Beware of BlackOxygen – Review

BlackOxygen Organics has a culture of lying and deceit, according to a defamation complaint filed in an Ohio County Court.

Plaintiff Louise Harris (right) asserts that she is an American citizen who resides in the UK in her case (given the courtesy of Mombie on Facebook).

As a “certified health and wellness practitioner residing in England,” Harris describes herself.

Ohio-based defendant Careyann Muller Zivich is a citizen of the United States. Zivich was referred to be a “biohacker, health, attitude, and wealth coach” in Harris’ complaint.

I might be wrong, but I don’t think any of those are recognized credentials.

Harris and Zivich both previously worked as distributors for BlackOxygen Organics.

Zivich is mentioned by Harris as a well-known distributor with easy access to “huge audiences” via “social media groups.”

These are the organizations Harris alleges were responsible for her libel.

According to Harris,

Harris has reservations about the medical claims made by BlackOxygen after agreeing to be a brand partner because of the company’s lack of transparency on the substances utilized in its products.

Harris, Zivich, and another distributor “commissioned independent lab tests of (BlackOxygen’s) goods” after becoming dubious about the results of BlackOxygen Organics’ own commissioned testing.

The results of the independent lab testing revealed that the goods were harmful for ingestion by people for several reasons, including high potassium levels that, if consumed as directed by BlackOxygen, may result in serious health issues or even death.

When Harris “raised her concerns to Zivich and the senior leadership of BlackOxygen,” Harris’ issues started.

Harris requested that BlackOxygen compare the findings of her tests to the results of their batch testing and remove dangerous batches from the market.

Harris was advised by Marc Saint-Onge, founder and CEO of BlackOxygen, that no batches currently on the market have undergone heavy metal testing.

Harris immediately instructed BlackOxygen to recall all batches and start using industry-recognized testing procedures.

Saint-Onge explained to Harris that BlackOxygen would not take any action since, among other things, he was not aware of any deaths specifically linked to BlackOxygen goods.

Saint-Onge wasn’t willing to voluntarily recall the dangerous items made by BlackOxygen unless someone died.

The US government prohibited the sale of BlackOxygen Organics’ goods in August as a consequence of authorities’ independent testing. In September, Canada did likewise.

Saint-Onge continues to supply BlackOxygen Organics goods to US citizens illegally despite the FDA’s prohibition.

Saint-Onge unexpectedly announced that BlackOxygen Organics will be closing in November 2021.

This brings up Harris’ case once more;

Soon after, Zivich circulated letters asserting that the firm was not closing and that Harris had set up a hack on it and sent a phony email to harm it.

That was absurd. Harris knew that, and he puts it for Zivich.

Zivich knew the firm was closing down when she said this untrue thing about Harris since she and a few other chosen brand partners had been told confidentially before the email went out.

Despite this, Zivich refuted previous knowledge of the shutdown at a webinar hosted by BlackOxygen Organics after it had been made public.

Zivich said that BlackOxygen Organics was closing in this webinar, chat rooms, and “subsequent social media posts.”

had nothing to do with security issues and was a consequence of BlackOxygen’s credit card processors blocking all of their cash and forbidding future transactions owing to an overwhelming amount of “orchestrated” chargebacks.

Naturally, orders weren’t being met since BlackOxygen Organics’ goods couldn’t be sold in its two main marketplaces.

Perhaps consumers wouldn’t have needed to submit chargebacks if reimbursements had been given.

However, even if one agrees with Zivich’s unsupported assertion, BlackOxygen’s shutdown was still caused by “safety concerns” (distribution of toxic products).

Zivich said Harris was “personally responsible for the freezing of the company’s assets” in a method uncomfortably reminiscent of BlackOxygen corporate’s behavior a few months earlier against another distributor.

According to Harris, no banks nor credit card companies have frozen or closed BlackOxygen Organic’s accounts.

Zivich allegedly lied about being in charge to “divert wrath from herself and BlackOxygen’s top leaders,” according to Harris.

Zivich advised hundreds of individuals who had just learned they would not receive their earned commissions and were worried about how they would pay their mortgages or take care of their children to “thank” Harris for their losses.

In truth, Zivich was aware that the closure was connected to BlackOxygen’s goods’ quality.

Zivich also asserted Harris.

was “mentally ill,” had a “mental breakdown and was unable to perform her job duties,” required involuntary commitment to a mental institution, stole money from Zivich to obtain the previously mentioned independent BlackOxygen product testing, stole BlackOxygen Organics’ property, stole control of a 100,000-member FaceBook group Harris founded (and thus already had control of), was fired by BlackOxygen Organics, and was preparing to launch a product.

Harris, according to Zivich (right), was a

a member of a cult dedicated to harnessing dark energy to stop others from learning about the items’ miraculous healing abilities.

Harris experienced public ridicule and outrageous harassment as a direct and immediate result of Zivich’s actions, including widespread and unironic claims that she is a “demon,” “a secret agent for the evil FDA,” and that she wanted to kill as many children as possible by depriving them of the magical properties of BlackOxygen products, including its “organic arsenic and lead.”

And as if that weren’t horrible enough, it appears there’s more as well…

Other statements, which are not reproduced here, will be made under seal or in another manner as directed by the Court.

On December 6th, Harris filed a lawsuit against Zivich, accusing him of defamation.

The actions taken by Zivich… (were) expressly and cruelly planned to hurt Harris.

Zivich allegedly faced “online abuse, threats, and direct and indirect threats of physical assault” as a result of Harris’s activities, according to Harris.

I’m unable to track county litigation, but as Harris’ case develops, I’ll keep an eye out for any changes.

On the surface, it appears as though Zivich has defamation claims to make.

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