Beware of WinWheel – Review

A few months ago, a Ponzi fraud called Algotech came to light.

Shortly after it began, the swindle ended. The website for Algotech was unavailable at the time of publishing.

Here is how the footer of Algotech’s website appeared before it was removed:

The footer of the WinWheel website now reads as follows:

Presumably, former Algotech associates are advertising WinWheel as a firm relaunch with them:

On its website, WinWheel makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives.

The domain name “” for the WinWheel website was initially registered in 2013.

On November 10th, 2021, the private registration was last updated. The current owner(s) of the domain is presumed to have acquired it on this day.

Klas Magnus Nilsson was the owner of the firm, as was made clear in BehindMLM’s evaluation of Algotech.

The WinWheel relaunch is most likely owned by Nilsson entirely or in part.

It is unknown if Master Distributor Daniel Grenon of Algotech is still on board.

We now have Staffan Liback fronting WinWheel instead of Grenon.

Simon Le and the Steinkeller brothers are coworkers of Liback’s.

OneCoin Ponzi fraudsters Liback, the Steinkeller brothers, and Le are all well-known.

The Steinkeller brothers sold their 2.5 million euro a month OneCoin holding a few months before Ruja Ignatova vanished.

They turned over control of the position to Staffan Liback, who immediately sank it (the collapse of OneCoin in January 2018 didn’t help).

The Steinkellers disappeared in Dubai, the world’s MLM fraud capital, and kept a low profile for a while.

They reappeared in the middle of 2019 with Planet Impact. Planet Impact is no longer around.

In sharp contrast to the Steinkeller brothers, Staffan Liback left. Laidback skulked off and hid in Thailand.

With the help of OneCoin money launderer Frank Ricketts, Liback reappeared in 2019 to head the Cloud Horizon Ponzi scam.

In the latter half of 2020, Liback is thought to have cashed out and abandoned Cloud Horizon.

Laidback was marketing OmegaPro, another MLM Ponzi fraud, in December 2020. He was also an early advocate for Algotech.

After the Ponzi scheme failed, Simon Le, one of OneCoin’s top earners (he pillaged south-east Asia), likewise stealthily skulked to Vietnam.

Early in 2020, Le released OneLink, a replica of OneCoin.

Le revived OneLink as Global Sponsorship Network after only a few short months of operation.

Global Sponsorship Network has been restarted by Le three or four times already. He appears to have finally given up and is attempting to direct his remaining SEA followers into WinWheel.

Nigel Allan is in charge of Laidback, the Steinkeller brothers, and Le.

Laidback says in a WinWheel commercial video;

I’ll give you an overview of one of the primary justifications for our being on the call today.

I am aware that Mr. Nigel Allan has been explaining Connect to us.

We wouldn’t have this chance without him and his relationship with it.

We’ll discuss Connect after we’re finished with this review.

Early on, OneCoin’s president was Nigel Allan.

Allan headed the Brilliant Carbon initiative before OneCoin. Depending on whom you ask, Allan either left OneCoin or got fired.

Allan established himself as the Master Distributor for the Crypto888 Club Ponzi scam after OneCoin.

We speculated that Allan was responsible for the fraud in our published Crypto888 Club assessment.

Later that year, following the failure of the Crypto888 Club at the beginning of 2016, he established Power On Network.

Allan returned to the “environmental” fraud strategy used before OneCoin at Power On Network, but this time with bitcoin.

In 2017, the Power On Network went down.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from WinWheel

There are no retailable goods or services offered by WinWheel.

The WinWheel affiliate membership itself is the only thing affiliates may promote.

The compensation plan for WinWheel

The pay structure at WinWheel is a disaster.

There are three essential parts for you:

You run an app to create bitcoin returns and bonuses depending on app usage, along with investment and investment fees.

Below, I’ve attempted to deconstruct these elements.

Investment Commissions WinWheel

Affiliates of WinWheel invest $100 to $1000 USDT:

Access Pack – make a $100 investment

Invest 500 USDT to receive a 500 USDT Connect investment contract with the Standard Pack.

Invest $1,000 and receive a $1,000 USDT Connect investment with the Expert Pack.

On the promise of a 400% ROI, this is done.

WinWheel uses a straight-line compensation mechanism in the binary style to distribute the reward.

When an affiliate joins WinWheel, they are added to the left or right end of the organization’s corporate genealogy.

Here is the official diagram from the business:

The corporate admin job for WinWheel is located in the middle. On the right of these positions is the first affiliate position (“A”).

The following post is filled, whether it was a corporate or affiliate role that attracted the applicant (“B”).

For every affiliate hired, this continues. They are positioned by WinWheel’s algorithm at the end of the left or right line, depending on which is behind a position.

The WIN Points produced when affiliates are brought into WinWheel invest are used to support the 400% ROI.

An Access Pack affiliate’s hiring results in 25 WIN Points.

250 WIN Points are generated when a Standard Pack affiliate is recruited.

500 WIN Points are earned when an Expert Pack affiliate is hired.

A WinWheel affiliate is compensated for WIN Points gained on their inferior straight-line side.

Whichever side of their location generates fewer WIN Points for the day is to the left or right of it.

According to WinWheel’s compensation literature, the business pays out “up to 10%” on WIN Point volume earned.

This goes on until a 400% ROI is achieved, at which time reinvestment is necessary to keep making money.

