Beware of Peace Ranch- Review

On its website, Peace Ranch gives no information regarding the company’s ownership or management.

In reality, as I write this, Peace Ranch’s website is only a sign-up form for affiliates:

The internet domain for Peach Ranch (“”) was initially registered in 2007.

The last change to the private registration was made on February 3, 2022. Peace Ranch was established soon after.

SimilarWeb presently identifies South Africa (53%) and Pakistan (48%) as the top two traffic origins for Peace Ranch’s website.

However, Peace Ranch is operated by Chinese con artists:

Looking into the source code of this website reveals an interesting link to “”:

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology utilized this domain.

According to BehindMLM, the domain was retired in 2019;

The domain name of the “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ICP/IP address/Domain Name Information Filing Management System” has been changed to “” under the directives of the General Office of the State Council.

From April 25, 2019, domain names such as “” and “” will be terminated.

I do not know how to interpret this. On the one hand, it may be a simple plant link, but the back-end of Peace Ranch is not designed to be accessed by the public.

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, you should always think twice before joining and/or contributing money.

The Goods of Peace Ranch

Peace Ranch does not provide any items or services for sale.

Affiliates may only promote affiliate membership with Peace Ranch.

Plan of compensation for Peace Ranch

Affiliates of Peace Ranch invest tether (USDT) or local currency equivalents in exchange for a daily return:

V1 PRO – Invest $40 USDT and receive $1 USDT daily.

V2 PRO – Invest 120 USDT and Earn 3 USDT Daily

V3 PRO – Invest USD 360 and get USD 9 every day

V4 PRO – Invest 1080 USDT and Earn 27 USDT Daily

V5 PRO – Invest $3,000 and Receive $100 Daily

V6 PRO – Invest 8100 USDT and Earn 270 USDT Daily

V7 PRO – Invest 21,000 USDT and Earn 700 USDT Daily

After one year, investments in Peace Ranch expire.

Referral Compensation

Peace Ranch pays referral commissions on three levels of recruiting (unilevel):

level 1 (affiliates individually recruited) – 6%

level 2 – 4% level 3 – 2%

ROI Commissions

Peace Ranch provides a ROI commission on daily results, paid down the same three recruitment levels:

level 1 – 5% level 2 – 3% level 3 – 1%

Peace Ranch affiliate membership is offered at no cost.

Minimum participation in the linked income opportunity demands an investment of 12 USDT.

Peace Ranch Finishing

Peace Ranch is another another “click a button” software Ponzi fraud, targeting South Africa and Pakistan in this case.

Affiliates of Peace Ranch invest tether or ZAR and must click a button to generate a daily return:

Peace Ranch symbolizes that “pressing a button” produces a return by milking a cow.

It doesn’t. The only thing Peace Ranch does is recycle invested monies to pay returns.

Peace Ranch is one of several “click-a-button” software Ponzi schemes that arose in late 2021.

BehindMLM has thus far identified 43 “click a button” app Ponzis, including Peace Ranch. The majority of them collapse after a few weeks to a few months.

It is thought that the same gang of Chinese con artists is responsible for the “click a button” app Ponzi epidemic.

Peace Ranch is the first “click a button” Ponzi scheme with possible government links in China. State-sponsored financial fraud is prevalent in countries such as Russia, China, and North Korea, among others.

Given that “click a button” Ponzi schemes are rife around the globe, BehindMLM cannot rule out the possibility that the Chinese government is attempting to undermine local economies.

This may seem implausible, yet certain “click a button” Ponzi schemes have claimed millions of victims.

To far, only the Philippines has acknowledged the existence of “click-a-button Ponzi schemes.

Other fraud alerts have been made against certain “click a button” Ponzi schemes, but the industry as a whole has mostly evaded detection.

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