Beware of The Future Trade – Review Part 4

A second time, the Future Trade Ponzi scam failed.

The Russian fraudsters behind it hope to migrate to TFT Metaweb.

The Future Trade disabled withdrawals around the 13th of October.

This occurred at the same time as new regulations forced investors to attract two new investors whom each invested the same amount as the recruiting investor.

I.e. You invest $1000. To withdraw any funds, you must attract two investors whom each contribute at least $1,000.

This resulted in a natural response from investors, which forced The Future Trade to lock down its social media accounts.

24 hours after incapacitating withdrawals The Future Trade unveiled TFT Metaweb, its third relaunch.

This occurred simultaneously with another Boris CEO video with Russian actors.

TFT Metaweb runs from the name “,” which was registered on August 23 using false information.

At the time of publishing, the TFT Metaweb website is counting down to debut on October 26 or 27.

Regarding the business strategy, it appears to be the same Ponzi scheme with the typical crypto buzzwords.

We hope that this extra execution of The Future Trade will offer you all a new experience and a possible financial opportunity.

We are very ecstatic and delighted to launch our latest super-built NFTs and METAVERSE website in just 15 days!

Stay tuned and let’s all begin this mini-countdown together before crossing our fingers for the success of this accomplishment.

This new age of NFTs and METAVERSE investments will undoubtedly provide our revenue model the utmost power and bring about a significant positive financial shift in one’s life.

The Future Trade debuted in 2020 but failed shortly thereafter. This finally led to a relaunch in late 2021, which is the version of The Future Trade that just failed.

Between August and September of 2022, website traffic on Future Trade’s website increases dramatically.

The bulk of victims appears to have been recruited in Vietnam, which accounts for sixty percent of internet traffic for The Future Trade.

Laggards are the United Arab Emirates (10%), France (9%), and Malta (8%).

The total number of Future Trade victims and their losses remains unclear.

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