Beware of Freedom Group – Review

Freedom Group specializes in the MLM niche of “conceal your assets.”

On its website, the firm does not reveal its corporate address. The official Facebook page for Freedom Group is administered from Norway and Northern Cyprus.

Freedom Group’s operations are based in Northern Cyprus, Dubai, and Spain.

In January 2019, Freedom Group’s website domain was privately registered.

As the company’s official Facebook profile was created on the same day, it appears that Freedom Group was founded on this day.

Freedom Group is led by eight co-founders:

Presently, Einar Steinshaug (Norway) is pushing Better Globe.

Dagfinn Rognerud (Norway), also pushing Better Globe

Kjell Morten Brendoy (Norway)

Alan Branch (Northern Cyprus)

Paula Branch (Northern Cyprus)

Helen Camitz-Ryden (Sweden)

Linda Josefine Neppelberg (Norway) and Jonas Camitz-Ryden (Sweden)

Freedom Group gives little information on their co-founders outside their locations.

I’ve entered what I could locate. Uncertain if the surviving Freedom Group founders have an MLM background. This might be the result of my linguistic limitations.

As to Einar Steinshaug and Dagfinn Rognerud, BehindMLM evaluated Better Globe in August 2021.

Based on its business concept, we assume that Better Globe is a pyramid scheme.

Email update on 10 December 2021;

Dagfinn Rognerud is most known for his involvement with World Games Inc., but he has also worked with Forever Living, PM-International, WowWee, Me2Everyone, Synergy Worldwide, Global Coin Reserve, OneCoin, and Darwin International.

She is married to Kjell Morten Brendy and has worked with Rain International, QubitTech, and Nu Skin.

Moreover, Freedom Group looks to be a branch of the International Partnership Program (IPP).

From an IPP marketing brochure;

We are an innovative worldwide corporation that offers outstanding commercial opportunities, wonderful cooperation, solid professional support, and social networking.

Our property portfolio in North Cyprus, including resale and new construction, totals around £450 million to accommodate all types of buyers.

Our specialists also handle rents, valuations, property management, construction, and repairs, in addition to all logistical requirements, including shipping, settling, administration, legal proceedings, and lodging.

Does this sound familiar?

IPP looks to have been reborn in 2019 as Vision Group.

Vision Group (formerly IPP The International Partnership Program) was founded by current Chairman and founder Stephan Menzies MRICS.

The same year that Freedom Group was founded.

IPP has close relationships with Better Globe and its creator, Rino Solberg:

I was unable to identify a relationship between Solberg and Freedom Group.

Given that two Better Globe top earners are in control of Freedom Group, it would surprise me to hear that Solberg is not at the very least a silent co-founder. /end update

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of Freedom Group’s MLM offer.

Products Manufactured by the Freedom Group

The Freedom Group sells real estate in Northern Cyprus.

The company’s website lists many investment-worthy real estate “projects”:

In addition to internet postings, Freedom Group promotes its properties through “group tours” and “inspection visits.”

We offer you the to spend FREE 4 days and 5 nights in sunny, warm North Cyprus to study the real estate market and investment potential with our reputable developers.

We provide customized inspection visits through our reputable developers so that you have the best chance of finding the ideal home in North Cyprus, Spain, and Dubai.

There are presently no properties listed in Spain or Dubai on Freedom Group’s website.

The Freedom Group’s Compensation Scheme

Freedom Group pays commissions on the sale of

property sales, property rents, and “other complementary items” to property sales and rentals.

If a Freedom Group affiliate signs up and purchases a property, the company’s compensation plan stipulates that the affiliate “cannot get commission on their first property acquisition.”

Note that Freedom Group charges a fee of £250 for every completed property transaction.

Real estate sales and leasing

The commission structure for property sales and rentals at Freedom Group is unilevel.

A unilevel pay system positions an affiliate at the apex of a unilevel team, with each individually recruited affiliate positioned directly behind them (level 1):

Recruited level 1 affiliates are put on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates join new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down an unlimited number of theoretical levels.

Freedom Group limited payable unilevel commissions at 10.

Commissions on property sales and rentals are paid as a proportion of collected fees as follows:

level 1 (affiliates directly recruited): 50% level 2: 10% level 3: 5% levels 4 through 8: 2% levels 9 and 10: 1%

Note that Freedom Group does not provide the entire sum from which the aforementioned percentages are derived (they are not the property sale amount or rent paid by clients).

“Various items” commissions

Freedom Group pays a “one-time commission” on the sale of “different items.”

Similar to the items themselves, no more information is supplied.

Joining the Liberty Group

Membership as a Freedom Group affiliate is free.

Freedom Group charges GBP 350 if an associate makes GBP 2500 in residual income (commissions across unilevel levels 2 to 10) yearly.


Freedom Group appears to be an MLM organization that caters to those seeking to conceal their wealth through offshore investments.

Northern Cyprus is a jurisdiction that raises red flags for MLM due diligence, however, I don’t believe Freedom Group is targeting that market.

I would not be at all shocked if Freedom Group’s “complementary solutions” were, in fact, complementary to asset protection.

This likely explains why they are shrouded in secrecy:

Group B Products: Products that offer P2 several income streams. Please contact a member of Freedom Management for further details.

Please contact a member of the Management of Freedom LLC for further information on type B items and how to improve your revenue in Freedom.

It appears to be sketchy. The fact that the initial two founders of a suspected pyramid scheme are the highest income undermines confidence.

My understanding is that Freedom Group’s product is not intended for “outside” retail consumers. Rather, sales will be generated by word-of-mouth, and it is expected that established marketers will sign up as affiliates.

Even if there is a little amount of retail activity in a jurisdiction, it is difficult for the typical individual to sell property there.

If you are not a member of Freedom Group and are reading this, consider how and to whom you would promote their homes.

As stated earlier, Freedom Group provides free tours (presumably this only covers accommodation). This appears to be the principal marketing strategy employed.

How are you, as a marketer, going to compete unless you reside in Northern Cyprus?

If we disregard all of this, Freedom Group’s compensation scheme can be effective if the majority of sales go to retail clients.

Regarding the FTC Act, the company’s failure to provide product information is a red flag.

As said, Northern Cyprus is a lawless territory, which they probably do not care about.

The bottom line is that secrecy and multilevel marketing do not go together. Approach with extreme care.

Update, December 10, 2021 – Malthusian has brought to my attention, in the comments below, the distinction between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.

I originally included both names in the evaluation, but I have since changed it to reflect the fact that the Freedom Group operates in Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus is a jurisdiction to avoid while conducting MLM due diligence. The firm is not subject to any current MLM or MLM-related securities fraud laws.

Northern Cyprus is far worse.

Northern Cyprus, formally known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is a de facto state comprising the island’s northeastern region.

Only Turkey recognizes Northern Cyprus; all other states consider it to be part of the Republic of Cyprus.

In Northern Cyprus, the Turkish Army retains a significant presence.

While the TRNC administration supports and approves of its existence, the Republic of Cyprus, the European Union, and the international community view it as an occupying force, and its presence has been condemned in many United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Probably not the best place to store big quantities of lawfully gained money.

This is not Freedom Group’s intended audience.

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