Beware of Golden Way – Review Part 2

Russia has issued a pyramid scheme notice for Golden Way.

According to a notification issued by the Central Bank of Russia on October 26, Golden Way displays “evidence of a financial pyramid.”

In January, BehindMLM reviewed Golden Way. The business strategy of Golden Way associates a pyramid scheme with annual earnings of up to 530%.

Notable was just the fact that Golden Way nailed the MLM Ponzi trifecta: Dubai, a Boris CEO, and Ukrainian con artists.

In January 2022, Saudi Arabia (44%), Algeria (30%), and Egypt (3%) were the top three sources of internet traffic for Golden Way.

SimilarWeb now tracks traffic from Mexico (23%), France (13%), Egypt (12%), and Spain (12%), indicating a precipitous decline in recruiting outside of Egypt.

Golden Way is not authorized to provide securities in any of the countries where it seeks investment.

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