Beware of UB Football – Review

On its website, UB Football gives no information regarding the company’s ownership or management.

The internet domain for UB Football (“”) was initially registered in 2018. The last modification to the registration was made on September 5, 2022.

Before September 2022, the UB Football domain was for sale, and the present owners acquired it at that time.

If we examine the website’s source code, we can observe that it has been translated into Chinese.

This strongly shows that those responsible for UB Football have links to China.

SimilarWeb identifies Russia (84%) and Ukraine (16%) as the leading traffic sources for UB Football’s website.

This is consistent with UB Football’s website, which defaults to Russian (despite the Chinese HTML localization).

Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are also being targeted based on the additional language options available on UB Football’s website.

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, you should always think twice before joining and/or contributing money.

UB Football’s Items

UB Football does not provide any items or services for sale.

Affiliates are only permitted to promote UB Football affiliate membership.

Plan de rémunération de UB Football UB Football affiliates invest tether (USDT) with the prospect of promised returns.

Under the guise of sports betting, UB Football offers variable daily rates as returns.

I didn’t look too hard, but the greatest example of a daily ROI rate I saw was 8.57 percent.

Recruitment Bonus UB Football offers a bonus for individual recruitment:

Five affiliates will earn you 15 USDT, twenty affiliates will earn you 80 USDT, fifty affiliates will earn you 200 USDT, and one hundred affiliates will earn you 500 USDT.

Note that recruited affiliates must invest to qualify for the recruiting incentive.

It is alleged that UB Football pays referral commissions down three layers of recruitment (unilevel).

There are no specifics offered on its public-facing website.

Joining the UB Football Team

Affiliate membership in UB Football is free.

UB Football Concluding Remarks

Another “click a button” software Ponzi scam is UB Football.

Affiliates that invest in tether must “click a button” to generate returns.

The UB Football button is associated with wagering on football game results.

It’s not. All that UB Football is doing is reinvesting capital to pay returns.

BLQ Football was a noteworthy “click-a-button” football betting Ponzi scheme that occurred in recent years. Similar Ponzi scheme and enormous investment losses when it fell unavoidably.

Late in 2021, a collection of “click a button” app Ponzis appeared, of which UB Football is a member.

BehindMLM has recorded forty-two “click a button” software Ponzis, including UB Football. The majority of them collapse after a few weeks to a few months.

It is thought that the same gang of Chinese con artists is responsible for the “click a button” app Ponzi epidemic.

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