Beware of BLQ Football – Review Part 4

As a result of its recent failure, BLQ Football has taken its websites offline.

Complete exit scam; sorry for your loss.

At the time of writing, access attempts to the several website domains of BLQ Football currently result in a “maintenance” notice.

A few weeks ago, BLQ Football began selectively blocking withdrawals and locking accounts. The number of withdrawals and closed accounts rose over time, which led to irrational threats against investors.

After BLQ Football’s failure was reported by BehindMLM, the fraud started its exit-scam within 24 hours.

Even though they had only been operational for a few months, BLQ Football celebrated their one anniversary on October 11. With the promise of bonus credit for investor recruiting, the “event” was nothing more than a pretext to extort additional money from individuals.

In response to withdrawal issues, BLQ Football launched a “we got hacked!” exit-scam at the end of October 11.

The anniversary celebration for BLQ was well rewarded. Everyone took a direct interest in the activity. Numerous members of our staff were also out volunteering throughout the event.

However, during this incident, we found a significant flaw that had been exploited and passed on by dishonest people, leading to the theft of around 60 billion shillings.

BLQ HQ has finally decided to deny all prior withdrawals! A thorough audit check will be done!

You can take your money out whenever you want if the audit is authorized. We apologize for any inconvenience, however, our recent withdrawals will be immediately reimbursed to your account in 24-48 hours.

Of course, this is just nonsense.

The Ugandan Lotteries and Gaming Board issued a BLQ Football securities scam alert on October 12.

On the same day, BLQ Football intensified its exit scam by requiring investors to pay a 20% tax on the requested sums for withdrawals.

The penalty for members who don’t pay the 20% tax today will escalate to 50% tomorrow.

The BLQ platform will quickly return to normal if you will work with the appropriate agencies to pay your taxes.

The websites for BLQ Football went down on October 13.

The “click a button” Ponzi scheme BLQ Football specifically targeted Uganda. China was initially included in the recruitment process, but it was quickly stopped by September.

Around the end of 2021, “click a button” app-based Ponzi scams started to appear. They primarily target developing nations where internet connection is mostly provided by mobile devices.

The following scams that target Ugandans are known to BehindMLM: e-Cairo, Dubai Stocks, MetaUI (non-MLM), UG Football, and Crown Football.

These are all Ponzi scams that will all end with the majority of investors losing money, just like BLQ Football did.

Ongoing BehindMLM reviews of the aforementioned MLM Ponzi operations. While waiting:

Nobody can get your money back from BLQ Football, anyone claiming to be able to be trying to double-scam you. The money in your BLQ Football back office never existed; you were scammed. The reason you can’t log into your BLQ Football account is that it was a Ponzi scheme that has since collapsed. Anyone trying to lure you into another investment scheme to recover your BLQ Football losses is trying to trick you.

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