Beware of XtreamFX Global Academy- Review

On its website, XtreamFX Global Academy lacks ownership and/or executive information.

The website of XtreamFX Global Academy is instead filled with stock images and videos.

The website domain of XtreamFX Global Academy (“xtreamfx. global”) was registered for the first time in 2020. The last change to the private register was made on February 7, 2022.

In Wyoming, XtreamFX Global Academy is incorporated as XtreamFX Global LLC.

As evidence of the opening date of XtreamFX Global Academy, the company’s official private Facebook group was established on December 31, 2020.

Tanny Delia Gonzalez, Ragan Lynch, Travis Trice, Jacob Faheem Mickle, Quiana McConnell, Linda Rogers-Brown, Julie M Trice, Rodney Christopher Burris, and Seven Hues are the administrators of the official XtreamFX Global Academy Facebook page.

I can confirm that the co-founders of Xtream Global Academy are Jacob Mickle and Adrian Sloan.

Jacob Mickle and Adrian Sloan are former promoters of the Tradera pyramid scam.

Mickle and Sloan revealed their identities in a lawsuit brought against payment processor payout after Tradera’s demise.

High-level Tradera distributors who, up until about a week ago, earned significant commissions from their downline and other marketing activities.

In the litigation, Ragan Lynch (as Ragan Lynch Simmons) was also a Plaintiff. Mickle and Sloan were Lynch’s downline for Tradera.

I assume Lynch (right) is also a co-founder of XtreamFX Global.

The case, which was filed in December 2020 (the same month that XtreamFX Global Academy was inaugurated), was settled secretly through arbitration in March 2021.

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of XtreamFX Global Academy’s MLM potential.

Products Made Available by XtreamFX Global Academy

XtreamFX Global Academy provides monthly memberships for forex education:

FX Student – $99 initially plus $99 each month (forex education, forex trade ideas, live training, and video academy)

Dual Student – $199 initially plus $199 each month (adds HFX education and trading ideas)

Trio Student – $179 initially and $179 each month (adds NADEX exchange education and trading ideas)

US30 Academy – $199 initially, followed by $199 a month (includes “ultimate guided education and trade ideas,” “trade secrets and methods,” and an assessment-based forex education course).

On its website, XtreamFX Global Academy provides no detailed information on any of the services listed above.

Affiliate membership in XtreamFX Global Academy grants accesses to a discount shopping platform. This appears to be related to the payment of a subscription fee.

Compensation Plan of XtreamFX Global Academy

Affiliates of XtreamFX Global Academy receive commissions on subscription sales to retail subscribers and recruited affiliates.

The compensation scheme of XtreamFX Global is based on a 3-by-infinite matrix.

This sets the affiliate at the top of the grid, with three spots right behind them:

These three locations comprise the matrix’s initial level. The second and subsequent layers of the matrix are formed by subdividing each of these three places into three additional positions.

Unlike other MLM matrices, XtreamFX Global Academy’s matrix has no limit. This makes the organism more of a binary hybrid (three legs instead of two).

XtreamFX Global positions are filled through both direct and indirect subscription sales and recruitment.

XtreamFX Global Affiliate Ranks

Within XtreamFX Global’s compensation structure, there are thirteen affiliate ranks.

In addition to their specific eligibility requirements, they are as follows:

Affiliate – Become an XtreamFX Global affiliate Merchant – Recruit and maintain three affiliates

Apprentice – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total of 10 affiliates in your downline (minimum matrix split of 4/4/2).

Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total of 25 affiliates in your downline (minimum matrix split of 10/10/5).

Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total of 75 affiliates in your downline (minimum matrix split of 30/30/15).

XFX Diamond – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and 250 total affiliates in your downline (minimum matrix split of 100/100/50).

XFX Platinum – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and 500 affiliates in your downline (minimum matrix split of 200/200/100).

Monarch – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total downline of 1,000 affiliates (minimum matrix split of 400/400/200).

XFX Emperor/Empress – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total downline of 2500 affiliates (minimum matrix split of 1000/1000/500).

XFX Legend – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total downline of 5,000 affiliates (minimum matrix split of 2000/2000/500).

Imperial 200K – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total downline of 15,000 affiliates (minimum matrix split of 6000/6000/3000).

Imperial 500K – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total downline of 40,000 affiliates (minimum matrix split of 16,000/16,000/8,000).

XFX Icon – Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and a total downline of 75,000 affiliates (minimum matrix split of 30,000/30,000/15,000).

Note that recruited affiliates must be current with their fee payments to count towards rank requirements.

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

Affiliates of XtreamFX Global get $2 for each position filled in their matrix.

Positions may be filled by retail subscribers or directly or indirectly recruited affiliates.

The number of levels on which commissions are received for matrix recruiting is determined by the following parameters.

without referrals or recruiting, get $2 for each matrix position filled down eight tiers.

