Beware of Success Factory – Review Part 5

Igor Alberts has concluded his time in Dubai.

The infamous Ponzi schemer returned to the Netherlands last week, where he is thought to be under the protection of Dutch authorities.

On October 23rd, after deleting his Instagram account, Alberts reactivated his defunct Facebook profile to upload a video (I only came across it today).

In the video, Alberts discusses the recent crackdown on the Ponzi schemes DagCoin and Success Factory.

As he did with OneCoin, Alberts does not accept responsibility for scamming people out of millions of dollars.

Instead, Alberts is engaged in damage management, arguing he does not own Success Factory and does not operate it from the Netherlands.

I was never the proprietor of either DagCoin or Success Factory.

I continue to reside at the House of Dreams, which I like and cherish. So far, I have not been arrested. I’m not even questioned. Nobody has reached us thus far.

You can never predict what may occur tomorrow, but we have nothing to conceal because we have not committed any wrongdoing.

Someone who has stolen $150 million through the OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory Ponzi scams is certainly in an awkward situation.

Obviously, the entire scenario is quite hard. We are enormous Success Factory clients, not because we really enjoy the product.

We invested countless millions on the DagCoin product. We spent a great deal of money on the view. We committed a great deal of time, effort, energy, and optimism in that endeavor.

And the current circumstance is obviously not ideal.

The “problem” to which Alberts alludes is the recent arrest of DagCoin creator Nils Grossberg in Estonia.

After departing OneCoin 2017 following the collapse of the Ponzi scheme, Alberts collaborated closely with Grossberg to establish Success Factory.

Success Factory imitated OneCoin and OneLife’s partnership. This year, Alberts supported DagCoin until its demise.

Alberts maintains he is a “passive customer” of the Ponzi scam, rather than admitting ownership of Success Factory.

Sadly, they suspended us a month ago because they disagree that we have become passive.

And as a passive affiliate, we would naturally like to reap the benefits of our efforts over the last five years. Because we performed an excellent job.

Alberts asserts that he possesses “hundreds” of Dagcoin investor accounts.

Total DagCoin and Success Factory victim losses are known, owing in part to persistent delay by Dutch authorities.

Alberts, who supervised “hundreds of thousands” of Dagcoin investors, maintains that the Ponzi scheme “worked out great.”

As with OneCoin, Alberts denies that DagCoin and Success Factory are Ponzi schemes.

It’s not a fraud, but thus far it hasn’t worked out as everyone planned and anticipated.

That does not imply that it will not turn out this way.

I wish to state that… As far as I am aware, Kris and Nils have not committed any wrongdoing, in my opinion. Or attempt to con you.


Grossberg, the founder of DagCoin, has been detained and faces criminal accusations.
Investors in DagCoin have been unable to cash out for almost a year, and Alberts has no intention of returning the funds he took through DagCoin…
Alberts’ disrespect for his victims appears to be empty words. Similarly to the OneCoin sob tale he invented.

Alberts stated if Estonian or Dutch officials are searching for him;

Is someone searching for us? Certainly not, as far as we are aware.

It is suspected that Dutch officials shielded Alberts and his ex-wife Andreea Cimbala from the aftermath of OneCoin.

While top earners in the $4 billion Ponzi scam have been jailed in other countries, Alberts and Cimbala have not been targeted by Dutch police.

Inaction against Alberts and Cimbala is OneCoin’s second-biggest mystery, behind the whereabouts of its creator, Ruja Ignatova.

It is unclear if Dutch officials have hindered attempts by foreign authorities to bring Alberts and Cimbala to justice.

A snitch inside FIOD, the Dutch counterpart of the FBI, is alleged to have informed Alberts of the impending Estonian arrests and office raid at Success Factory.

Late in August, Alberts fled to Dubai as a result.

Last month, at the request of Estonian authorities, Dutch officials conducted a hostile raid on the headquarters of Success Factory in the Netherlands. What, if anything, resulted from the raids is unknown.

The “House of Dreams” estate of Alberts was placed for sale on September 28. The property was acquired in 2013 for €1.85 million via Coen Janssen.

Janssen, labeled by Dutch media as “aggressive,” is believed to be Alberts’ associate.

Alberts “rents” his home from Janssen, which is likely related to money laundering and possible tax evasion.

Alberts believes the home is for sale due to his divorce, which he attributes on his “grey stupidity.”

For both of us, the wisest course of action is to sell the property when we receive a solid offer.

Alberts asserts that he and Cimbala continue to be “business partners.” He asserts that anyone who criticize his Ponzi scheme are “haters of nonsense.”

In the meanwhile, Alberts indicates that he has located a new Ponzi scheme in Dubai to which he would move his DagCoin and Success Factory downline.

In the rare event that Dutch authorities end Alberts’ sanctuary, we will keep you informed.

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