Beware of BLQ Football – Review Part 3

The BLQ Football scam alert has been issued by Uganda’s Lotteries and Gaming Board.

based on the public notification issued by the Lotteries and Gaming Board on October 11;

The National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board have been aware of a business that uses the name “BLQ FOOTBALL Uganda” on social media sites like Facebook.

Without a license from the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board for the aforementioned activities, BLQ has been operating unlawful betting operations.

In other countries, this would be the equivalent of a securities fraud notice.

The general public is warned against doing business with unlicensed [sic] or illegal gaming operators who entice and swindle unwary members of the public.

On September 11th, BehindMLM analyzed BLQ Football and determined it to be a “click a button” Ponzi scheme.

Southeast Asia is where this particular app-based Ponzi scam first appeared in late 2021. Third-world nations, where mobile usage frequently predominates in terms of internet access, have been particularly heavily impacted.

I am aware of the “tax” exit scam that BLQ Football has started. I’ll get to that right now.

Update: BLQ Football has taken its web pages down as of October 13, 2022.

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