Beware of Mining City – Review Part 2

According to Mining City, 20,000 affiliates can now request withdrawals.

First off, if Mining City still had 20,000 active investors, I’d be shocked.

Second, complaints about withdrawal issues continue to flood Mining City’s social media pages.

It doesn’t make sense to say that 20,000 Mining City investors are eligible for withdrawals.

based on the December 23rd statement from Mining City;

We are happy to report that more than 60,000 accounts have successfully passed the KYC procedure and are current through the AML and compliance checks.

The KYC, AML, and compliance procedure was completed by 20,000 account holders, who now have access to all account features on the Mining City platform.

Mining City attributes the inability of affiliates to withdraw funds to its KYC procedure.

We must emphasize that the following have been the primary causes of numerous KYC failures to date:

*Poor video or picture quality

*Failing to strictly adhere to the vendor’s instructions during the KYC procedure

*Trying to complete the KYC process with more than one account – you should only attempt to complete the KYC process with your primary account as any attempts to try to complete the KYC process with secondary accounts may risk failure, and your efforts will only serve to slow down the process for yourself and other users and to generate additional KYC-related costs for users and MC.

Despite assertions to the contrary, here is how Mining City’s social media is organized:

An intriguing snapshot shows that with the introduction of WELCASH, ELCASH’s daily return payments have gradually decreased to almost nothing.

This is consistent with what transpired with the BTCV daily payments, which led to the introduction of CASH.

Mining City introduced WELCASH in late November since ELCASH was in trouble.

It seems like Mining City’s collapse is more likely to be a painfully protracted process than a swift end. We will update you.

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