Beware of Antares Trade & skin care & forex fraud- Review

Even if OneCoin’s Ponzi component failed in 2017, its MLM recruitment component is still active.

And it’s not simply simple pickings in developing nations.

OneCoin is shifting its focus to currency fraud and travel discounts, according to an update from “OneCoin Scandinavia” last week.

Stefan Sjodin, a professional con artist, is the administrator of the exclusive Facebook group OneCoin Scandinavia.

Sweden-based Sjodin asserts to have been a member of OneCoin since September 2014. He is already very near the start of the $4 billion Ponzi scam.

Before OneCoin

Now that OneCoin’s Ponzi scheme is over, its creator is a wanted fugitive who hasn’t been seen in five years, and anybody who hasn’t been given protection by Bulgarian authorities is either on the run, sought, or hiding, Sjodin is left in charge of what’s left;

a sizable number of angry investors he defrauded.

To achieve this, Sjodin keeps teasing his victims on OneCoin Scandinavia.

According to an update from Sjodin last week, this is the most recent:

coming soon!

On October 1st, the previous system with the split restarted.

The doors to ONE Voyage will open in two months! a trip group that will unite all of your loved ones and acquaintances in a single ecosystem.

Offer everyone in the ONE Ecosystem a special membership!

We may use our ONE 50% to pay for a travel club membership for one month, three months, six months, or a year.

50% Fiat, 50% ONE. According to the information, will also receive a discount on the first month.

After that, we may access the following:

-Up to 90% off hotel stays at any of the 2.5 million hotels worldwide

-Resorts and villa rentals are discounted by up to 80%.

-Airfare savings of up to 40%.

-Discounts on cruises and car rentals

-Discounts on travel-related activities and pleasures

Additionally, the 12-month subscription comes with full access to the company’s Priority pass and all of its advantages!

If you and your family only travel once a year, get a one-month membership to significantly reduce the cost of your vacation.

Compare what is covered and what you get in the 12-month membership that ONE Ecosystem has. If you travel regularly or for work, you probably already have discounts on things like flights.

where you may pay your ONE membership at 50% off!

One Vita will be accessible to us in February!

A concept for skin care that fights age using high-end, regulated ingredients! Which will be 50% ONE and 50% EURO that we will be able to purchase! All at pricing that reflects the market!

Additionally, ONE Forex will start trading in February. Before joining ONE Ecosystem, our CEO worked in the forex sector since 2014.

80% of the Trades throughout the testing period have been profitable.

No previous knowledge is necessary, yet we receive “signals” every day on what orders to place to create a long-term profit.

If you have ever lost money trading currencies online or using cryptocurrencies, that time is over.

There is, of course, no need for anyone who prefers to drive independently to follow the trading indications.

We pay 50% off one subscription!

Who would want to skip this?

The ONE Ecosystem, which continuously adds value and expands the use of our ONE, will gradually receive more and more chances.

There are still many people who are unaware of current financial events or the opportunities we may provide.

Additionally, everyone who works for or considers working for another MLM company.

The greatest and simplest approach to learning about topics like bitcoin and its utilization is through our idea. The only effective approach is to discover how the future will seem and function.

Sjödin, Stefan

One Voyage is only a scam. Charge a monthly membership fee and allow OneCoin investors to burn their worthless ONE tokens to gain access to a white-labeled travel discount website. but only a portion of that price.

But only half of the charge, as the real cost of membership, is represented by the remaining 50% in actual cash.

Of course, using ONE token will not allow you to purchase the actual trip.

A similar scam is used by ONE Vita, but for skincare.

purchase (or drop ship) white branded personal care items, pay costs with a 50% required euro payment, and allow investors to burn a fictitious 50% cost in ONE token.

As a shell corporation, ONE Forex has existed for at least since 2018.

Ventsislav Zlatkov is the nameless CEO of OneCoin at the moment.

Zlatkov, who is thought to be a citizen of Bulgaria, was brought up by OneCoin’s Sofia headquarters back in January.

