Beware of IPCapital – Review Part 2

There are so many Intelligence Prime Capital exit-scam announcements that it is difficult to keep up.

Intelligence In mid-February, Prime Capital began restricting and emptying investor accounts. This was followed later that month by persistent withdrawal delays.

A move to crypto fraud was put out a few weeks ago. A few days later, a “regulators!” departure scam notice was released.

A few days later, Intelligence Prime Capital administrators again announced their termination.

The “we’ve been hacked!” notice is the newest exit scam, which is thought to have been sent within the past 24 hours.

According to the newest “we got hacked!” exit fraud by Intelligence Prime Capital, 80% of cash has been siphoned and bots are “compromised.”

However, there is a fresh IPCloud Ponzi scheme launch on the horizon.

I would want to precede any discussion by pointing you that Intelligence Prime Capital’s “we were hacked!” exit fraud statement is blatantly bogus. This is only an excuse for the eventual failure of a Ponzi scheme.

However, it is crucial to track these breakdowns because, over time, they reveal how absurd an MLM Ponzi scheme’s collapse may become.

The fall of Intelligence Prime Capital has been absurd.

As per IPCapital’s recent exit-scam declaration;

The system… had a significant security breach.

Eighty percent of the total cash on the site was lost as a result of losses incurred by users worldwide.

As a result of the security attack, the majority of our AIA BOTs have been hacked, leading to the loss of vital data and statistical factors that would hinder their capacity to conduct precise market analyses.

What is occurring?

Intelligence Capital is using the aforesaid deception to explain the compelled transfer to their previously planned crypto exit fraud.

Intelligence Ten days ago, Prime Capital introduced its bitcoin exit scam as a voluntary transition. They hoped that the promise of larger earnings would convince affiliates to abandon their existing accounts and switch to the new platform.

That did not occur, so here we are.

Intelligence Prime Capital deactivated the affiliate back office around 24 hours ago.

This was done to remove backoffice money from the system and perform the required migration of crypto accounts.

This began with the denial of withdrawals and the return of back office cash to affiliate trading accounts.

Next weekend, funds cannot be withdrawn from the trading account.

It does not matter…

The management team has decided to transfer all existing activities to our new MasterCard BOT.

Each user’s capital has been moved to the MasterCard BOT, and you can continue to get your daily payouts.

The forced shift of Intelligence Prime Capital to crypto fraud freezes investor assets for 100 days.

Oh, and commissions are also being reduced;

There will be modifications made to the management bonus; further information will be provided at a later period.

The ultimate objectives of IPCapital’s most recent exit scheme are:

Lock investor funds company-wide for 100 days, reduce commissions given out and hope that the recovery of monopoly money in the back office over the following 100 days encourages the recruitment of new investors fools to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat.

Even if this is successful, Intelligence Prime Capital will eventually be unable to pay withdrawals once more.

Probably sooner, since everyone with a modicum of intelligence will attempt to remove what they can.

Thus, IPCloud comes into play.

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of IPCloud, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that will allow users with simple and secure access to their digital assets.

Late in April, further details on the product’s release schedule will be released.

“New goods” equals new crypto investment frauds in which you might lose money.

The long and short of it is that withdrawals of Intelligence Prime Capital have surpassed fresh investments. They have likely been doing so for some time (early to mid-February), leading to an eventual collapse.

Now we are at the Ponzi scheme’s last phase. Scammers make every effort to give out just enough to maintain recruiting while refusing the majority of withdrawals.

The money is nonexistent. It never occurred, which is why capital cannot pay out.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the increasingly chaotic collapse of Intelligence Prime Capital.

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