Beware of StableDAO – Review

Co-founder of the HyperCapital, HyperFund, and Hyperverse Ponzi scams, Samuel Lee (also known as Xue Lee and Samuel Lee), has introduced StableDAO.

Lee’s participation was confirmed by BehindMLM thanks to his participation in a StableDAO webinar on October 17.

Lee handed the webinar off to Chief Commercial Officer Garrett Blakeslee after a quick introduction.

Blakeslee said he “came into crypto back in 2017” using BitConnect in a January 2021 interview with the Crypto Revolution Telegram channel.

Blakeslee was marketing his business, Block Duelers, which was a busted NFT fraud, at the time.

Blakeslee claims that StableDAO opened up registrations “a few hours” before the October 17 webinar after preloading Hyperverse fraudsters.

About two hours ago, we launched.

The early participation program is a means for you gorgeous people to get in on the ground floor, start earning quickly and start earning right now.

StableDAO pays $10 for each new investor brought in to encourage the recruitment of new victims. Additionally, new investors get $100.

Through a unilevel team, residual recruitment commissions are paid out.

The hitch is that StableDAO “credits” are used to pay for everything.

The “stable. limited” domain, privately registered on September 28, 2022, serves as the headquarters for StableDAO.

Nicholas Hofgren discussed StableDAO’s Ponzi offering during his presentation on the webinar.

We have got MOUs for refinancing in connection with one of the projects we are working on. This enables us to guarantee a return within three months. Which is fantastic news for us.

We have a refinancing that enables us to make roughly 33% of our investment while purchasing the property for a minimal price of about 8.5 ringgit per square foot.

Malaysia uses the ringgit as its official currency.

The StableDAO fraud is covered in finance lingo. The statement that CitiBank is participating is prominently displayed on its website:

I can assure you right now that CitiBank has nothing to do with Sam Lee or StableDAO. least of all intentionally.

The main element of StableDAO’s deceptive scam is that it lures new investors in with the promise of rewards that are allegedly linked to real estate (evidently in Malaysia and elsewhere).

For obvious reasons, this defies the Ponzi logic test. What does StableDAO need your money for if they have already signed MOUs that will produce 11% every month?

The explanation is that StableDAO is another Ponzi scheme, just like all of Sam Lee’s Hyper* frauds that came before it.

Lee boasts that investors in the StableDAO would get 4% a month on their money.

If you invest more than $500,000, you’ll get an additional 1% every month.

If you invest more than $1,000,000, you’ll get an additional 2% every month.

If you invest more than $5,000,000, you’ll get an additional 3% every month.

The money you put in StableDAO is locked away for ten years; you won’t ever see it again.

Another speaker on the webinar was Farzam Kamalabadi, a non-executive chairman of StableDAO.

The HOO cryptocurrency exchange is owned by Kamalabadi. Since at least 2020, HOO has been deeply included in HyperFund and Hyperverse.

Profiting from investors who lost millions of dollars in Sam Lee’s several Hyper* Ponzi scams was Kamalabadi.

He shared the following to make money using StableDAO once more:

So the game of the future will be this hybrid system. Then there are the actual assets and activities.

There will be no more whitepaper claims that are nothing more than empty pledges that will never materialize.

They eventually lose steam and pass away. however not here. The project cannot be expected to vanish.

Early in 2021, Sam Lee and his Hyper* allies fled to Dubai out of fear of being arrested.

Lee established the Ponzi schemes HyperCash, HyperCapital, HyperFund, and Hyperverse with accomplice Ryan Xu. The majority of investors lost money in each of these scams.

HyperOne and HyperNation are two of Hyperverse’s offshoots. It is unknown how much Lee is involved in each situation.

Xu hasn’t been spotted in the open for more than a year. He may or may not be associated with StableDAO.

In any case, Dubai is the world’s epicenter of MLM crime.

Dubai’s BehindMLM rules are as follows:

You are being conned if a Dubai resident contacts you about an MLM opportunity.

An MLM business is fraudulent if it claims to be headquartered in Dubai or to have connections there.

Sam Lee, StableDAO, or any of its officials are not authorized to sell securities anywhere in the world.

To support its marketing claims, StableDAO would thereafter present certified financial reports to authorities and potential investors.

Because StableDAO is a Ponzi scheme conducted by a seasoned con artist, the proof hasn’t been audited and submitted.

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