Take note that individual recruitment attempts impact how the 400% is calculated:

recruitment and maintenance of two Standard or Expert tier affiliates, with the 400% cap consisting of up to 10% of group WIN Point volume and 90% of personal volume, recruitment and maintenance of four Standard or Expert tier affiliates, with the 400% cap consisting of 15% of group WIN Point volume and 85% of personal volume, recruitment, and maintenance of six Standard or Expert tier affiliates, with the 400% cap consisting of 20% of group WIN Point volume and 80% of personal volume, and recruitment and maintenance of eight Standard

In other words, a WinWheel affiliate’s 400% is paid passively from the recruitment efforts of others the more recruits they make.

According to WinWheel’s compensation paperwork, affiliates are required to reinvest even if a 400% ROI is not attained within 90 days.

Blockchain Investment Program WIN

Applicants for the WIN Blockchain Investment program must be WinWheel affiliates.

having made at least USD 2000 in Access, Standard, or Expert Pack investments; attracting five affiliates who have made at least USD 2000 investments; and running the Connect app software for at least six hours per day.

Affiliates of the approved WIN Blockchain Investment program

get an additional 10% of affiliate investments made by people you recruited, as well as 10% of their level 2 and level 3 affiliates’ profits.

Additionally, five bonus pools with a 30% company-wide investment are available.

LaunchPad Block: 5% of allocated cash distributed to all qualified affiliates of the WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme

JetPack Block: 20% of designated cash awarded to the top 50,000 customers qualified affiliates of the WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme

Rocket Block pays the top 5000 users 25% of the monies set aside. qualified affiliates of the WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme

StarFighter Block: 25% of designated monies are distributed to the top 500. qualified affiliates of the WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme

BlockchainJedi Block: 25% of reserved money is distributed to the top 50 qualified affiliates of the WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme

How does WinWheel rate the company’s affiliates?

I won’t even bother trying to explain it all. The long and short of it is that you and your WinWheel team get more points and move up the rankings the more people you and your team steal from.

Affiliates of WinWheel get their bonus pool amounts as:

25% will be distributed equally among all qualifying WIN Blockchain Investment Scheme affiliates, and 75% will be distributed proportionally depending on the creation of WIN Action Points.

Joining WinWheel Affiliate membership with WinWheel is contingent upon a $100 to USD 1000 investment (tether).

Reinvestment is essential to continue earning after obtaining a 400% ROI.

WinWheel Summary

The most complicated crypto bro scam I’ve seen so far is probably WinWheel.

To conceal the underlying flow of money from new investors to those who have already invested, there are a ton of hoops to jump through and layers upon layers of nonsense.

Then there are the con artists behind it, each of whom has a lengthy background in Ponzi and pyramid scams.

WinWheel’s link to Connect is the only intriguing aspect of the software.

Connect powers the cryptocurrency portion of WinWheel, including its WIN Points.

Hold WIN, GREEN, GALA, ETH, BTC, and ETH all in one location! (More to come!

As you can see, Connect essentially functions as a shitcoin factory in and of itself. The Steinkeller brothers are pushing this shitcoin called green.

The terms and conditions on the WinWheel website show that the business is connected through Connect. (referred to as “CONNECT”) and any person, affiliate, win Node, customer, or entity (referred to as the “User”) using CONNECT, its brands, software, goods, features, and services are bound by these Terms and Conditions as the Use Agreement and Terms of Service.

The CONNECT Community uses the WIN Blockchain to keep track of the acts taken by its members and affiliates.

Affiliates within the community’s Share program are ranked and given points based on their defined behaviors.

WIN, the native award of the WIN Blockchain, may be given to top-ranking members and affiliates in appreciation for their contributions to the CONNECT Community.

It almost seems like they are in the same business.

So who is in charge of Connect? That’s not revealed, I agree.

We do receive two corporate addresses from Connect. Two PO Boxes: one in Wyoming and one in Utah that is shared with several legal companies.

Even though Connect’s domain registration was last renewed in 2019, until a few months ago, there was no traffic to the website:

This is in line with the debuts of WinWheel, Green, and other shitcoins.

Further investigation finds that Stephen Michael Miller lists himself on LinkedIn as the president of Connect.

Miller appears in marketing films for WinWheel/Connect and seems to represent the brand.

Miller is situated in Utah, a US state, according to his LinkedIn page.

According to Alexa, 87% of the website traffic to Connect comes from the US in terms of regulation.

With Kazakhstan accounting for just over 50% of its website traffic so far, Winwheel seems to have just recently gained traction there.

The SEC has not registered Connect, WinWheel, the Steinkeller brothers, Staffan Liback, Simon Le, or Stephen Miller.

The Steinkellers, Laidback, and Le may be people of interest in the DOJ’s ongoing OneCoin criminal investigation given their prominence as OneCoin supporters.

In conclusion, WinWheel is a Ponzi scam linked to Connect, a mysterious blockchain firm claiming to be situated in the US.

Both businesses appear to have purposefully complicated business strategies to mislead customers. They are both managed and/or promoted by serial con artists.

Since money is a finite resource, they have joined forces to spread another MLM cryptocurrency fraud.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

There is enough proof of this in every Ponzi scheme that the Steinkeller brothers, Laidback, or Le have marketed.

Update: WinWheel looks to have already crashed as of March 12, 2022.

The domain for WinWheel’s website has been left unused as of this writing.

The “Connect Blockchain” branding for Connect has also been dropped. “Connect United” is the new name for Connect.

Connect United has its investment program in place:

Purchase BlockBot to start generating rewards for the blockchain by providing electricity, connection, and processing capacity.

Recline and earn. All work is done by BlockBot. Simply relax and watch the benefits accrue.

The SEC has not registered Connect United, thus this is securities fraud.

Currently, according to Alexa, 74% of Connect United’s website traffic comes from the US.

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