Beware of iMine – Review

Eyal Avramovich has formally combined iMine with his defunct Mining City Ponzi operation.

An email alerting Mining City investors of a “strategic collaboration” with iMine was received on October 6.

Users of Mining City,

The strategic partnership between Mining City, MineBest, and iMine is one we are delighted to announce! Together, we advance!

We just formed a relationship with iMine, which is the most crucial component of this strategic alliance. A completely interactive digital mining platform for both people and companies is called iMine.

As part of our partnership, we will extend an invitation to the Mining City neighborhood to join us on an exciting new adventure with iMine, which combines interactive, intelligent, and global mining with a scalable, sustainable, and secure network marketing strategy.

The original target market for the Mining City clone, iMine, was investors in southeast Asia.

Even though Avramovich (right) owns both Mining City and iMine, he nevertheless acts as though they are separate businesses.

To ensure continuity of stable revenue streaming to finance the operational costs associated with the transition of the business to fully comply with new regulations, Mining City will offer technology and consulting-based services to several other Network Marketing and cloud mining businesses during the transitional period.

Current Mining City customers will eventually gain from this kind of cooperation because they will feel more secure knowing that Mining City has additional revenue streams to cover operational costs, customer support costs, and the costs of all legal and technical work required to adapt the company to the new regulations.

The email skirts around the fact that Mining City and iMine are part of the same Ponzi scam since Avramovich won’t admit he is their owner.

Please do not think of iMine or any other businesses we might work with in the future as competitors of Mining City, but rather as a business with similar offers that we are confident will be advantageous for the community of Mining City and for which we also intend to prepare comparable offers alongside our partner.

According to market conditions, iMine already offers a dynamic and aggressive pricing model for their Hash Power Packages that is somewhat similar to that of our Mining Plans. Additionally, our mutual partner MineBest offers a truly global mining experience, allowing users to currently receive Bitcoin mining rewards from new facilities in South America and Central Asia, among many other things.

Regarding the other member of our Strategic Alliance, as you are aware, MineBest has always been one of Mining City’s most important strategic partners, providing our worldwide community with mining experiences that are unmatched in the sector.

MineBest is the parent business that Avramovich uses to carry out his Ponzi scheme.

Both Mining City and iMine’s formerly open social media profiles have been restricted to answers in order to prevent investor reaction (the victims of Abramovich demanding their money back).

A few months back, iMine—a remake of Mining City—came to light.

Former Avramovich employee and CEO of Mining City Greg Rogowski has cashed out and vanished. Jorge Mesquita, a CEO dummy, is in charge of iMine.

Mesquita is located in Portugal, according to his LinkedIn page. In or around 2016, Mesquita remade himself as a blockchain dude after working in IT, advertising, and consulting.

From Poland, Avramovich and Rogowski operated the Mining City Ponzi scam. Polish authorities have not yet taken any action against Mining City or Avramovich, even though investor losses are almost certainly significant.

Although I’ve heard allegations that Abramovich has left for Dubai, I haven’t been able to confirm them yet.

iMine hasn’t been able to garner any momentum thus far. According to SimilarWeb, website traffic has been extremely low lately.

This is not shocking considering that furious investors are all that remain in Mining City.

If Avramovich doesn’t locate more naive victims soon, iMine will probably replicate Mining City’s protracted exit scam.

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