Readers of BehindMLM researched Zlatkov’s history and discovered he owned two failing businesses and owes millions of dollars in taxes. However, it appears that he is now a forex trader, so, well, please stop asking questions.

Stefan Sjodin was unfortunate since OneCoin Scandinavians did just that.

I learn from one of the group members;

Angry members instantly responded on the page, accusing it of being another effort to take their money.

Sjodin promptly published a follow-up post in response to the criticism, doubling down on the fraud, and threatening to block anybody who complained about their loss.

Payment Currency is a part of ONE Ecosystem.

Switzerland is where ONE Ecosystem is registered.

There is new management at ONE Ecosystem.

Never contrast Bitcoin and other trading currencies with the cryptocurrency offered by ONE Ecosystem.

Over the past five to six years, 80% of cryptocurrency traders have lost money.

Currency exchange will never be easy. Currency for payments has been introduced.

When it was developed in 2008, Bitcoin was intended to become a payment currency used outside of banks and the global financial system. (Read the Whitepaper on Bitcoin.)

Today, the Global Financial System includes Bitcoin and other significant cryptocurrencies.

On the other side, stablecoins may be used as payment currencies, such as USDC, which is connected to the FED (United States Central Bank). is undoubtedly a component of the financial system.

The organization Circle, which creates various stablecoins including Euro Coin, is tied to more cryptocurrencies than USDC. Although they have Bitcoin on their agenda, it is unlikely that they will be able to accept Bitcoin.

Obviously, to have the ability to ignore the Bitcoin market. The US Treasury Department oversees Circle!

If you believe that the current monetary system (payment system), which is more than 100 years old, should continue to operate in the same way while also favoring these cryptos linked to the FED, you do not need to be a member of this group any longer; you can continue to trade with cryptocurrency and be content with it.

Take advantage of what ONE Ecosystem provides if you believe it is beneficial to have a working Reserve currency as a way of payment outside the financial system, particularly during difficult times.

The next phase of the Internet is WEB 3.0. Blockchain, which will be utilized in all manners, is WEB 3.

Stablecoins and tokenization as a form of payment enter the picture here. Stablecoins on decentralized blockchains are, nonetheless, exposed.

As a result, today’s focus is primarily on already-established businesses with a sizable customer base incorporating tokenization into their business models. As an example, Amazon can do this to become the largest company, which means that you can, for example, partially pay for products using Fiat currency and tokens obtained through an affiliate program and/or by being a devoted customer. Tokenization prevents startups from ever succeeding since they are unable to grow from nothing without customers or members.

If you’ve been keeping up with the facts about the ONE Ecosystem, you’re aware of the current global expansion, the client base, and the addition of various new concepts to the mix to offer value at ONE. steadily expanding.

The ONE Ecosystems Blockchain, which you may access as an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum network if you’re familiar with it, will be made available to the general public in February of next year. but never develop into a trading asset!

Of course, selling ONE could be feasible. However, that decision will be made when the time is appropriate. might take a year, three years, or five years.

Nobody is aware. But you may use the data you have and benefit from the range that is provided.

The fact that ONE Ecosystem has a stablecoin on a centralized blockchain under corporate management is a huge benefit! Large negative transactions can be avoided by changing the value of ONE once an exchange is created!

We continue to be a payment currency, just like Bitcoin was at the beginning of 2014 when it was also considered a potential payment currency. You’re aware of the outcome.

The value is unaffected by or influenced since we have a private Ecosystem apart from the Global Financial System and Banks.

Once again, nobody has lost any money. Everybody still holds the values they previously did, although ones that are likely greater now.

Missing people and those who have been arrested no longer exist or are associated with the new business. The media enjoys making sensational stories, especially in Sweden if a Swedish citizen is detained.

Before the arrest, he had already left the organization.

If your sponsor gave you inaccurate information, then it is likely that his or her sponsor gave them inaccurate information, etc.

We are aware that the firm announced in 2016 that opening an Exchange will be appropriate after we achieve 10 million users and 1 million merchants on Dealshaker!

