like an effort has been made to distance Zoe Broker from Generation Zoe. On Zoe Broker’s website, there is no mention of Generation Zoe.

However, the connection is clear if you visit Zoe Broker’s social media pages.

The cryptocurrency utilized by Generation Zoe in its smart-contract Ponzi scam is called Zoe Cash.

The use of Zoe Broker to allegedly launder bitcoin obtained through Generation Zoe appears to be part of larger schemes.

Leonardo Cositorto and “Max” Batista, their partners… established a trust, a group of seven businesses and enterprises, including Zoe Burger, an evangelical church in Haedo.

They want to steal money and cryptocurrency under the pretense of producing miraculous income.

Many of those businesses were empty shells. The Olivos-based Zoe Burger “didn’t even have a bank account.”

To bring new accusations against founder Leonardo Cositorto, federal officials in Argentina are looking into allegations of money laundering at Generation Zoe.

Following the arrest of Generation Zoe officials in Spain earlier this month, the CNMV issued a warning.

Argentine officials are searching for Leonardo Cositorto, the founder of Generation Zoe. Cositorto is still at large in Colombia despite an Interpol international arrest request against him.

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