Beware of GSPartners & Lydian World – Review Part 4

GSPartners has launched a US-based Ponzi event promotion.

Josip Heit is expected to attend the April event, which will take place in the hometown of GSPartners’ leading US promoter.

According to the brochure, the GSPartners event will take place at Georgia Aquarium on April 23.

Tickets are $60 each.

First GSPartners event in the United States!

This significant event will feature a brief business overview by one of our GSPartners leaders, a technology session by our CTO, Mr. Alexandru Cocindau, an address by Advisory Board Member Dirc Zahlmann, an address by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Josip Heit, as well as words of inspiration from our Global Ambassadors, followed by recognition of rank.

Although it is primarily a GSPartners Ponzi scheme advertising event, Height has dubbed it the “Lydian World Tour.” This is presumably an attempt to avoid detection, given Lydian World is GSPartners’ least well-known component.

Michael El Dalcoe, GSPartners’ top promoter, and net-winner internationally and in the United States, resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is unknown whether the Georgia Aquarium is aware they are holding a Ponzi scheme campaign.

Through its G999 token and another offshoot token Ponzi, GSPartners executes a passive investment scam (of which Lydian World is one).

Before the recent few weeks, the United States was the leading source of internet traffic for GSPartners. Currently, Alexa ranks the United States 33% behind Belize (48%).

The United States remains the leading source of website traffic for Lydian World (64%). This is down from 86% a few weeks ago, indicating a decline in investor recruiting in the United States.

GS Partners, Josip Heit, and Michael El Dalcoe are not SEC-registered, even though their business opportunity is a securities offering and the majority of investors are thought to be U.S. citizens.

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