Today, we are not there. We are a network firm, therefore getting there requires assistance from every one of our Independent Distributors.

Not the business that does the task… They provide the terms for us!

We will exclude from this group anybody who has recently written about arrests, podcasts, films, or wanted posters, complaining that it is impossible to switch, or who has done so out of ignorance or a desire to be completely manipulative.

You’re aware of who you are! You can write to me on PM or here in the group if you want to stay in the group and continue to get facts without criticism in the future.

Those of you who don’t hear from us by tomorrow, Thursday, will be kicked out of the group!

I considered dissecting the complex web of gaslighting blather that Sjodin created, but in the end, I concluded it was best to read it as Sjodin’s victims did.

We’ll start by ignoring the simple ruse that “cryptocurrencies are a component of the global financial system”

On the other side, stablecoins may be used as payment currencies, such as USDC, which is connected to the FED (United States Central Bank).

The US Treasury Department oversees Circle!

The same rules apply to stablecoins as to any other cryptocurrency. The value of these monopoly money tokens is intentionally set to be “stable,” as opposed to having a controlled public trading value.

Stablecoins have the drawback of being only stable for as long as the Ponzi scheme operating behind each of them is active. Recent evidence of a stablecoin Ponzi scheme failing is TerraUSD.

Another stablecoin “yield” Ponzi scheme being performed by Circle is USDC. Crypto guys are in charge of Circle. The US Treasury Department or “the FED” is not involved in any way.

The circle is presently the subject of an SEC investigation, the results of which are yet uncertain (for the crypto bros high on opium: the outcome of an SEC investigation into a company committing investment fraud is never good for the said company).

Sjodin then continues to harp on about WEB3. We’ll simply skip the entire piece because OneCoin has nothing to do with WEB3 (WEB3 isn’t truly a thing outside of crypto bro legend).

I’m not sure what OneCoin’s blockchain opening up to the world as an ERC-20 crap token is meant to stand for.

Because it is guaranteed to be worth $0 within seconds of debut ($4 billion in tokens bagholders are anxious to sell to nonexistent purchasers), OneCoin has never permitted public trade.

The only other major points Sjodin makes are mainly clichés and justifications from the marketing world;

That Sebastian Greenwood was “out of OneCoin” at the time of his arrest (he wasn’t, and even if he cashed out and exit-scammed – that’s not how the law works) that OneCoin is going to be the next Bitcoin that nobody lost their money (they did) that the internal made-up value of ONE tokens matters

Anyone bringing up the fact that OneCoin is currently a “new firm” (managed by the same group of Bulgarian organized crime leaders) is giving Sjodin “incorrect information.” Sjodin has been kicking victims who call him out on his OneCoin fraud since at least 2015.

Since Sjodin joined OneCoin as an early investor in 2014, it’s safe to assume that, barring a major fraud, he made a tidy profit through the Ponzi scheme.

Uncertainty exists on whether Swedish authorities are ineffective when it comes to MLM-related securities fraud or whether Sjodin is too tiny a fish for them to bother with.

What I do know is that your money is gone, whether it was invested in One Voyage, One Vita, One Forex, or any other bullshit that OneCoin crooks came up with.

Investors in OneCoin should cease spreading this nonsense to new victims as soon as they become aware of this.

OneCoin is now advertised as “One Ecosystem” from “one ecosystem. EU” after abandoning its previous OneCoin and OneLife websites.

According to SimilarWeb, the number of visitors to the website has increased over the past several months, going from 153,000 in July to 197,000 in September.

Bulgaria (12%), South Korea (12%), India (11%), and Colombia (8%, with the biggest rise month over month at 449.9%) are the top sources of visitors to OneCoin’s website.

For their part, it is widely believed that the Bulgarian government is protecting what’s left of the criminal organization hiding behind OneCoin.

Since OneCoin’s introduction in 2014, Bulgarian authorities have continuously refrained from taking any action against it.

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