Sell one subscription or enlist one affiliate, and you’ll earn $2 for each matrix spot filled down nine tiers.

Sell two subscriptions and/or recruit two affiliates to earn $2 for every ten-level matrix slot filled.

Sell three subscriptions or get three affiliates.

– Earn $2 for each matrix spot filled down 11 levels

Earn $2 for each matrix position filled on twelve tiers for recruiting three affiliates.

Recruit 10 affiliates and earn $2 for each matrix slot completed down 14 levels.

Note that retail subscribers and recruited affiliates must continue to pay fees to qualify for the aforementioned requirements.

Recurring Commissions

Rank affects XtreamFX Global leftover commissions:

Each week, apprentices earn $125.

Silvers at XFX earn $250 every week.

XFX Golds receive $500 every week.

Each week, XFX Diamonds earn $1250.

Platinums of XFX receive $2500 every week.

Each week, monarchs earn $5,000.

Emperors and Empresses of XFX earn $12,500 every week.

The XFX Legends get $25,000 each week.

Imperials are paid $200,000 every week.

Imperial 500Ks receive $125,000 a week in pay.

Each week, XFX Icons earn $250,000.

XtreamFX Global Academy membership

Affiliate membership prices are not disclosed on XtreamFX Global Academy’s website or reward scheme.

Nonetheless, the following are the affiliate membership tiers for XtreamFX Global Academy:

Affiliate – $99 extra $99 per month plus $69 per year after the first year (appears to include FX Student)

Affiliate Plus – $299 initially and $129 monthly (appears to include Dual Student)

Affiliate Pro – $499 initially and $149 monthly (appears to include US30 Academy)

XtreamFX Global Academy Conclusion

XtreamFX Global Academy is essentially a continuation of the defunct pyramid scam Tradera, operated by its highest earners.

The sole difference in compensation is the $2 matrix commissions and higher rank criteria, which correlate to higher commissions than Tradera.

Otherwise, the models are identical and are paired with identical forex education-style items.

XtreamFX Global adds a discount shopping platform and a cryptocurrency for “profit sharing.”

XtreamFX Global Academy appears to be susceptible to securities fraud as a result of these details.

As Common-Unity develops, so does your Purchasing Power. You will obtain extra XtreamFX Common-Unity tokens with each XFX IBO membership and renewal.

Increase your passive income or exchange your XtreamFX Common-Unity Tokens for Bitcoin.

The token investment program of XtreamFX Global Academy is exclusive to higher-tier affiliate subscribers.

The underlying value of the XtreamFX Global Academy token is absent from disclosures. If affiliates can withdraw more tokens than they have deposited, this would be securities fraud and a Ponzi scheme (wire fraud).

Similarly to Tradera, XtreamFX Global’s forex offering is a deception to conceal pyramid recruiting.

It is conceivable to focus on retail, but there is no obvious incentive or necessity to do so. Instead, it is much more lucrative to become an affiliate, pay fees, and persuade others to do the same.

In actuality, recruiting is required to maximize XtreamFX Global Academy’s incentive scheme.

The conclusion of BehindMLM’s Tradera review is as follows:

Tradera boils down to whether or not paying $99 every 28 days is profitable.

The trader’s three-day return policy suggests this is not the case.

“Tradera guarantees a satisfaction guarantee on all first costs paid to the firm for three days. All future costs are nonrefundable.”

You will not recoup your $99 investment in three days, and extending three days of forex signals to 28 days is absurd.

What then is the point?

By the time you’ve determined whether or not Tradera’s signals are genuinely valuable, you will not be eligible for a refund.

If Tradera wanted to maintain its earning potential, it could either extend the refund period or provide free alerts (trial membership).

Give consumers a two-week or even one-month trial of the trading alerts. Why wouldn’t they subscribe for $99 if they’re profitable?

In addition to regulatory compliance, this is crucial because if things go awry, someone must be held accountable for Tradera’s disclosure failings.

Given how rapidly an MLM forex signals business opportunities may deteriorate, accountability is essential.

On this premise alone, I would be hesitant to join Tradera. Try the retail Client subscription for 28 days before committing if you’re adamant about purchasing.

Alternatively, if someone has pitched you Tradera, request evidence that the company’s signals have been profitable over the prior 28 days.

If they cannot supply such information, proceed with care.

Even worse is XtreamFX Global Academy’s “no refunds” return policy:

All transactions are conclusive. Payments made in the past are non-refundable.

In addition to requesting evidence of the profitability of trading signals, I would question your potential XtreamFX Global Academy to upline how many retail subscriptions they have.

If there are any, consider their active recruited associates.

You desire an even spread, which did not occur in Tradera and is unlikely to occur in XtreamFX Global.

Tradera was an example of a pyramid scam. The XstreamFX Global Academy is managed by the highest earners in the pyramid system.

Only the aforementioned top earners and their Tradera downline (insiders) will generate money. This results in everyone else having to pay fees.

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