Beware of Lado Okhotnikov & Forsage – Review

Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov has retained legal counsel for his case against the SEC.

The previously inserted Entry of Default has therefore been “exited.”

According to a Joint Status Report submitted on October 21;

Despite the default, the SEC informed the Court during the telephone hearing on the motion on October 6, 2022, that Okhotnikov’s lawyer had earlier contacted the SEC regarding the possibility of representing him.

This arrangement is now completed.

As a result, the SEC has agreed with Okhotnikov’s counsel to permit him to depart default and to grant him until November 17, 2022, to answer or otherwise react to the Complaint.

A Minute Entry dated 26 October instructs the parties to submit another Joint Status Report by November 22.

On October 21st, the SEC filed for Default Judgment against Lola Ferrari and Sergey Maslakov, the other two foreign Forsage defendants.

According to the October 26 Minute Entry;

Plaintiff’s application for entry and continuation of default judgment against Defendants Jane Doe a.k.a. Lola Ferrari and Sergey Maslakov is granted.

In essence, the request has been approved, but a hearing on November 29 has been postponed.

Okhotnikov (right) continues to deceive investors on YouTube while facing a $300 million lawsuit for securities fraud.

In September, BehindMLM reported MetaForce withdrawal issues.

MetaForce is Okhotnikov’s sixth relaunch of his Forsage Ponzi scam. This information is current as of October 17;

Someday, the amount of erroneously frozen funds will be reflected in the personal accounts of some participants.

This information only relates to people who joined in the very earliest days of launch, when several issues were discovered and later resolved.

The smart contract has been functioning properly for an extended period. The restoration of erroneously frozen assets, however, proved to be an incredibly challenging endeavor, as one must process one million transactions and link all the chains, capturing a variety of scenarios, to accurately compute all the sums.

Solely uploading the data to the back offices and completing the final security processes remain now that we have finally completed the project.

According to several comments and debates, a substantial majority of participants wrongly assume that their funds are also frozen.

It was discovered that people do not understand Meta Force marketing and anticipate passive revenue simply by purchasing slot levels.

MetaForce looks to be at a standstill anticipating the recruitment of more victims.

Uncertain if Okhotnikov’s US-based attorneys are aware that he continues to swindle consumers via MetaForce.

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