Beware of NovaTech FX – Review

Investors in NovaTech FX assert that the FBI reviewed and authorized the alleged Ponzi scheme.

CEO Cynthia Petion has backed up the assertion, confirming that she has a copy of the “seven hundred pages” audit that she received.

On a “Compounding for Wealth” webcast on September 22, the NovaTech FX FBI audit assertion was made.

Heather “golden girl” Bilange, a NovaTech FX investor, hosted the webinar.

We’ll start with Keith Walden to put the NovaTech FX FBI audit allegation into context.

Walden stated that after another Ponzi scam he and others were involved in failed, they joined NovaTech FX as the final Q&A speaker on the webinar.

[44:55] We are all very recent additions to the NovaTech clan. We are ecstatic to be here.

We came from a platform where some of our members were succeeding but had difficulties.

Walden is alluding to the defunct Ponzi schemes HyperFund and Hyperverse as the “platform.”

What were we going to do during this crypto winter? How can our teams be helped?

And a few months after we began investigating the Satoshi Show, they approached us and said, “Listen, guys, I think this is it.”

We simply relied on trust. We just dove right in without turning around.

Troy Rejda and David Chandler, two seasoned Ponzi schemers, are the hosts of The Satoshi Show.

Through “TSS Golden Team,” Chandler and Rejda advertise NovaTech FX.

Although it was a slight diversion, what Heather Bilange said afterward is better understood because of it.

[44:53] You are aware Cynthia that this is the group that hired an FBI investigator to write a 700-page report. Recall that I sent it to you.

Cynthia and her husband Eddy Petition co-own NovaTech FX.

[46:02] Cynthia: I hadn’t intended to read that.

When you provided me the (unintelligible) report, I immediately thought, “Hey… we’re not a fraud!”

Balance: The FBI investigator concluded after reading 700 pages of the case that “This is an excellent firm to move forward with.”

Where is this report then, I guess?

[46:21] Cynthia: We’ll have to stop saying that since everyone will now want to see the report. It’s not with me.

Don’t search for the report when you arrive. After reading the conclusion, I burnt it.

“Well thank you for telling me what I already know,” I responded.

Of course, I see.

NovaTech FX offers a weekly passive return in exchange for bitcoin investments. The recruitment of investors is financially encouraged by a connected MLM compensation scheme.

It’s absurd enough that the FBI is employable for an audit in and of itself. It is *a chef’s kiss* that the FBI would approve a Ponzi scheme that engaged in securities, commodities, and wire fraud.

The only nation to date to officially take action against NovaTech FX is Russia.

Cynthia and Eddy Petition, who are thought to have their primary residence in Florida, administer NovaTech from within the United States.

On the TSS Golden Team webinar on September 22, all but one of the NovaTech leaders are from the US and Canada:

Senior Executive – USA, Troy Rejda

USA David Chandler, Senior Executive

USA-based senior executive Marcus Davis

A senior executive from the USA, Donzel Cleare

United States executive Erick Brown

American director Bob Bearden

Dr. Zizi, 2 Star Ambassador, United States

Canada’s Olivier Luhaze, a 1 Star Ambassador

Canada’s Rachel Hanley, Senior Executive

Director Devey Dejong from Canada

Director Mark Marshall Jr. from Canada

Director Eugene Kreyman Jr. from Australia

According to SimilarWeb, the main countries sending visitors to NovaTech FX’s website in September 2022 were the US (68%), the Bahamas (8%), South Africa (7%), and Canada (4%).

NovaTech FX’s website saw 2.2 million visitors in September as victims of Hyperverse and other defunct MLM Ponzi scams were sent there.

Despite claiming to use forex trading to create a weekly passive return that is primarily offered to US citizens, neither NovaTech FX, Cynthia, and Eddy Petition, nor any of the above-mentioned promoters are registered with the SEC or CFTC.

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