Beware of Skyway – Review Part 4

Vietnam’s People’s Public Security has issued a fraud alert to Skyway Capital.

VPS’s warning from October 11th;

According to Department of Economic Security records, Skyway is described as a group operating in Belarus that implements air transportation technology projects and raises funding from businesses and people. persons (investors) using the purchase of stock packages.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, Skyway appears to be breaking Vietnamese law by adding new members to the system and operating a multi-level business without the necessary permits from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Following an internal assessment, VPPS identified Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh, and Bac Giang as Skyway Capital recruitment hotspots.

Nguyen Thu Mat is the managing director of Skyway Capital in Vietnam, according to VPPS.

Although I was unable to corroborate it, I did notice that Nguyen Van Tam is credited with introducing the Ponzi scam to Vietnam on Skyway Capital’s official Vietnamese website.

Someone must have the courage to take the initiative and take chances while SkyWay has not yet established for SkyWay to exist and flourish in Vietnam as it does now.

Captain Nguyen Van Tam, an investor, financial sponsor, and partner with SWC since 2016 is the one who has shown patience shared and brought the first SkyWay chance to Vietnam.

Skyway Capital is a hybrid Ponzi pyramid, according to VPS;

The business uses a pyramid-shaped network of the participants’ development approach. Investors that take part in the scheme are entitled to a monthly income based on the number of shares held, as well as a fee when they bring in new investors.

Sadly, it appears that further action is unlikely until others who were affected by Skyway Capital in Vietnam come forward.

Although the investors have not yet seen a profit, the participants are still confident that the initiative will eventually be profitable (currently the authorities have not received the complaint letter from the victim). Because these firms are not based in Vietnam, verifying and managing any linked to Skyway Company business operations) can be quite challenging.

Back in 2016, BehindMLM examined Skyway Capital and identified it as a 22% daily Russian Ponzi scheme.

After an earlier attempt to switch to cryptocurrency failed, Skyway Capital changed its name to Sky World Community in the latter half of 2021.

In November 2021, owner Anatoly Unitsky changed the name of the parent firm Skyway to Unitsky String Technologies.

Russian native Unitsky (also spelled Yunitskiy) divides his time between Dubai, the MLM fraud center of the globe, and Belarus.

Unitsky String Technologies has maintained its denial of any connection to Sky World Community as of August 2022.

Two months before, Sky World Community announced Cryptadium as its second try at cryptocurrency.

Over the last three months, the website of Cryptadium has had a little over 15,000 hits, according to SimilarWeb. Brazil (19%, down 55% month over month), Vietnam (13%, up 25% month over month), and Russia (13%, down 62% month over month) are the top three countries with visitors.

Cryptadium is expanding outside of Vietnam into Poland (7% of Skyway website traffic, increasing 37% month over month).

Vietnamese authorities may wish to consider gathering up local ringleaders given that Vietnam is now the main source of Sky World Community Ponzi recruiting.

The VPPS disclosed Nguyen Thu Mat’s National ID credentials in their notification, so it’s not like they are in the dark about who they are.

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